If the report is being picked up in person, a photo ID is needed to aid in determining an individuals involvement. Downloadable Form Animal Control 770-477-3509. A copy of the report may be obtained by appearing in person or by mailing your request in the form of a notarized statement. Police Reports and Traffic Accident Reports, Notarized Application for Police / Traffic Accident Report (115764), Please click here to see a list of required ID - no SSN required, Drivers License AND Social Security Card (if SSN is not on license), Birth Certificate, original or sealed copy AND Social Security Card AND picture ID, Immigration and Naturalization ID AND Social Security Card, State Identification AND Social Security Card if SSN not on ID (if out-of-state ID), Legible Traffic Citations with Social Security Number AND Picture ID, Utilize the St. Louis County arrest information form, Submit a separate notarized statement containing full name, date of birth, social security number, race, sex, and signature from the subject, Make a payment of $9.00 per application ($4.50 for County record check and $4.50 for City record check). Please Note: Please expect to wait in line. This room is only accessible from a street level entrance off Central Avenue. The total cost for a City and County Record Check is $9.00. The data contained herein is gathered from several sources of information. Report non-emergency … Clayton County Police Department. We are committed to providing additional specialized police services to all the citizens of Clayton County along with providing additional aerial and ground assistance to all Clayton County police units as needed … Please note that an open arrest is not considered a conviction. Availability of reports is dependent upon the provisions of the Sunshine Law (RSMo Chapter 610). After the individual has cleared the wanted or warrant, the record check should be requested again to show the updated record. New registrations are made by appointment only. The Clayton County Sheriff's Office provides this electronic Docket Book as a service to the citizens of Clayton County but in no way guarantees the accuracy of the information contained within. Human Trafficking Notice. Acceptable reasons for obtaining the report may be that you are the victim, suspect, driver (traffic accident only), attorney for victim, insurance company, property owner, family member (traffic accident only) or news media (traffic accident only). This is in collaboration with the rest of the Departments under St. Louis County Government, which will ensure an easier and more consistent experience for users. Form may be obtained in person, or may be downloaded from the link below: For further information, please call (314) 615-5317, All convicted sex offenders, those convicted of felonies and/or misdemeanors, are required to register with the chief law enforcement official of the county in which the person resides within 3 days of changing residency. In these cases, the forms will be returned without a record check and with only the County wanted/warrant information noted. The Records Section of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office processes requests for criminal records as well as arrest records, police reports, and other crime-related records/reports. For information concerning professional licensing of security personnel, please call (314) 615-4272 Clayton County sheriff faces Open Records lawsuit . Is not presently on in an information or indictment. Has not been discharged under dishonorable conditions from the United States armed forces. Forms may be obtained in person, or may be downloaded from the links below. The Clayton County Police Department - South Clayton Precinct, located in Jonesboro, Georgia is a law enforcement agency that has been granted specific police powers in Clayton County. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO REVIEW AND MAY BE DENIED FOR REASONS OTHER THAN THOSE LISTED ABOVE The Clayton County Sheriff's Office makes a concerted effort to update this information regularly in an effort to display to the public the … Active or on-going investigation reports are not available. Additionally, the Records Section is responsible for maintaining files of … Criminal History Record Checks are requested by individuals for a number of reasons.