This was my first attempt via Whitney Glacier. The most notable ones are those that are formed by the mysterious Shiprock in New Mexico. From there, one can make a fairly easy cross country scramble to the west rim of the canyon. He strongly advocated the mountain be preserved as a national park: “The Shasta region is still a fresh unspoiled wilderness, accessible and available for travelers of every kind and degree. It would also give hikers a chance to enjoy a new area and views of the mountain that are currently available the few who venture onto that side of the mountain. This is the fact that the Hotlum Glacier is the only glacier in California to have an extant medial moraine. The mountain can be seen from well over 100 miles away in most directions. Er ist mit einer Höhe von 4322 m, einem Volumen von ca. For those not looking to explore Mount Shasta on foot, there are a couple of good places where one need only climb a short distance to get a chance to see the incredible spectacle of Mount Shasta’s east side glaciers. It was a long and painful night with constant loud noises made by Shastina and Bolam/Whitney Ridge throwing rocks down. Dotted with lake basins and boasting spectacular views, it is a premier destination in its own right. No other mountain in the Golden State dominates the landscape the way it does. Though they all exist in Mount Shasta’s shadow, the five highest peaks around the mountain remain extraordinary. When standing on the rim of the canyon, listen for the sound of falling boulders clattering down into the unreachable depths. The red marks the current extent of the Hotlum Glacier. The Whitney Glacier, on Mount Shasta’s north side, is one of the mountain’s great features. Though not a well-known landmark, the Whitney Glacier icefall is one of the most remarkable features on Mount Shasta. Blessed with sheer cliffs and three lake basins, the China Mountain area always seems to be overlooked. The images are not from the exact same perspective but they do show the same stretch of the creek. Saturday the 24th four of us starting hiking from the Northgate trailhead at 7:30am : Steve Larson, Kris from, Sean Robbins from the CMC and myself. However the area does have some spots where the autumnal foliage can be pretty intense. Once one perceives the existence of the four different cones, an interesting possibility emerges. Even more impressive is the grand tower of Mount Whitney, highest point in the Sierra Nevada, California and the entirety of the lower 48 states of the United States. This debris field is flanked by more typical moraines that have been pushed out of the way of the advancing glacier and now form lines of rock and other ice-cut detritus that lie alongside the still active ice. Thus was the discovery of what was, indeed the highest point in the United States at that time. As you look up at this incredible formation, know that at that very moment Mount Shasta is still being formed. Like all the other glaciers, most crevasses are melting out and quickly beginning to open. I have not seen that much water in Whitney Creek along Highway 97 in a long time. Something with four-wheel drive will ease your stress level but is not mandatory. The operator of this site shall be held harmless from any and all alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury to property or persons whether brought by an individual or other entity. 350 km³ und einem Durchmesser von ca. A moraine is the leavings of the glacier’s carving activities. Though they are not as large as some of the epic one found further north on peaks like Mount Rainier, Shasta’s glaciers are still among the largest in the Cascades and demand respect. Mount Shasta is no different, boasting 7 glaciers on its flanks. Below the rock protrusion the flows converged again, this time carrying the debris carved away from Mount Shasta by the glacier. Though it ranks high in the esteem of mountain lovers, most of the mountain’s geography is shrouded in mystery for the majority of those who admire it. There is good, paved road access and the land is in the midst of a logged area, which means it is unlikely to be used for little else. One can access and view Whitney Falls by hiking from the Whitney Falls Trailhead for 1.25 miles. The Whitney Glacier, on Mount Shasta’s north side, is one of the mountain’s great features. They are the Hotlum Cone, Misery Cone and Sargents Ridge Cone. It may not be through geology, for the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada are quite distinct. On the west side are Mount Eddy and China Mountain, both high peaks of the vast Klamath Mountains. Something similar, though no doubt larger, must also have taken place in the past, for just below this large outcropping is the beginning of the medial moraine. These weren’t connected in my mind however and the changing channel went unnoticed. Weather was clear and hot - a high pressure ridge had settled over the state. It is an awesome reminder that Mount Shasta has not reached its final shape. As one gazes up at the north side of the mountain, be sure to look for the river of ice flowing between the peak’s main cone and Shastina. However, all the debris that is worn away by the passage of the glacier is moved along with the glacier, pushed aside by the downhill motion. (1),,, Ice Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Hiking, Scenery. Climbing to a towering 14,505 feet, it is just 326 feet taller than Mount Shasta. Though at times wispy, the falls certainly boast one of the grandest settings imaginable for a waterfall. While standing here taking in this awe-inspiring but seldom seen view one can hear the roar of Mud Creek mix with the sound of boulders clattering down to the bottom of the canyon, evidence that Mount Shasta is a living mountain still taking shape. We could see the steep slopes of Shastina (and past wet slides and rockfall) looming over the far side of the glacier. This includes Whitney Creek and Whitney Falls. Most notable of these was John Muir himself, the father of the modern conservation movement. Of the higher of the two peaks King states: “That which looked highest of all was a cleanly cut helmet of granite, lying six miles south. The cataract is the largest waterfall on Mount Shasta and is second only to Ash Creek Falls in terms of beauty. It is easy to spot the icefall. It was *hot*. It takes its name from Misery Hill, which lies just west of the actual summit and torments climbers exhausted from the ascent of Avalanche Gulch. Headlamps were no longer necessary. Hiking along the Sacramento River, the McCloud River and Squaw Valley Creek are all places that are good bets to see some great collections of trees turning shades of red and gold. No other area on the mountain exhibits such tortured geology. Jaw-dropping view of Mud Creek Canyon on Mount Shasta. It should not come as a surprise that the trials on Mount Shasta yield excellent vantages from which to observe the mountains that surround Mount Shasta. Read more about these 4 eruption cones here. We made tracks for Mt. The yellow area is the collapsed zone. On the contrary, many of the peaks are quite remarkable on their own merits. The scree then collapses onto the river of ice, only to be carried away as the glacier flows down the side of the mountain. Our first task was to negotiate an short section of icefall which looked fairly frozen and stable. The massive Hotlum Glacier clings to the upper flanks of the northeast side of Mount Shasta.