Vous êtes à la recherche d'un emploi : Maritime ? The arched section of the hull above the propeller.

Here Be Dragons: A Creature Identification Quiz. Notre agence Connect basée à Nice recrute un Monteur (H/F). A term used to cover all of the anchor gear. Schettino is on trial for multiple manslaughter, causing a maritime disaster and abandoning ship. ), Unless Used If Used Actual Time Used To Count. Large naval vessel capable of carrying small landing craft and amphibious vehicles, despatched via a floodable stern dock within the hull.

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Flag pole, usually at the stern of a ship, carries the ensign. Said of the anchor chain when moored and the chain does not lead clear of another chain. A small cask for fresh water carried in ship’s boats. The forward end of the spacs below the upper decks of a ship which lies next abaft the stem, where the sides approach very near to each other. Nous recherchons une personne pour le poste d'ASSISTANT PLATEFORME DIGITALE - H/F.

An open iron lattice work used for covering hatchways and platforms. Maximum size of container and bulk vessels (in terms of draught) that can cross the Malacca Straits.

A plate riveted over another plate to cover a hole or break.

Vessel designed for transiting sea ice or for the purpose of creating a channel in polar or winter ice for the passage of other vessels. (2) Term given to toilet facilities usually in the smaller craft context. Code of Safe Practice for Stowage & Securing Cargo. Raised atop 300 concrete columns shaped like champagne glasses, the $250-million pier will feature a, Defined by three rivers—the May, Cooper, and New—the Bluff, as locals call it, is a dazzling expanse of, The predawn fire aboard the Conception is one of California’s deadliest, Davi is also gathering samples from other remaining forests; a, Officials say that General Cienfuegos helped the H-2 cartel, a criminal group that committed horrific acts of violence as part of its drug smuggling business, with its, The company is the world’s biggest ocean container line, with about 17% of the world’s capacity, according to, Post the Definition of maritime to Facebook, Share the Definition of maritime on Twitter.

This ia uesd as a stiffener logitudinally for the flat bottom of a vessel. A term applied to a door that is not constructed to prevent water under pressure from passing through. A gutter-like recess on the shelter deck at the midship section of a ship, which delivers excess water the sea.

There may be forward, main and after hatcheays, according to the size and character of the vessel.

(2) A transverse structural member supporting a deck and/or strengthening a hull. The frame at midship, which is the largest on the vessel. Un employeur qui réconcilie éthique et économie, solidarité et performance. The vertical movement of a ship, as a rigid body, in a seaway. An angle or flat bar attached to a deck stringer plate forming the in-board boundary of a waterway and serving as an abutment for the wood deck plating. To lay aot a template is to transfer the size and shape into the material and work it into the fabricated object.

Capable of putting to sea and able to meet sea conditions. la plaisance, à informer les plaisanciers de leurs droits et devoirs et à les Vessel designed to transport natural gas in liquefied form.

A person or firm, licensed by the customs authority of their country when required, engaged in entering and clearing goods through customs for a client (importer). pressing ctr+f  in your web browser to pop up the search bar and type the term you want to find, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Not properly trimmed or ballasted (not on even keel; listing).

There are maritime jobs for Deck department, Engine department, Catering department, Cruise and Offshore Industry. A line on the stern of a ship, on the cant frames, which divides the upper and lower parts of the stern.! A platform fitted with winches and anchor chain. When vertical they are called wallsided, when they lean out, flaring.

To throw water out of a boat; a yoke, as a ladder bail (rung).

A SART will only respond to a 9 GHz X-band (3 cm wavelength) radar.

It should be noted that tonnage represents a function of volume and should not be confused with deadweight mass (tonnes), Lightship mass (tonnes) or displacement mass (tonnes). Il y en a 4 947 disponibles sur Indeed.fr, le plus grand site d'emploi mondial.

Capacity in hold to edge of frames and stiffeners; refl ects the stowage of bales or boxes. The well of a sailing vessel, especially a small boat, for the wheel and steerman. They radiate in fan shape from the transom beam to cant frames. A drawing prepared for use in building a ship. The upper spoke of a steering wheel when the rudder is amidships, usually marked in some fashion (top spoke of neutral steering wheel). Also the hold space within it.

Roll-on Roll-off. They form protective enclosures in which are located the turret stools, shell stowage flats and ammunition hoisting gear for the turrets. A bolt having either a head looped to form a worked eye, or a solid head with a hole drilled through it forming a shackle eye. The total weight of cargo, fuel, water, stores, passengers and crew and their effects that a ship can carry when at her designed full-load draft.

The situation of a vessel when listed over by the wind to such an extent that she does not recover.

It is the “opposite” of innage.

“Springs in and springs out” a vessel. The NVOCC issues bills of lading, publishes tariffs, and otherwise conducts itself as an ocean common carrier, except that it does not provide the actual ocean or intermodal service. Opposite of hogged.

We are your #1 internet portal for maritime employment, services, vacancies for seafarers. I need to know what is screen? A cast or fabricated deck item, usually round, that is used to thread cables between vessels when they are made-up. Superstructures, or deck erections located on or above the weather deck.