We have rescued 5 dogs and one was pregnant and had 6 puppies. Alternatively, you can Contact Us   Whether you are caring for a dog or cat – our article is filled with ideas and grants for individuals to receive veterinary bill assistance. We do not do the actual research for you – we just source as many resources as we can for you. Focus areas include youth, inclusion, environment, and animals.

The Objects of Help Animals International are to promote and encourage practical work in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of animal suffering, with priority being given to the welfare and protection of domestic cats whether owned, stray or feral.

contributions that meet the objectives of Help Animals Grants to British Columbia registered charities in eligible locations for projects to contribute to the well-being of local residents. Annual grants are provided to meet program needs that will further that development, ultimately benefiting the assistance dog partnership. promoting and encouraging practical work in preventing cruelty and

My name is Shawna Parenteau and I live in Billings, MT. All applications meeting the following criteria will be considered by Help Animals International: Those encouraging initiatives in the animal welfare field, but especially those for the purposes of advancing animal welfare by preventing cruelty, relieving the suffering and providing protection for animals; Thank you, Hi Duane – All we are aware of is what is noted on this list – as we find new opportunities we do add them here.

The Compassionate Cat Grant requires an organization to distribute an educational leaflet to every new adopter. I live in the Cape Winelands, Western Cape. AWARE - "Animal WelfAre Research in an enlarged Europe". Therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and fire/military canines are all dogs that are supported with this grant. International: ► Many of the grants on this page are also for rescues – but I know the money is not immediate.

The prime grantee IACUC may accept, as its own, the approval of a foreign organization's IACUC; however, the prime grantee IACUC remains responsible for the review. Grants are provided to support groundbreaking ideas that help increase the number of lives saved and that cultivate new leaders and advance foster care. FOCUS: Disaster Relief & Adoption EventsAMOUNT: Petco offers several opportunities to animal welfare groups to help with disaster relief and to sponsor local adoption events. Deadline 12/09/20. I volunteer at the local SPCA in Ashton. FOCUS: Senior pets are their primary focusAMOUNT: Maximum $5,000The Doris Day Animal Foundation offers grants that are primarily focused on helping groups that help senior companion animals, but do offer grants to other programs as well. Grants of up to $30,000 to Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American Samoa nonprofits, IHEs, government agencies, commercial organizations, and individuals for projects that enhance local fishing communities. Grants to Canada registered charities for projects to benefit animals impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grants to Canada individuals and organizations for environmental projects. No one can do that for you bc they could not possibly know what yours would qualify for or not.

Must be a registered 501(c)(3) in an area with no more than 20,000 residents. Note: The Albert Schweitzer Animal Welfare Fund is no longer offering grants.

Hi Kathi, I am not sure what the categories are – but if there is no general category I would reach out to Walmart to see if you can get more details.

All applications If this is a question you ask – then just click that link and see the resources we have for pet owners too! My friend and I are doing a TNR program and are looking for a way to get some assistance.

But they all have one thing in common – they want to help animals! Grants to British Columbia nonprofit organizations and registered societies in eligible locations to enhance the local qualify of life.

We have added the contact information above Debbie – it may be better if you contact them directly since they may not see your comment. I would imagine there would not be grants available to organizations that are not already 501(c)(3)s – I would recommend seeing if you can find a private donor if that is a possibility! FOCUS: Organizations that provide veterinary assistance to pet ownersAMOUNT: The Banfield Foundation offers grants to animal welfare organizations that help delivery veterinary services to pets. Please note that the Doris Day Animal Foundation is only concentrating on organizations that serve senior dogs. When you submit a Grant Application, detailed proposals and Hi Alfred, all we know about are the ones on this list.

Whatever information we have is posted on this page.

Thank you for letting me know! & Customs. Thank you for all your SPCA does! LOCATION: FloridaFOCUS: Spay & NeuterAMOUNT: Maximum of $25,000Grants are available to Florida based 501(c)(3) that have spay & neuter programs to help control animal population. We know that the shelters are at their capacities and we don’t have the heart to leave them there so they can be in cages. FOCUS: Animal Rescue Organizations: Cats & Dogs AMOUNT: Giving primarily to organizations that rescue, provide care, housing and services for homeless and neglected animals, especially cats and dogs. Programme   reference from the Referees that you have named within the FOCUS: Homeless petsAMOUNT: $5,000 – $20,000Submit your nonprofit and garner votes to win one of their 6 available grants. Content Manager: GrantsPolicy@od.nih.gov  FOCUS: Pet food grantsAMOUNT: Rescue Bank is a program from the group at GreaterGood.org and provides grants to the animal rescue community to provide donated pet food from a variety of manufacturers.

Thank you so much for sharing Laura!

FOCUS: Cat Rescues & SheltersAMOUNT: $500-$1,500The Compassion Cat Grant offers the opportunity for grant money if your shelter or rescue is willing to assist them in collecting data from your adopters for a study. FOCUS: Building construction or improvementsAMOUNT: A program that helps to develop community facilities in rural areas with either a loan or grant. She said not a lot of are aware of this so a lot of times there are not many submissions. We are registered as a non-profit organization and indeed , we do not keep any money for ourselves. Hi Ramona, you can go through the list above and see which one are the best for you. Articles  

Grants to USA and Canada nonprofit organizations and shelters, municipalities, and Tribal authorities for relief, recovery, and rescue efforts in the event of disasters that affect pets. Applications are accepted all year long. We launched a small grants program for Ohio animal nonprofits in 2018. Eligibility does require that 100% of an organization’s governing board must have made a monetary contribution to it during the past year. Supported We have a total of 11 now and are finding it difficult to provide for them. Funding is awarded on a case by case basis and can only be used for medical care that is related to abuse, not for standard care.