Season 3 guide for Riverdale TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 5, Veronica devises a plan to see Archie in juvie, and Betty races against the clock to save Jughead from Gryphons and Gargoyles. On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1, Archie has to contend with Ms. Wright in the courtroom when she tries to put him away for a murder he did not commit.

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead get mysterious letters for one remaining quest, and Edgar makes a shocking announcement. On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 19, when Jellybean goes missing, Jughead, Gladys and FP follow cryptic clues to get her home, and Betty makes a major discovery. Cheryl's slumber party takes a dark turn.

[Hiram walks closer]Hiram: This is your punishment. After confronting the parents, who were part of "The Midnight Club" twenty-five years ago, Betty follows some strong leads in hopes of finding out who the true Gargoyle King is.

Elsewhere, Archie's rush to get into the boxing ring lands him in hot water, while Cheryl's attempt to send the Serpents a message causes tension between her and Toni. Betty takes matters into her own hands after learning some unsettling news about her father. When a tainted batch of fizzle rocks makes its way through Riverdale, Jughead and FP set out to find who’s responsible. Finally, Cheryl and Toni find themselves at a crossroads, and Veronica reveals a damaging secret to Betty. Riley Keough guest stars.

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13, Veronica attempts to steer Hiram away from the drug business when Gladys’ return to Riverdale throws a wrench into her plan. Elsewhere, Archie navigates a tense new normal. Betty and Cheryl infiltrate The Farm; Archie reconnects with old friends; Jughead attempts to put a stop to Riverdale's drug trade. Betty and Veronica go after “The Sugarman.”. Jughead helps his dad reclaim his life. Cheryl learns some unexpected news about the college she has set her sights on. Track Riverdale season 3 episodes.

After a shocking event rocks the Riverdale Vixens, Veronica stages a confrontation. Betty struggles with her feelings for Archie. The gang gathers to support a shaken Archie as Fred fights for his life, prompting Jughead and Betty to dig deeper into the gunman's motives. While Archie stages a shocking return, the gang prepares for a new kind of test. Betty opens a horrifying gift, and Jughead strikes back at Penny. In the wake of family tragedy, a traumatized Archie moves from sunny to stormy as he wrestles with obsessive thoughts of vengeance. Veronica faces a financial crisis. The Joneses engage in a gripping journey, Archie faces criminal consequences, and Betty unpacks a string of shocking revelations about Evelyn. After one of their own becomes the target of an unseen assailant, the gang works together to get to the bottom of Riverdale’s latest mystery. On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14, Betty takes matters into her own hands when she learns that The Farm has set their sights on someone in her inner circle.