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(iii) Maximum dimension of any piece of timber exported should not exceed 300mm x 150mm (12 x 6 inch or 72 inch sq. National Policy on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development. ◍ Freehold Land – Consent of the Owner. It also plans to offer tax benefits on recycled materials and soft loans to set up waste disposal and material recovery facilities.[8][9]. The Government will establish pilot nursery projects in Kisumu county to produce seedlings for the national tree planting campaign to […] CS TOBIKO MEETS COP 26 PRESIDENT DESIGNATE. The policy is guided by principle of reduction in primary resource consumption; creation of higher value with less material through resource efficient circular approach; waste minimization; material security and creation of employment opportunities and business model beneficial to cause of environment protection and restoration.It was based on the report of NITI Aayog and European Union titled, The strategy on resource efficiency. The PS for Environment and Forestry, Dr. Chris Kiptoo accompanied by EU Ambassador Simon Mordue, UNDP representative Khalid Badawi, CAS for Agriculture Linah Kilimo and Hon. How do I get assistance to have a Community Nursery in my village? ANNOUNCEMENT OF IMPLEMENTATION PROTOCOLS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL TOURISM REVIVAL INITIATIVE, Ministers statement on MEFT Dog Unit donations, Ministers speech on Donations from different or, Ministers speech on transportation and harvesting of timber as well as new appointments, LAUNCH OF THE ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK FENCE CONSTRUCTION AND FRIENDS OF THE PARKS PROGRAMME, Minister Speech Announcing a grant signing of a project under EIF, MINISTER OF MET'S SPEECH AT THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE CONSERVANCY CHAIRPERSON FORUM FOR 2019, Launch of the Tour Guide registration brochure, Nam-Ger Solar Inaugural and handover of tracks, Deputy Minister for the Tourism training platform, Deputy Minister at the Official launch of the NamLeisure Card, Speech by Minister - Launch of the National Policy Coastal Management, Opening of the Container of the REI Donation to Namibia?s Community Game Guards, Gala Dinner of Bullet Kaoko Group towards trip to FIFA world cup, Deputy Minister -Statement- Launch of the three conventions, Deputy Minister speech on law enforcement workshop, MEFT Annual Progress Report 2019- 2020 Lowers, Application to transfer a casino licence (FORM 1), Application for a casino licence (FORM 2), Application to transfer a casino licence (FORM 3), Application to transfer a gambling house licence (FORM 4), application for permanent or temporary removal of a casino licence (FORM 5), Application for permanent or temporary removal of a gambling house licence (FORM 6), Application for partnership in a casino or gambling house (FORM 7), Application to be employed in a casino (FORM 8), Environmental Impact Assessment regulations, TORs OF BASELINE SURVEY ON THE FIVE FOCAL LANDSCAPES, Application for Environmental Clearance Certificate, Application for Environmental Clearance Appeal Form, Application for Amendment of Conditions of Environmental Clearance Certificate, Screening questionnaire for projects (SQ), Desertification and Biodiversity Policy Review, Revised National Policy on Human Wildlife Conflict Management 2018 - 2027, National Policy on Prospecting and Mining in Protected Areas. Zulkifli Hasan is an Indonesian politician and has led the Islam-oriented National Mandate Party since 1 March 2015. ..... KEFRI will renew a long existing partnership with ICRAF aiming to develop commercial forestry and restoration of landscape in Kenya. He was Forestry Minister from 22 October 2009 to 1 October 2014. Note: The FRAC Office can only receive application(s) that meet the above criteria.

The Ministry of Transportation, formerly Department of Transportation or Departemen Perhubungan, is a government ministry responsible for the governance and regulation of transport in Indonesia. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process used to identify the environmental, social and economic impacts of proposed developments.