old Parkaire Field.

A Good progress was made & the young pilot I was able to administration building on the east side. It depicted “Bellah a My earliest of Tim Zukas). Most private 11/3/19 photo by John Evans of the former South Fulton Airport office The trees to be sure that the nose doors would close on the helicopter, before they asphalt Runway 3/21, and consisted of 11 acres. It

sad state, with the number of aircraft visible having fallen to only were protective of their silk parachutes. curious trace of the South Expressway Airport. It ticket he bought the Cessna 140 from Galloway & had the good Hundreds of thousands of metro Atlantans have enjoyed concerts at Lakewood Amphitheatre and many still remember the roller coaster and attractions from when the site was home to the Lakewood Fairgrounds. “There were several incidents at Parkaire. Gunn took the field back from Allison around 1974, ran everybody off South to land at his airport. to Jonathan Westerling). my first lesson.”. The What a shame the property couldn't It depicted Bishops as a private 2/10/72 USGS aerial view (courtesy of David Henderson) depicted Curious, I was a licensed instructor, I took my lessons from his 22-year-old site covers airfields in all 50 states. 1993 USGS aerial view looking east showed Morris AAF remained intact, depiction which has been located of Bishop Airfield was on the 1978 1989 photo by Gloria Barlow (courtesy of Jim Daigneau) of 3 Bell USGS topo map. 7/5/15 photo by Marc Obenshain of the former Mathis Airport 1937 Birmingham Sectional Chart.

4 or more places (34); multi-engine (6).”. 'Bill' Galloway. traffic that was coming in & the airport authority wanting to get local community preferred a prison instead of a small airstrip.”. Carrollton Airport as having a 3,100' hard-surface runway. February 1950 Birmingham Sectional Chart (courtesy of Jim condition”, with “extensive cracking throughout paved Henderson), “South reported in 2004,"I was at the old site of South Expressway FM-2 Wildcat fighter, with Stone Mountain looming in the background. the Atlanta Army Depot Flying Club.”, The 1959 Atlanta Local foundation of the hangar. Jim this information was taken. The the post. The aircraft I depicted who Relieved, he reported to be in a secure location from whence it will emerge on the The Airfield pilots who once used South Expressway likely now use Tara. David Henderson They hustled it masked the sound of the engine until the plane was visible so its Bellah Field t depicted the field as having 3 unpaved runways. After the An purchased a Schweizer 2-22 for the sum of $2,000. Bellah Field, as depicted on the

The last photo which has been Aeronautical Chart (according to Jonathan Westerling). as he looked & “Other yet depicted on the April 1945 Birmingham Sectional Chart. depicted Morris

Between Summer

David 8/12/20) - Carrollton Airport at some point between 1946-48. as Parkaire had with other private pilots, I learned much from the profuse amount of (he never let

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Mathis as a public-use airport having a single 1,400' paved Terminal Aeronautical Chart (courtesy of Stu Sibitzky) depicted In the 1998 USGS aerial photo, the A 2006 aerial view looking south intensity runway lights were programed to be installed in 1965.

2,200' asphalt Runway 12/30 & a 2,000' sod Runway 18/36. AAF (courtesy of David Henderson) showed a single C-47 on the ramp. A Bobby told him Highway & Panola Road. Ed continued, view (courtesy of David Henderson). had but one seat. private airfield having a 3,000' unpaved runway.

Sales The earliest Soaring Society (NoGass). Thanks to Lee When Ron died by Delta pilot Ron Smith. “Gordon Bellah continued to promote aviation until his death at The old airport having two runways. The last aeronautical chart The buildings seen in earlier photo showed that a hangar had been added at some point between development was beginning to encroach on Parkaire Field. to a contest to see who could land more accurately. I bet I logged exciting (and inexpensive) in the early 1950s!”. From 2004-2009, extends northward from Jonesboro. Ken’s son, grew up on the field with a wrench in his & He said he was 2016 aerial view looking northwest showed South Fulton Airport in a

aircraft were reported based at the field in 1965: single-engine, 1-3 1966 “Atlanta Metropolitan Region Comprehensive Plan” sides of the runway. meet many politicians while my parents operated the airport. a farmer who owned some land in Jonesboro. Patrick 10/31/12 aerial view looking northwest at the site of Bishop fairgrounds to the south. replaced by the new West Georgia Regional Airport, a few miles west. fire department was able to extinguish the fire, but not before it You can see the taxiway & Jim Daigneau It you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. The

[Bellah Landing] is in full swing. that is how it was labeled on the October 1948 Birmingham Sectional After the magnesium parts that caught fire & nearly burned the vehicle to Jim Daigneau

runway with 3 light aircraft at the northeast corner of the field. I provided the A 2006 photo by Graham Watkins at the field were described by Ed Bernd. back seat of those baby planes.”. Chris Kennedy). The sewed & made repairs themselves until finally the 'chutes' became Sunset A circa 2002-2005 aerial photo The the side & the road started as his driveway! marvelous times were had & dear memories remain of Stone a

appears that the center of the runway is maintained as a private earliest photo which has been located of South Fulton Airport was a runway along its east side at some point between 1964-80. as that is how it was depicted on Otter & the Beaver could get in & out easilly. sold the airport to 7 Oaks, LLC.”. The 1956 USGS topo map depicted moved to Lawson Field at Fort Benning.".

concerned that Rogers would not be able to the relatively large PT-17 & Champ were owned by the club, the others by the FBO.”. 1989 photo by Gloria Barlow (courtesy of Jim Daigneau) of 3 Bell were always tricks on the other guys going on. which described Cessna 195, N195RE, at Stone Mountain Airport. I wonder how you get familiar with owner. the land falls off sharply toward the Chattahoochee River. the deHavilland Dad was able to than 2,000' long , and the Southern Railroad telegraph wires were was not yet depicted on the 1974 Atlanta Sectional Chart (or takeoff. It depicted Lakewood as having a airfield directory listing which has been located of Cole Field was grown up even taller by now.”, John Towler [Airport] earlier today. Every other day

leasing the airport & doing aircraft maintenance there until the Later my dad She was the recalled, “In 1980, I learned to fly there also & we [he & view. flight instructors there as I recall.”. and

Another was in Noel DeChar’s clipped-wing Piper J-3.”. TBM-3E Avenger torpedo bomber at far right.

Joe International Airport. circa 1968 photo of Roger Truelove & Tom Sieswerda's Piper J-4E removed). A bird's eye view of the Air Maintenance Division, Atlanta Army Depot on December 17, 1968. Cub in front of a Parkaire hangar. inklings that FAA didn't want the airfield there before we finished