Drive approximately 2 miles to the parking area for the Foothills Trail/Whitewater River. In summer months, the greenery hides much of the waterfall from view. Follow the blue blazes. From Walhalla, drive north on SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) for 14 miles and turn left onto SC 130.

The rugged terrain around these two waterfalls remains wild and undeveloped. Exiting the property through this gate is allowed at all hours. At just over 2 miles the trail ends at a small observation platform, looking down the river at the Lower Whitewater Falls a good distance away.

Both the upper and lower falls feature scenic overlooks that can be accessed by car.

1.) A blue blaze and an arrow sign on the right point the way.

This area is managed by the Forest Service. The trails are in this area are well marked.

The hike was pretty easy and quite enjoyable but we were disappointed in the view of the waterfall. The 45 minute, moderate 1 mile hike is worth the travel time. There are plenty of interconnecting trails in the area so don't forget to check your maps/gps if in doubt. The entire Whitewater Falls chain – six different waterfalls along the North and South Carolina border – is the highest series of falls in eastern North America.

From the trailhead at the far end of the parking area, walk. Lower Whitewater Falls.

You can’t really get close. Wouldnt really recommend unless you live in the area and just wanting to try something new. Whitewater Falls is one of the tallest chains of waterfalls in the eastern U.S. and the Lower Falls are not as frequently visited but just as impressive.

in C.C.

When the trail intersects a gravel road, follow the gravel road briefly (about 200 yards) and then resume your hike on the trail. There are a couple of steep sections, but this is not a difficult trail. Deaktiviere deinen Werbeblocker, um eine Karte dieses Weges zu sehen, Whitewater Falls to Whitewater River Trail, Lower Whitewater Falls Via Foothills Trail, Bad Creek Trailhead to Upper Whitewater Falls, Foothills Trail: Bad Creek A7 to Bear Gap, Foothills Trail: Bad Creek to Hilliard Falls and Lower Whitewater Falls, Foothills Trail: Whitewater Falls to Oconee State Park, Coon Branch via Bad Creek to Foothills Trail, Foothills Trail: Upper Whitewater Falls to Burrell's Ford Rd, Foothills Trail: Upper Whitewater Falls to F Van Clayton Hwy,, 2020 AllTrails, LLC Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Of special interest is a preserved 18th-century dugout canoe.

(This is a lighted parking lot with a public telephone and portable toilets.). You will definitely find solitude on this hike, especially compared with the other falls in the area. if you enjoy this site consider supporting me on. From the overlook, you can go down the stairs (155 steps) for a better view of the falls (I definitely suggest going down the stairs). But in order to really take in the falls from the best vantage points, you’ll need to do some hiking. The entry gate is open during daylight hours. About half way through you hike Mustardground Road for 2-300 yards around a corner in the road.

A variety of plants may be seen along the 1.5 mile unmarked and difficult trail.

We took Mustardground Road back, Lake Jocassee views would be better once the leaves are down. The overlook is beautiful and well worth the hike! Copyright 2017-2020. 3.)

After that, you’ll cross a gravel road and continue downhill to the viewing platform. The Lower Falls is located about a half-mile down the Whitewater River from the Upper Falls (which is in North Carolina).

Die Route ist das ganze Jahr über zugänglich. Lower Whitewater Falls Take on a longer and more difficult hike than the larger Upper Whitewater Falls just to the north and instead enjoy a tranquil river crossing and some quiet solitude on the trail to this classic South Carolina waterfall. Lower Whitewater Falls ist ein 4.2 Meilen langer, stark besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Salem, South Carolina. If you shop through any Amazon link on this website, you support me at no cost to yourself. SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Do not block any gates.

4/19/20:  added White Rock Creek waterfalls. We had our athletic dog on the trail and she did great but I saw other dogs being carried. Recommend using bug spray as we did- no issues with gnats. A moderate one-hour, two-mile hike along the Foothills Trail and a spur trail takes you to a spectacular overlook.

Be respectful of others, and call ahead if there's uncertainty regarding the trail being open (contact information can be found on each trail page).

However, this would be more challenging than hiking each separately from separate parking lots. This area (including parts of the trail) are maintained by Duke Energy. Creating community through people, parks and programs.Visit a local or state park near you! The parking lot is massive but there weren't many other cars on the weekend I was here.

Drive north on SC 130 for 10.5 miles and turn right (east) at the entrance to Duke Power's Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station. Once you cross the Whitewater River the trail dissects a few directions and the trail that takes you to the viewing platform is somewhat dull with no points of interest until you reach the viewing platform. Good trail - hiked to falls in the trail that cuts off from the coon coon branch natural area and then back on the Musterground road - like others have said the trail just reaches a viewing platform that is about 1/4 mile away from the actual falls - but they are beautiful! Went at 9am on a Sunday and made it almost all the way back before seeing other hikers. Other exhibits include...

(Rating: 5 /5, 2 Votes) The Whitewater River features two large cascades as it flows from the mountains of North Carolina into Lake Jocassee. The Lower Falls is a dramatic 200-foot drop, which can best be viewed from an observation platform at the end of a 1.9-mile trail. A few glimpses of the river along the way. As you approach the entrance, it may look like it isn't a place open to the public; but it is and you are allowed to enter during daylight hours. This is a very nice area meaning stunning views of this huge waterfall and the area is well maintained with a fresh-wooded staircase taking you to the overlooks to view Whitewater Falls. Learn more. Beautiful view of the falls from the observation deck. 6.)

Maybe about 80-90% of the hike as marked on this app.

This trail leads to an overlook only! Had a nice hike Saturday.

Drive for 2 miles, and turn left, and park in the parking area, GPS 35.01204, -82.99932.

Great park and gorgeous waterfall!

Your email address will not be published. Hunde sind erlaubt, müssen allerdings an der Leine gehalten werden. Left to right: Upper Whitewater Falls on the NC side of the state border, Lower Whitewater Falls on the SC side of the state border. Hunting is not allowed in the area, so it’s jam-packed with wildlife.

9/22/18 – updated Opossum Creek Falls and Camp Branch Falls. June 2020

I dont recommend swimming in these although we did stick our feet in. Forest hike without any views on the way but the waterfall is amazing. Zero spam.

Named "The #1 Thing Every Southerner Ought to Do" by Southern Living. Plenty of better trails and waterfalls in the area.

Take on a longer and more difficult hike than the larger, 35.012443, -82.999196 (Degree Decimal, DegDec), N 35°0.75, W 82°59.95 (Degree Minutes, MinDec), N 35°0'45'', N 35°0'45'' (Degree Minutes Seconds, DMS). Along the way to the base of Lower Whitewater Falls lies the remains of a small plane, which crashed in 1972, killing all four of its passengers. The Waterfalls of Oconee County, South Carolina. South Carolina accommodations are famous for their beauty and Southern charm.

Wish we could have gone further. Section III offers milder rapids, swimming... or uncover more great South Carolina trip ideas on: The entire Whitewater Falls chain - six different waterfalls along the North and South Carolina border - is the highest series of falls in eastern North America. All rights reserved. 2.) Duke Energy | P.O.

The signs seem to indicate you’ll follow white and yellow blazes, but you won’t. #hiking #optoutside #waterfalls, A post shared by Chad Chandler (@chad.chandler) on Jan 21, 2018 at 12:04pm PST. (The Foothills Trail is marked with white blazes.). You’re in the forest 80% of the time. You can see the lower falls from a distance but can’t get anywhere close. Hence, in order to take in a full view of the falls, it requires being some distance away.

So when you turn onto Bad Creek Road, you’ll go through a Duke Energy gate. The trail signage can be a little confusing. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe to my weekly round-up of new posts? Upper Whitewater Falls overlook can be accessed via a walkway/trail, rated as easy, and located at a different parking lot off of SR 281.

Continue straight following the signs to the Lower Whitewater Falls. Both are viewed via overlooks. You can not see White Water falls from the lower falls area at all, just the small ravine falls area, although still pretty. Freshly painted blazes, well marked trail, beautiful view of the falls from the platform. Length 4.2 mi Elevation gain 882 ft Route type Out & Back Box 1006, Charlotte, NC 28201 | 1-800-443-5193. (4 miles roundtrip).

This was a pretty good workout for us, one of our bigger elevation gains lately.

(Entrance onto the property is allowed only during daylight hours. 8/25/20:  updated Crane Creek Falls and Yellow Jacket Falls. Starting at Whitewater Falls, you could hike to both via the Foothills Trail and spur trails, but that's not the easiest way to see Lower Whitewater Falls. Be aware that when you actually get close to the waterfall, you’re pretty much just hiking parallel to the falls and gradually making your way down the mountain and never actually heading to the base of the falls. The Foothills Trail is on the other side. I built this site to log my travels to interesting parks, trails, and roadside attractions. You’ll drive a couple of miles and park at the flat area at the end of the road. This out-and-back hike follows blue blazes to a constructed viewing platform for an optimal vantage point to see the falls, though visitors shouldn't expect access to the falls themselves.

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