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(3) Subsections 12.2 (2) and 15.1.2 (2) of the Environmental Assessment Act does not prohibit a Director from imposing terms and conditions mentioned in clause (1) (a), (b) or (c) in an environmental compliance approval, but the other applicable provisions of that Act continue to apply to any future alterations, extensions, enlargements or replacements that the Director may approve in an … endstream endobj 1 0 obj <> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream You really want to delete this record? 108 0 obj <>stream _Mc/�\�������:���a���'a�ϸ� o���%�fϠu��FJ��>�� ���I��q�T����Gn��k�S���� 0 �B�

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ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACT 1993 - SCHEDULE 1 Schedule 1—Prescribed activities of environmental significance . H��T;o�0��Aj�cFe�H�*c_�I�F�������3�TY|�����{0�����_f,$��;)�/e�����y2���}w��{f��������٢�` �$:�*� The present Regulation implements the Environmental Protection Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. E.19). ���ۊ1;�$:SA���/?\��� ��$DݓDI��L���}��Z�&.�Oaލ���wE+�m�ڄ�86��)Kv�ܫ�6�|�bQ�j���`�X�Ls��HO� !� H��pt�/^�c�1\5M~I�+!����Dp���]����P�?�i��I�P��Ј�6��H�8�E� Part 3—Administering agencies, conferences and the Fund. H����N�0�w?�ۡ���핂��@� 1���m!�o��ؐDi�,��99��c ��\��uf8r �h��tϋ��n_TU���H��MJ> E�����vKD��(�&*X1U/��?5�ݾ!�����B�(k0� ���>ʴ�fRl欕Jd���V\����VYǠZ����U�g�#\��4;��~{LN�]S��".���S�y�O߉3:2��+��t����Ll��*��u[�CT ����P�(_��F��3�+��K�ed :�N�`$�~ �,� Part XV.1 of the Environmental Protection Act” (July 2011) (the Analytical Protocol); and “Guideline for Phase II Environmental Site Assessments in Ontario” (draft for discussion 2006). 1990, Chapter E. 19). �;�S��4>�v�յ����--"�Z�JZ�U{H�k�z��ĽV��c6o��T��/��*�A%��l!�|?� �Ì����vP�-kTn��ު�k��E=���-�r8vJ�'l�n��L��h�a*R���� ��]P��=\���6V�67>"�d/�,�^d'@���ȩ�]�R�u�သ;G`)��鲪��L�/������"�]u��jc�B���Fj�Y�����*�WX����?�#��+����ұ���� �B��W��-B���k/����!�žܽ��D����� � Part AA—Interpretation . ��� .�s�dQ ���+� >;7�����"���M%P��KC� �V5)'vC�k��. H���;o�0�w��;&~�k��j�(��Tu��TH%�����ŎQ�F,>|�=� ��RxAB ��0�R,�H���r�n2t���%:�y�Yf�,���MQE�4����,m}(v�Kx�����Ҝ����;�dᬝ��d�G��衪�v� External links "Recycling and waste". Authorised by the ACT Parliamentary Counsel—also accessible at www.legislation.act.gov.au . The text consists of 54 sections divided into 11 Parts as follows: Definitions, interpretation and application (I); Defined persons (II); Environmental site registry (III); Change of property use (IV); Records of site condition (V); Definitions for and interpretation of phase I and phase II E, Keyword:

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