This is a film so sweet it might give you a contact sugar rush, but it features two inherently likable, great-looking romantic leads, a fine supporting performance by the always reliable Virginia Madsen, a timeless true-meaning-of-Christmas message — and a genuinely cinematic style, mostly because the movie was actually filmed on Andrews Air Force base in Guam and the surrounding beaches and jungles and islands. Combat Cop: The brotherhood that saved his life, plus & veteran ghosts.

From Jingle Jangle to Christmas On The Square, we are 100% here for each and every one of Netflix’s new Christmas movies.

Mission accomplished. "Operation Christmas Drop" depicts the story of a U.S. Air Force captain and a visiting congressional aide who is gathering evidence to support shutting down the captain's tropical military base, according to Netflix. ", Graham on Instagram called the flick a "romantic comedy.". Iriarte is also involved with the movie. Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig), the handsome and charming officer who has been assigned to show Erica around and try to dissuade her from writing up a negative report.

Becky Drysdale, a former Second City writer-performer, says it was a mutual decision. Operation Christmas Drop operates out of Andersen Air Force Base in Guam -- the site of the Netflix movie? The Chicago South Driver Services facility, 9901 S. King Dr., will be closed until Nov. 16, the secretary of state’s office announced. Message frequency is recurring and varies. "Operation Christmas Drop" can be streamed on Netflix starting Nov. 5. Barnes is drafting a new bill that would transfer Guam's Film Office, a "low priority item" since its inception, to PBS. This Netflix holiday movie is predictable to a fault, with barely enough energy to light up a Christmas tree. Look, we admit it: 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year. It has also served as a coming together for elders and their communities on their respective islands across approximately 1.8 million square nautical miles throughout the Pacific. Hyatt's free 'Global Wellness Day' event includes yoga, massages and restaurant discounts, Novice baker Niki Wang creates unforgettable, 'not-too-sweet' pastries at Niki's Tea. Photos:Operation Christmas Drop 2018: Fais Island, Federated States of Micronesia, Netflix:June 2019: What's new and expiring. “Operation Christmas Drop” piles on the clichés, from the obligatory FaceTime conversations in which tech-challenged oldsters can’t get the computer thingy to work right, to a romantic interlude of Andrew and Erica snorkeling in crystal blue waters, to Erica having to choose between career and caring, to the advent of a major storm that could sideline the mission before a single plane takes off. Every year since 1952, U.S. Air Force personnel at Anderson deliver toys, food, medicine and much-needed supplies to residents of dozens of tiny islands in Micronesia. Now in its 68th year, the operation is the world’s longest-running airdrop training mission, providing critical supplies to 55 Micronesian islands like Woleia. newsletter, Al Roker battling prostate cancer, will take time off from ‘Today’, ‘Echo Boomers’ star Michael Shannon, director Seth Savoy want to help brand Chicago an indie film haven, ‘Moonbase 8’: Three funny guys’ lunar humor seldom lands in new Showtime series, ‘The Life Ahead’: Sophia Loren commands the screen at 86, ‘The Informer’: Joel Kinnaman flexes as a bad guy who’s really a good guy, South Side driver facility closed next week following positive COVID test, Dolton police shooting: video shows man shot by officers had gun, wouldn’t drop it, With COVID-19 surging, appellate court hands Pritzker new legal victory on coronavirus restrictions, Illinois sets dismal new record for daily COVID-19 cases (LIVE UPDATES), Factories lead as largest source of COVID-19 outbreaks in Illinois, new data shows, Cook County Jail guard flunked fitness test, now is suing Sheriff Tom Dart. There, she meets a handsome C-130 pilot (Alexander Ludwig) who airdrops gifts each Christmas. The comedy is light and the drama is predictable and the romance is inevitable, but Erica and Andrew deserve their happily ever after, as does the Operation Christmas Drop endeavor. "rip von god bless him and his family,’ Chance the Rapper posted on Twitter. Netflix presents a film directed by Martin Wood and written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer. "Operation Christmas Drop," named after the Christmastime airlift partly conducted from Andersen Air Force Base, is scheduled to be released in 2020. [MAP] See how each Illinois county voted in the presidential election. Listen at work or while you surf. “If we’re looking to close down bases, this one’s flashing red and green,” says Bradford, who sees the mission as nothing more than “using military equipment to drop Christmas presents.”. Know about breaking news as it happens.

The two of them immediately click and become great friends — ah, just kidding, you know what happens. Some argued that Netflix's "Space Force" fell into this very pothole -- its all-star cast entertained the DoD-affiliated population, but many of the jokes and nuances went right over the heads of civilians. In the movie, a Congressional staffer (Kat Graham) is sent to an Air Force base during the holidays to determine whether that installation shall be the next BRAC casualty. The film will star Alexander Ludwig, who plays a warrior-king on the show "Vikings," and Kat Graham from "The Vampire Diaries. Next thing you know, Erica is on the beach (in business attire and heels, of course) when she meets-cute with one Capt. According to a release from the Speaker's office, Speaker Tina Muña Barnes met with the movie's director earlier this year as well. Dreamstorm Executive Producer J.D. ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ a military-grade holiday romance on Netflix Officer on a beautiful Air Force base and his adversary bicker and bat their eyes in the sugar-cookie-sweet love story Denise Hobbs, 59, says she wanted to transfer from being a correctional officer to a courthouse deputy but couldn’t pass the running portion of the test, which she calls discriminatory.

‘Tonight Show’ head writer from Chicago leaves after seven months. J.B. Pritzker announced new contact tracing data compiled across Illinois. The fact that these two aspects of the film actually exist hopefully bode well for the accuracy of the movie. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Officer on a beautiful Air Force base and his adversary bicker and bat their eyes in the sugar-cookie-sweet love story, You want Christmas movies and specials, Netflix has Christmas movies and specials! This gives “Operation Christmas Drop” a feature-film look on a relatively restrained budget. Even though Illinois "went blue," not every county did. But will their acting chops be up to the challenge of accurately portraying the military to a civilian population that is pretty unaware of most of the ins and outs of the Department of Defense? The top entertainment stories, features and must-read reviews, sent to you weekly. Netflix produced a Base Realignment and Closure-themed Christmas movie and named its creation "Operation Christmas Drop.". We follow the stories and update you as they develop. Sign up for the Connecting Vets newsletter to get more of the stories and resources we have to offer.

But in the world of “Operation Christmas Drop” the movie, the tradition and the base itself might become history, as Virginia Madsen’s hard-ass congresswoman Angie Bradford is under enormous pressure to slash military spending and has Anderson circled on her map. Reply, CBS Eye on Veterans | How 'Big Sarge' conquered pain and veteran voices in Election 2020, Reverse parades and skydiving: Veterans Day events, COVID-19 pandemic edition. Veterans Affairs active COVID-19 cases reach record highs for days, doubling since October, New Mexico's first Black state senator is progressive Air Force veteran, The 'Toxic' legacy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and its lingering effects on veterans and military families, A sneak peek inside the National Museum of the United States Army, School district fires Marine vet over medical marijuana use, Female military working dog handlers honored at Military Women’s Memorial, How "Big Sarge" Hansen beat the Combat Cocktail & the veterans of Election 2020, Warrior Country's Sal Gonzalez, Voting issues for vets & Saucey CEO. The movie delivers holiday cheer with the requisite opposites attract love story, set against the tropical, sunny backdrop of Guam.

Community events, churches and colleges also rank high in a measure of outbreaks since July. Now a movie — "Operation Christmas Drop" — scheduled to hit Netflix nationally Nov. 5, will bring a rom-com version to the world. © 2020 Entercom Communications Corp. All rights reserved. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Never miss a story or breaking news alert! More states legalized marijuana in the 2020 election. And of course, BRAC is the congressionally authorized process DoD has used to reorganize its base structure to "more efficiently and effectively support our forces, increase operational readiness, and facilitate new ways of doing business.". Only time will tell. The footage, released by the village, shows officers telling Carterris Doty to drop the gun dozens of times. © 2020 2020, Alexander Ludwig, Christmas Movie, Kat Graham, Netflix, Operation Christmas Drop, Virginia Madsen Post navigation Previous A Very Country Christmas Homecoming (2020 UPtv)

Sign up for the Graham's character tells an occasionally partially dressed Ludwig. Muna, who forms one-half of the Guam-based filmmaking duo Muna Bros., said he and his brother Don Muna were approached by producer Steve McGlother in February "in regards to inquiries about scouting and production personnel for the Netflix feature.". Both Operation Christmas Drop and BRAC are real. All rights reserved.

Follow here for live updates. The DoD using WRONG explosive formulas for breaching, TBI' and suicide could be the result. Bradford sends her eager and ambitious aide Erica Miller (Kat Graham) to Guam and tells her to write up a report on all the seemingly frivolous spending on the base. The movie's executives contacted a handful of local residents as early as February, according to film producer Kel Muna. No MPAA rating. Graham and Ludwig both shared photos of the two of them sitting together and holding pink scripts earlier this month. Get the latest news on how COVID-19 is impacting Chicago and Illinois. A Netflix movie about a long-running humanitarian effort will begin filming on Guam in June, according to Netflix Film Publicity Director Sabryna Phillips, and certain Guam residents are involved in the process. Now in its 68th year, the operation is the world’s longest-running airdrop training mission, providing critical supplies to 55 Micronesian islands like Woleia. Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers said the video "exonerates" the officers, and he commended them for their restraint. It’s a wonderful but also essential mission, and it also serves as a training exercise. "I came here to observe and report, not work on my tan and taste the local fare, OK?" Enter: Netflix’s festive new rom-com Operation Christmas Drop. The appellate court noted its opinion "may not be cited as precedent" except in limited circumstances, but veteran lawyer says "this decision is binding on all circuit courts in Illinois.". Available Thursday on Netflix. Although the storyline is pure fiction, the film is inspired by the real Operation Christmas Drop, the longest running humanitarian airlift in the world. Spoiler alert: Graham's character quickly swoons for the gift-dropping operations and -- if the trailer is any indication -- Ludwig's character.