I don't know if it got a script, but there was a producer who's idea for the Part VII was to have a mogul come into Crystal Lake trying to build condos on there, only to have his construction team killed by Jason. It was seriously complicated. It's the next best thing to having the actual scripts. Ziegler: I think the fans would have been thrilled to see their favorite “final girl” fight Jason one last time.

He's the puppet master. In this version of events, the older counselors, tripping on acid, take him along with them on a boat adventure; armed with a Super 8 camera, they cruelly unmask Jason and capture it all on film. I have been having a blast going through them and seeing what could have been, and have been trying to find more. Jason X - Rough Draft By Todd Farmer. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. HollyShorts Film Festival Starts This Weekend, The Scarecrow and Other Stories Releases This Week. Because the script is no longer used, can someone post it here?

The absurdly convoluted origin story presented above is entirely unnecessary and superfluous. For all things related to the Friday the 13th including the man, the myth, the legend - Jason Voorhees himself; the films; the mythology; novels; video games; etc!

Nick Groff Investigates... Death Walker and Halloween Haunts! ‘In the Earth’ Coming Next Year from Director... Rock Radio Station Replaced by Christian Music, Signs Off with “Highway to Hell”, ‘The Conjuring 3’ Video Reveals Some New Scenes and the Chilling Story, 5 Modern Horror Remakes That Got it Right & Wrong, Place a Deluxe ‘Krampus On The Mantle’ to Keep Misbehaving Kids in Check. Then a few days ago, I shared with you guys the full rundown on what we would have seen had the planned Breck Eisner-helmed FRIDAY THE 13TH remake (yeah, it was another remake) gotten off the ground. However, Freddy quickly loses control of the unstoppable Jason, which results in the two horror icons battling to the death in Freddy vs. Jason.

I also know there was a lot of idea thrown around for Jason X, before finally landing on Jason in space. Have Jason kill people. Does anyone know of any unused scripts for any Friday movies? The ideas are there. Nick Antocost's script is really well regarded by fans, should check it out. Only two Friday films(not counting Freddy Vs. Jason) have been made in that timeframe. KINGSMAN THE SECRET SERVICE Interviews (2014) Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Egerton & more! I'd love to talk about it further. Crystal Lake is being turned into a lakefront housing development, Tommy and Megan own Karloff’s General Store, Deputy Cologne is the sheriff and Ginny is a child psychologist. Worth reading if you're into Freddy vs. Jason! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Read Script Friday the 13th (1980) Written byVictor Miller. New Tools & Resources. I'm pissed Paramount said no. Cookies help us deliver our Services.