a. The main difference is that Trip Planner’s “best match” will NOT automatically change when you click on an alternate address. 3.3 Persons with disabilities, seniors, and those who have demonstrated knowledge of and interest in accessible transit issues, and who are willing to make a commitment (of time) to attend and participate in ACAT and ACAT Subcommittee meetings, as well as other related activities, must submit a completed application form outlining their qualifications (and interest in joining ACAT) after attending an information session. You can travel on the TTC every day. 3.5 The selection committee shall make its recommendations to the TTC Board whose members shall make the final decision and appointments to ACAT. A vacancy may be declared at such time that: a. 2.5 In addition to applicants appointed as ACAT members each year, other qualified applicants will be identified as and appointed to a pool of qualified applicants (ACAT Pool) for that year. They shall be elected by the ACAT membership at its first January meeting of the calendar year. 10.1 From time-to-time ACAT may be asked to designate a representative to serve on other transit-related committees to advise on accessibility matters. Uphold the decision to remove the member; c. Reinstate the member with the condition that subsequent transgressions, including missing meetings without reasonable cause, will result in the permanent removal from ACAT, or. Mail the payment in a sealed envelope, properly addressed, and with the required postage. TTC Continuum, Police & Court Referred, Fleet Management, Cycling & Walking services. Shuttle buses are running. An ACAT member submits a letter of resignation or is otherwise unable to complete their term. 8.1 The Head of Wheel-Trans and appropriate Wheel-Trans staff will provide ongoing support, liaison, and administration to ACAT and shall attend all ACAT meetings. 3.1 The selection process for ACAT membership shall be undertaken through a solicitation to the public in local newspapers and/or other forms of communication available to the TTC. 4.6.2 The member will be advised of the decision, in writing, and signed by the members of the appeal panel. View. The white compound is enzymatically reduced to red TPF (1,3,5-triphenylformazan) in living tissues due to the activity of various dehydrogenases (enzymes important in oxidation of organic compounds and thus cellular metabolism), while it remains in its unreacted state in areas of necrosis since these enzymes have either denatured or degraded. INDoS (Indian National Database of Seafarers) is a computerized national database for quick reference by statutory authorities such as Flag State, Port State, Immigration & Employers etc. 1.2 ACAT will address systemic issues only and not individual customer complaints. Be elected on an annual basis by ACAT members at the first January meeting of the calendar year, or at other meetings as required, following the procedures set out above in Section 6. b. 7.2 Eight (8) ACAT Members shall constitute a quorum for every ACAT General or Special meeting. 7.4 Each ACAT member is entitled to one vote on each motion. 10.2  ACAT representatives to other transit-related committees shall: a. Toronto Transit Commission, Copyright 1997-2020, Use Google Translate to read our website in other languages, Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT), Advisory Committee On Accessible Transit Subcommittees, Line 1: There is no subway service between St Clair West to St Andrew stations due to track work. 3.2 Applicants must attend an information session, in person, to be eligible to apply for ACAT membership. 6.3 Given the complexity of the Chair position and the fact that ACAT members are appointed for three (3)-year terms, while the Executive positions are voted for annually, the Chair shall be an individual that has served on the current ACAT Committee for a minimum of one (1) year. 4.7.1 Vacancies on ACAT shall be filled by a member of the ACAT Pool, as determined by the ACAT Executive and TTC staff, as soon as possible, and the new member shall serve for the balance of the term of the member being replaced. The decision as to who becomes ACAT Chair will be based on the individual’s length of service, available time, and accompanying skills, as agreed by both Vice Chairs and TTC staff. Shuttle buses are running. Make your check or money order payable to the Los Angeles County Tax Collector. c. Adhere to ACAT’s Terms of Reference, ACAT Member Guidelines, ACAT Subcommittee Guidelines, ACAT Meeting Protocols, and/or other pertinent documents. You can contact our Customer Information office from 8am – 6pm daily (except statutory holidays) at 416-393-4636. a. For each position, the member with the most votes on a single secret ballot is will be declared elected. Find out more. Prepare a report or a summary of activities undertaken at the other transit-related committees to be presented on a regular basis at ACAT General meetings. Write the Assessor’s Identification Number on the lower left-hand corner of your check or money order. 4.8.1 If ACAT Executive vacancies occur as a result of resignation, death, or removal, the following process will be followed to fill the vacancy: a. The exception will be in the month of January where two (2) meetings will be held to facilitate the election of the ACAT Executive. Click an alternate address in blue type from the list. 8.5 Support will be provided at ACAT General and Subcommittee meetings, as required and requested (including, but not limited to, personal support workers), to assist with the accommodation of the ACAT members and the members of the public. d. Formulate an alternate resolution that is reasonable in the circumstances. Reverse the decision to remove the member; b. Only recommendations approved by a majority vote of the Advisory Committee shall be forwarded to the TTC Board for consideration. An ACAT Pool member who fills a vacancy for less than twelve (12) months may reapply to be an ACAT member without serving the one (1) year absence from ACAT membership requirement. If you don’t have JavaScript installed on your computer, you will still be given a list of alternate addresses to select from.