Was there a change in behaviour as a result of the discussion? For example: Administrative Assistant Interview Questions, Customer Service Representative Job Description. Watch out for respondents who overuse the words “I” and “me”, as well as anyone who broke rules to help customers.

“Give an example of a time when you identified and explained ethical issues to your team/unit?”. A good behavioural question allows candidates to draw on their work experience. Each interview question can be designed to allow candidates to give examples of how their capabilities, knowledge and experience meet the role requirements. Capability-based questions are interview questions that examine whether candidates have knowledge, skills and abilities at the level needed for the role.

Capability-based questions are interview questions that examine whether candidates have capabilities (knowledge, skills and abilities) at the level needed for the role. Why or why not? You’re giving them a chance to show you how they handle stress and difficult situations. Looking for ways to simplify the hiring process?

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business.

For example, a Client Services Officer in a call centre is likely to have challenging situations where they need to seek assistance from a more senior colleague or where they cannot resolve an enquiry to the client’s satisfaction.

Turning down a request from a regular client can be touchy, but it’s going to happen.

Firstly, refer to the role description and your assessment plan or matrix to identify the capabilities to assess (see Selecting assessment methods). ). Preparing probing questions in advance allows assessors to be consistent in seeking further information from all candidates.

What are your practice interests?

Overly emotional personality types aren’t a good fit for customer service positions… Here is an example of taking a narrow question and making it applicable to a broader audience, while still assessing the capability (in this case Act with Integrity): Tell me about a time when you were involved in a procurement process and an external service provider asked you for preferential treatment. If a customer is using abusive language with you, but has a valid point, how would you handle it?

in a structured way during a team meeting or in a negative way e.g.

This question is a great follow up to Question #1 if the candidate is inexperienced. This question isn’t necessarily about how the interviewee helped the customer. How much experience have you had in your field of interest? An inexperienced candidate may make a good pick if their other answers are strong, however. Does it sound like they’re trying too hard to please you? Level 4 Additional Customer Service Interview Questions to Ask: Companies lose an estimated $41 billion each year as a result of bad customer service, an ideal customer service representative personality type. If they’re too focused on themselves, they may be a poor team player – even if they say they’re a fan of teamwork in Question #5. Describe one customer service scenario you handled particularly well.

Customer service reps are crucial to your company’s success and will add value by communicating often and accurately with your other teams to make sure any bugs, manufacturing issues, or service problems are taken care of quickly.

2,749 public service interview questions. Use the interview to explore the main role requirements.

What was your role? Client Services Officers often deal with clients who are not satisfied with the outcome of their enquiry. It’s about who they are. 255 George Street It is important to avoid making questions too specific; asking about situations they may not have encountered or that is unique to your work environment. Look for job seekers whose answers to this question resemble your ideal response. Don’t hire anyone who describes themselves as having a quick temper.

Your questions should allow all candidates to demonstrate relevant experience that is transferable to the role you are filling.

It never hurts to know who you’re dealing with and if their personality is right for the job. What would you do differently if faced with a similar situation? Once again, this question gives you a decent look into a candidate’s personality.

Could you tell us about a time when you dealt with a dissatisfied client?

What type of work environment do you thrive in?

Can you give an example? Don’t hire anyone who describes themselves as having a quick temper.

The following steps will help you to design behavioural interview questions that are customised to the role you are recruiting for. Do they see themselves as part of the team? Is the answer ego-centric? Your co-workers?


Drawing out more information – e.g.

Potential Interview Questions for Public Service Positions.

If a candidate prefers to be a ‘lone wolf’, they’re probably not the right pick.

You’re giving them a chance to show you how they handle stress and difficult situations. Do they identify too much with the customer, look for a balanced solution, or answer too harshly (potentially endangering the client relationship)? No matter how great your products or services are, consumer support has to deal with customers who are frustrated, can’t get something to work, and are generally unhappy. Decide which capabilities you want to assess with each question and think about how these relate to the role. To assess questions with a different focus, such as motivation questions, you should use the requirements you developed when designing the question. At the same time, you need a customer service agent who can work independently.

Speed is crucial in customer service, particularly if you’re in ecommerce.

Sydney NSW 2000.

By listing the main points you want candidates to cover you can score responses using a standard rating scale. Customer service reps are always communicating – with clients and customers, as well as with the rest of your team. For example, when examining the Manage self capability for a Park Ranger role, you may be looking for something different than for the same capability and level for a Disability Support Worker role. They need to be easy to get along with, charismatic, and (almost always) extroverted. Post a Customer Service Representative job to 100 job boards with one submission.

social services), having an interest in supporting and developing team members as part of manager responsibilities, being inspired by using their creativity etc.”. “How did you…?”, “Tell us about a time when…”, ask for facts, not a candidate’s feeling or opinion about something, ask about practical situations, not hypothetical (how they think they might behave).

Look for the applicant who is authentic and reflective in their response. Completely free trial, no credit card required. When assessing responses to behavioural interview questions, you are looking for evidence relating to the capabilities, knowledge and experience. did they make sure everyone understood the message?

Examining the focus capabilities should be the main priority of the interview. This is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity and possible leadership qualities. It is a good idea to set the standards for rating responses when designing your questions. Also make sure you are aware of the capability level being assessed so that you are getting information relevant to the role. Are they mentioning ways they can contribute as a team player, or focusing on their personal agenda? Myers-Briggs type ENFJ is often considered an ideal customer service representative personality type. See: Australian Human Rights Commission: Questions in job interviews. You’re also getting a good look at the job seeker’s analytical skills. You? Asking candidates about their motivation can span topics such as having a passion to work in a particular field (e.g.

What interest do you have in service to the public generally? Asking the right customer service interview questions can put money in your pocket you didn’t realize you were missing. Complementary capabilities may also be assessed in the interview to help to distinguish between high performers, for example.

It is recommended that each question focuses on no more than two capabilities, although responses often provide evidence that covers other capabilities. What do you know about our company and services? This may include attributes such as having values and ethics that align with public sector values and ethics, … A candidate who mentions listening carefully, empathizing, and following company policy is a good pick. A great resume doesn’t always equal a great representative. by criticising one team member in front of others).

To do this is to think about the types of situations that are encountered in the role. Your company has an image it’s trying to project. They can alert your product teams to changing consumer trends, regular requests for design changes to an existing product, customer requests for a new type of product, and more. Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something that went against policy or that you believed was not right. You need to see how your candidates handle tough customers, in detail. How long does it take them? What did you learn from this situation?

If we meet again in three years, what goals do you need to have accomplished in order to feel successful. Taking the time to write interview questions for the role to be filled will put you, and the other assessors, in a good position to measure candidates’ capabilities. They shouldn’t require constant supervision, but should enjoy teamwork.

Some of the points you could look for candidates to address include: The Public Service Commission acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which our office stands. You could base a question on these challenges. What three words would your friends and family choose to describe you? Share your previous experience working in customer service.

Customer support agents take a lot of flak.

Where will this rep side?

You can also ask questions about motivation to decide if the candidate’s values, interests and preferences are suited to the role.

what was the situation? Learn about interview questions and interview process for 55 companies. Consider roleplaying this situation and a few other tricky scenarios to get a good feel for how the potential hire responds. Question #7: If you had to decline a long-term customer’s request, how would you handle it? Finally, if a question doesn’t relate to the role, don’t ask it. Over time, repeat customers may feel like they’re entitled to certain privileges for their loyalty – ones that might go against your company’s policies or break internal rules.