Jay, in turn, feels that he has to protect his lady from the cowboy on the ranch hitting on her.

Best Line: “I just ordered an extra long straw to avoid the chance of doing a sit-up.”. The 5 Best Modern Family Vacations 1.

“‘Express Christmas’ will always be my [favorite Christmas episode,]” wrote one Reddit user. Here’s what fans on Reddit had to say. For Phil, that was reaching Canada on his elliptical machine.

Before the season finale kicks off this evening, take a look back through Modern Family’s best family vacation moments.

Jay finds the perfect solution to slow Lily down and speed Gloria up: put Lily in heels, and Gloria in Minnie Mouse shoes. Phil tries to make the vacation special for Claire, but this results in the kids being unsupervised. Hawaii And then after you hear Gloria yell ‘what,’” said one Reddit user.

And Dylan decides, much to Claire’s pleasure, to remain on the Dude Ranch even after the Dunfys leave. During season 10, Haley had a huge announcement for the rest of her family. The episode originally aired on September 21, 2011, on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and ran back-to-back with "When Good Kids Go Bad".The episode was written by Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh & Dan O'Shannon and directed by Jason Winer. New episodes of Modern Family premiere on ABC on Wednesday nights.

They scramble to celebrate Christmas a week early, on a day called “Express Christmas” by Phil. Add the first question. Now, they have a chance to go with the entire family to celebrate Jay’s birthday. That’s the big upside to your wife dying.” Claire glares at him. 3.

It originally premiered on May 12, 2010 on ABC. Phil tries to make the vacation special for Claire, but this results in the kids being unsupervised.

“Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1) Modern Family predated This Is Us as a critically-hailed show whose … Best dialogue: When Cam and Mitch discuss adopting a new baby in America.

“I love when Gloria brings Beth in and Claire pushes Haley back into the room. Which are the best festive episodes of the award-winning series, Modern Family?

Was this review helpful to you? At the same time, Phil borrows the family Christmas tree for one of his house showings. Directed by James R. Bagdonas. In the aptly titled “Las Vegas,” the adults travel to Vegas—and let’s just say what happened in Vegas should definitely stay in Vegas.

Phil finally manages to get Claire to relax and take a break from the kids, and surprises her with a vow renewal ceremony, Hawaiian style. And Phil saying, ‘So I guess the couch came home from a stressful day and lit a cigarette’ because that makes no sense,” said one Reddit user.

Ty Burell gives a great performance, as Phil’s aged stomach can no longer handle the intensity of the rides. This FAQ is empty. In their lazy calm they lose Lily. Episode 3.01, “Dude Ranch Use the HTML below. Back when Phil and Claire got married, they never went on their dream honeymoon to Hawaii. Jay's plan to relax in Hawaii are thwarted. Of course, there are plenty of jokes and holiday fun along the way. You can follow her on Twitter.