To make one laugh is an art and some fine crafting is required in the screenplay to attain it.

This article "Kasethan Kadavulada (2011 film)" is from Wikipedia. The rest of the movie is about the scheme of Muthuraman and his cousin Sreekanth to steal the money. Kasethan Kadavulada (transl. [10] Randor Guy of The Hindu attributed the success to "the excellent comedy sequences, humorous dialogue, fine direction of Chitralaya Gopu and excellent performances".

Dir. Kasethan Kadavulada (transl. …

Directed by Chitralaya Gopu. Kasethan Kadavulada is a 1972 Indian Tamil-language comedy film, written and directed by Chitralaya Gopu. Welcome to EverybodyWiki ! Kasethan Kadavulada is a drama movie directed by Thirumalai and stars Charan in the lead role.. .View more! [14], Kasethan Kadavulada was released on 19 May 1972. It focuses on a young man (Muthuraman) collaborating with his cousin (Sreekanth) and friend (Srinivasan) to steal money from his stingy stepmother (Manorama). 3000 for his Sister's husband, she refuses instantly. [9] AVM Productions founder A. V. Meiyappan who saw the play decided to adapt it into a feature film and insisted Gopu direct;[10] the film adaptation thus marked his directorial debut. The film got negative reviews, it had a poor opening and was a flop.

The New Indian Express wrote that "The director has maintained an even paced narration. You can also view the crew by department using the drop-down menu. Support. It is based on his play of the same name. The insane Rama's father, the sane Rama, and Mani all encounter the cash.

Lakshmi, a domineering woman, controls all her husband Sivaswamy's money, treating him with scorn and disdain.

Mani steals Appaswamy's money ₹5,001 that he received as a donation from Lakshmi (the extra ₹1 came from Chettiar), but Rama catches him red-handed.

+91-9820140345 Lakshmi sees the certificate, but decides to keep her at her house since the certificate mentions that Rama becomes violent when somebody refuses to give her what she wants. But it’s juvenile comedy at most times, and targeted at the lowest denominator in the audience". Kasethan Kadavulada directed by Thirumalai is pitched as a full fledged comedy caper, targeted at the masses. Technically, no comments.

It is based on his play of the same name.

It also marks the debut of Charan as hero and Kamna Jetmalani badly also wants a come back in Kollywood through this one.

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[19] Mahendra reprised the role of Srinivasan from the film. The cash is in Latha's brothers' coat. All rights reserved. [8][9] Thengai Srinivasan was selected to appear in the character of the Madras Tamil speaking tea vendor Appaswamy masquerading as a godman. Kasethan Kadavulada (2011) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Lakshmi tells Appaswamy about the cash she has stashed in her secret hideout, and shows him how to access it. Movie Title --- Kasethan Kadavulada Wow .. Copyright © 2020

[4] Thirumalai titled his 2011 comedy film as Kasethan Kadavulada which had no similarity with this film.

This also goes to show the director was running short of ideas while he was writing the script and has been dubious on how to take forward the concept (if there is any).

While the proceedings were on, one gets confused whether the movie is a comedy caper or a spoof on so many other movies in the past. This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 04:45. Kasethan Kadavulada; Directed by: Thirumalai: Produced by: Jamal Syed Ibrahim J. Raja Mohammed: Screenplay by: Thirumalai: Story by: Devi Prasad: Starring: Charan

[4] Elements of the song were borrowed by S. Thaman and used in "Pudhu Punal" from Mouna Guru (2011). The film stars Muthuraman and Lakshmi, with M. R. R. Vasu, Thengai Srinivasan, Srikanth, Moorthy, Manorama, Rama Prabha and Jayakumari in supporting roles. Rama falls in love with Ramu. [21], Kasethan Kadavulada was made available for viewing on Prime Video when it was launched in India in December 2016. Thirumalai had the inventory to make a great comedy script, but the problem was his screen play and dialog.

Kasethan Kadavulada is the directorial debut of Chitralaya Gopu, and was produced by AVM Productions. Muthuraman, Moorthy and Manorama reprise their roles from the play. Understandably, he also had the additional responsibility of showcasing the debutant Charan as an action-mass hero with some 'do gooder' scenes and an introductory song which stands out like a sore thumb in the already spoilt show.

The film stars Muthuraman and Lakshmi, with M. R. R. Vasu, Thengai Srinivasan, Srikanth, Moorthy, Manorama, Rama Prabha and Jayakumari in supporting roles. [1] The film, directed by Thirumalai, has music scored by comedian and singer Karunas. [18] In 2017, Y. G. Mahendra organised a play based on the film that was staged in Mylapore. Cast -- Thengai Srinivasan as appaswamy Venniradai Moorthy as Below actors passed away -- Gopishantha Manorama died on 10-OCT-2015 Suruli Rajan died on 05-DEC-1980 Thengai Srinivasan died on 09-NOV-1987 Movie Details -- Produced by - M.Saravanan Running Time - 120 mins All rights reserved.

"Kasethan Kadavulada Review is already included in the heading, continue writing your review heading without repeating the same in MAX 90 Chars.

Directed by Chitralaya Gopu. The house receives a telegram saying that the real Badrinath Swamy Sukranada is arriving in two days, meaning Appaswamy has to loot his sum within that time frame. Only money is god) is a 1972 Indian Tamil-language caper comedy film,[2] written and directed by Chitralaya Gopu. Apple TV & Privacy

Viswanathan. [22], "Good old Tamil humour to keep your spirits high in lockdown", "Blast from the Past: Kaasethan Kadavulada (1972)", "Kasethan Kadavulada Press Meet Images & news Release", "When the camera rolled, she lived the character, "Kaasethaan Kadavulada: From Stage To Celluloid", "கதாநாயகனுக்கு நோ கட் அவுட், காமெடியனுக்கு 16 அடி கட் அவுட்!!! Know the full star cast of Kasethan Kadavulada film like producer, music director, singers, writer and others only at Cinestaan. Cookie Warning

Release Date : With Fathima Babu, Babylona, Charan, Delhi Ganesh. Articles copied from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be seen on the Draft Namespace of Wikipedia and not main one. Again, Rama catches him red-handed. Parvathi (Manorama) is an extremely domineering second wife to Sivaswamy (Vennira Aadai Moorthy) and controls all his money treating him with scorn and disdain. Kasethan Kadavulada is a 2011 comedy film written and directed by Thirumalai, starring Sharan, Kamna Jethmalani, Karunas, Pandiarajan, Divya Padmini, Sathyan, Manobala, Delhi Ganesh, Paravai Muniyamma, and Singamuthu playing the main characters. To prove that the other Rama is truly insane, the sane Rama tells the insane Rama that the coat will look good on her.

3000 for his Sister's husband, she refuses instantly. Meanwhile, Rama is an orphan whose only friend is Iruthayam, the doctor of a mental institution. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Verification code sent on your registered email id. This movie got Unbelievable IMDB rating.. IMDB Rating -- 7.8 Director Chitralaya Gopu directs actor R.Muthuraman for 1st time . The insane Rama and her father also come there to work coincidentally. Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Review. Parvathi dominates her husband Sivaswamy, while having control on all his money. Sadly the movie falls flat on the audiences and throughout the movie one can see grim faces in the theater with the fear of songs creeping in between the already tedious proceedings. The sane Rama arrives at Lakshmi's house to work as a secretary.

[11] Muthuraman, Moorthy and Manorama, who were part of the play, reprised their roles in the film. When Latha's brother refuses to give her his coat, the insane Rama shows her insanity. With Lakshmi, Aachi Manorama, Venniradai Moorthy, R. Muthuraman. If you are aware of any name that ought to be here but is not, please get in touch with using the Feedback link at the bottom of this page. Directed by Thirumalai. Kasethan Kadavulada was a play written and directed by Chitralaya Gopu,[8] and staged over 300 times. When Ramu, Sivaswamy's son from his first wife, requires a sum of ₹3,000 (equivalent to ₹110,000 or US$1,500 in 2019) for his sister's husband, the stingy Lakshmi instantly refuses. A group of youngsters takes it upon themselves to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. Directed by Chitralaya Gopu, Tamil movie Kasethan Kadavulada stars Lakshmi and R. Muthuraman in the lead role.

[4] On the contrary, a critic from Dinamalar criticized the film as a whole.[5]. Will they succeed? Manorama, second wife of Venniradai Moorthy dominates her husband, while having control on all his money., This email id is already registered with us with facebook.

Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Lakshmi, Aachi Manorama, Vennira Aadai Murthy. Internet Service Terms Apple Inc. Movie Title --- Kasethan Kadavulada Wow .. Parvathi (Manorama) is an extremely domineering second wife to Sivaswamy (Vennira Aadai Moorthy) and controls all his money treating him with scorn and disdain. [12] Cinematography was handled by K. S. Bhaskar, and editing by R. G. There are no featured audience reviews for Kasethan Kadavulada at this time. Appaswamy tells Paramantham to not handle any cases at this time.

[3] A critic from Kungumam praised Charan and the director's efforts.

However, when Venniradai Moorthy's son Muthuraman needs some money for his sister's husband, Manorama refuses bluntly. As a result, all problems are solved, Lakshmi is pacified, and agrees to Ramu and the sane Rama's marriage.