My dear friend, when God sees you today, He sees Jesus.

Use money and love people.

God's forgiveness is not given in installments.”, “Under the law, even the best failed. Unmerited Favor Quotes Showing 1-30 of 40. Enter your email address to subscribe to and receive notifications of new posts by email. - CAC Weekly Sunday School Manuals His unmerited favor will transform you into wholeness, and it is the goodness of God, not your striving and self-efforts, that will lead you to live victoriously for His glory.”, “Christianity is not about behavior modification. Topic:KNOW AND BELIEVE GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU 1 John 4:16 And we have known and ….

Even when you have failed, Jesus is right there with you, ready to pick you up and restore you to wholeness. We’d love your help. You hear very little of Jesus Christ and His finished work being taught.

What you need is a full revelation that Jesus, in the new covenant, is your Savior!”, “Jesus Is Immanuel, The Almighty God With Us”, “You see, you are transformed not by struggling.

What you believe is powerful. It will not be motivated by the fear of judgment and indignation.

“The Power of Right Believing: 7 Keys to Freedom from Fear, Guilt and Addiction”, p.95, Hachette UK, Joseph Prince (2011).

From Genesis 39:2, it is clear that success is not what you have, but rather who you have!

GOD’S UNMERITED FAVOR IS THE GOSPEL! One of the best ways to practice the presence of the Lord is to thank Him all the time. You have all these things not because you deserve them, but because Jesus shed His blood and gave you the right to have them. Discover Joseph Prince famous and rare quotes. Is this what Christianity is about? If you believe wrong, you will inevitably live wrong.”, “God’s unmerited favor is not a topic. Jesus Himself has already paid the price for your sins, so stop condemning yourself! - Our Daily Journey Devotionals Make your own love.

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As you walk in God's divine wisdom, you will surely begin to see a greater measure of victory and good success in your life.

- Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotionals - My Utmost For His Highest Daily Devotionals It is exciting to enjoy His presence daily in everything”, “When you stop doing and start depending on God’s divine favor, you will begin to experience the Jesus-kind of results.”, “Right believing always leads to right living.”, “When Almighty God is with you, good things will happen in you, around you and through you.”, “Wrong believing always leads to wrong behavior. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, “His grace is cheapened when you think that He has only forgiven you of your sins up to the time you got saved, and after that point, you have to depend on your confession of sins to be forgiven. - Spirit Meat Rev. Beloved, there is nothing you can do today to make God love you more, and there’s nothing you can do to make Him love you any less… Beloved, it’s not enough that you know that God loves everyone. If you can change what you believe, you can change your life! After all, our ability to love God stems from our first tasting His love for us.

I just rest in You Lord and I trust You.” Beloved, what you will see is the grace of God upon you in every situation of your life!

You need to know and believe that He loves you, and let that revelation burn in your heart, especially when you fail. - In touch Ministries Daily Devotionals He can do only what He sees His Father doing.” (John 5:19) Joseph Prince Quotes GRACE, Likewise, grace comes upon you when you rest and trust God. “Unmerited Favor: Your Supernatural Advantage for a Successful Life”, p.94, Charisma Media, Joseph Prince (2011).

(2 Corinthians 5:21) So there must be another explanation as to why God’s grace was upon Jesus.

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It is not a doctrine. “His grace is cheapened when you think that He has only forgiven you of your sins up to the time you got saved, and after that point, you have to depend on your confession of sins to be forgiven. It saddens me that in many churches today, you hardly hear the name of Jesus being mentioned. The material things that you have accumulated or are feverishly trying to amass do not make you a success. Do you see yourself trapped in all your failings, mistakes, and sins? I am looking at what Jesus deserves.”, “It is the presence of the Lord in your life that makes you a success! God's forgiveness is not given in installments.”. Grace isn't a license to sin; it's a license from sin. He is against money and things having you.”, “I am not looking at what I deserve. - Rccg Sunday School Manuals ( Weekly Teacher and Students Manuals )

What you believe is very powerful. “Unmerited Favor: Your Supernatural Advantage for a Successful Life”, p.32, Charisma Media, Joseph Prince (2014). Don't love money and use people. Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends, Joseph Prince (2011). There must be another explanation as to why someone can abound in God’s grace even when he has not sinned. You are destined to reign in life. Grace is not a theology. And if God is for you, who can be against you! Welcome back. The world looks at what you have, while God sees who you have. So the verse is telling us that rest found grace.