If you click through to these services they may use cookies or advertisements.EDAA opt-out program. All Ruland jaw couplings are RoHS3 and REACH compliant. Curved jaw hubs press fit to the spider for zero-backlash performance. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform.

It is important to note that most manufacturers sell the components of a jaw coupling separately. 92 Sh-A Purple Spider - (10Nm to 6650Nm) Suitable for use with all hub materials, offering high dampening properties.

Stainless steel hubs and spiders with center holes are also available by request. L-Jaw Hub (390) L-Jaw Solid Center Spider (37) material.

Too much axial motion will cause the coupling to come apart, while too much angular or parallel misalignment will result in bearing loads that are higher than most other motion control couplings. All spiders have an open centres to allow minimum DBSE.

When you are ordering or downloading CAD all components are individual. As a service to our customers, we offer our vast manufacturing experience and talents to meet special needs with custom parts. We use a time limited cookie which is used to refer to information you enter into our website rather than storing that as less-secure cookie data.This expires after being inactive for a short time so the information is only stored briefly. 98 Sh-A Red Spider - (17Nm to 10000Nm) Suitable for use with cast iron and steel hubs, offering medium torque capacity and dampening properties. Coupling hubs machined from high grade (type 2024 t351) aluminum bar stock for precise fit, superior strength, and bright finish. The polyurethane spider dampens impulse loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive components. Elastic spider and two hubs makes complete coupling, Available bore sizes H7 with keyway in (mm), The ABSSAC website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience.

A jaw coupling is a type of coupling designed to transmit torque while damping system vibrations, which protects other components from damage.

The Jaw Coupling is recognised across a large range of industries. Ruland JS26-12-A, 3/4" Jaw Coupling Hub, Aluminum, Set Screw Style, 1.625" OD, 0.710" Length, Ruland MJCC41-20-A, 20mm Jaw Coupling Hub, Aluminum, Clamp Style With Keyway, 41.3mm OD, 18.0mm Length, Ruland JD32/51-98R, Jaw Coupling Spider, 98 Shore A Red, 2.000" (50.8mm) OD, Ruland JCC21-8-A JD21/33-98R JCC21-6-A, 1/2" x 3/8" Jaw Coupling Bundle, Aluminum, Clamp Style Hubs, 1.313" OD, 1.750" Length, Ruland JS36-12-A JD36/57-98R JC36-8-A, 3/4" x 1/2" Jaw Coupling Bundle, Aluminum, Clamp/Set Screw Style Hubs, 2.250" OD, 3.150" Length, Ruland MJS33-12-A JD21/33-85B MJS33-11-A, 12mm x 11mm Jaw Coupling Bundle, Aluminum, Set Screw Style Hubs, 33.3mm OD, 44.5mm Length, Ruland JCC32-12-A, 3/4" Jaw Coupling Hub, Aluminum, Clamp Style With Keyway, 2.000" OD, 0.820" Length. L Type - Standard Jaw Coupling Industry’s standard shaft coupling Accommodates for angular and parallel shaft misalignment Fail-safe (will still perform if elastomeric “spider” fails) No metal to metal contact Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease … Please let us know all the ways you would like to hear from us: You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at sales@abssac.co.uk. With outstanding dampening properties, jaw couplings are able to transmit motion whilst offering protection against vibration and shock loads.

Jaw couplings are considered the most popular couplings utilized in industry for relatively small shaft sizes.

If you do not see what you are looking for in our standard line, please inquire about custom options. Ruland zero-backlash jaw couplings and are a three-piece assembly with a balanced design comprised of two hubs and an elastomeric insert called "the spider". Sort by. Ideal solutions for applications ranging from standard-duty electric motors to steam turbines and high-torque motors.

As an authorised distributor for all leading jaw coupling manufacturers, we're confident we can offer you the best range of jaw couplings to suit your application - Whatever that may be. Sizes 19 to 48 are now in stock, bored and keyed and ready to be delivered. This section will allow you to select hubs to be used individually or as part of an assembly. (Spider can also be yellow in colour). Users can combine clamp and set screw hubs with inch, metric, keyed, and keyless bores in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 1-1/4” and 3mm to 32mm for a high level of customizability. Spiders act as a cushion between the two hubs, reducing vibration and compensating for slight shaft misalignment. All hubs are stocked with bore and keyways to suit shaft sizes from 6mm to 60 mm or supplied pilot bored. All hubs are stocked with bore and keyways to suit shaft sizes from 6mm to 60 mm or supplied pilot bored. Stand offs on the spider limbs help installers maintain proper spacing between the two hubs, assuring electrical isolation and full angular misalignment capabilities. ROTEX® Standard - torsionally flexible jaw coupling The original - renowned industrial standard.