Oh, it was hard to bear.The bottom line: This movie shows that different genders have different agendas and priorities and how not to deal with that issue. Alan Rosenberg. Cast overview, first billed only: Robert Urich ... Jack Bauer: Megan Gallagher ... Laura McKillin: Brett Cullen ... Peter Harmon: Vondie Curtis-Hall ... Det. Overview of In a Stranger's Hand, 1991, directed by David Greene, with Cheryl King, Richard Hardacre, Mary Irwin, at Turner Classic Movies Although his three sons initially believe his innocence, his actions and court evidence soon begin to prove otherwise. The result: he gets nearly lynched as a supposed kidnapper and then beaten up time and time again. I liked the character interactions and some of the plot turns—without giving it away, the "glasses" scene was a brilliant moment of suspense. Suffer Little Children: Kids & Little Ones Abducted, Harmed, Hurt and Murdered, letterboxd.com/12pt9/list/but-think-of-the-children/. When he tells his secretary she should send the doll to its owner by mail, the secretary refuses flat out and virtually orders him (her boss) to deliver it personally – and he does it. We don't have any reviews for In a Stranger's Hand. Fearing scandal, the school insists it was suicide.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I have a bunch of TV movies on two of my…. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? We use cookies to help give you a better experience on TMDb. Amanda. It is very odd and slightly surreal.The man is coerced into helping to find a girl who disappeared by the girl's single mother, a waitress. You can review our cookie policy to learn more. ...And Then She Was Gone / In a Stranger's Hands (1991) is a TV movie that originally aired on NBC. But it all comes crashing down when she is accused of being a mastermind behind a brutal triple-homicide and is arrested and ... See full summary ». I think I ought to make a list for this kind of thing. In the morning they both awake, the woman refreshed the man (unshaven, in creased business suit and limp tie) with a numb side against which the woman had leaned. I have to agree with other commentators that Robert Urich delivers a stunning performance. Dakin Matthews. Accidentally one of them gets killed. But the masochistic climax is definitely the moment when the woman storms into a restaurant where the afore mentioned important business meeting takes place and tells the guy to go with him. Francis Haynes. Use the HTML below.

A determined student murders his pregnant secret girlfriend and moves onto her twin sister who gradually becomes suspicious of her new lover. The rather downbeat ending is very telling in that aspect. You need to be logged in to continue. In it, a workaholic businessman (Urich) becomes drawn into a child abduction case when trying to return a lost doll, and proceeds to investigate the disappearance with the victim's mother (The Larry Sanders Show's Megan Gallagher). Carla Mckillin. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. A final attempt to catalogue my entire VHS collection. Mobile site. Hedging my salvation on the end of days, let us call that a 2021 project. TMDb She transfers part of her guilt and responsibility over to that stranger she had never met before and who has nothing to do at all with the kidnapping. Robert Urich's performance is subdued and conservative, and Megan Gallagher compels with her portrayal of a distraught mother doing whatever she can to find her daughter. No videos, backdrops or posters have been added to In a Stranger's Hand. Tense and taut TV thriller about a regular businessman who witnesses a kidnapping on the subway and has to track down the missing child. She leans against him and falls asleep at last. But after ... See full summary ». Slightly above-average made-for-TV thriller that almost feels theatrical-worthy (if not for it's lack of box-office drawing names.) A beautiful young computer technician starting off her career in Silicon Valley during the Eighties, is stalked and harassed by a nerdy, dangerous and mentally-unstable colleague with a twisted obsession. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Add the first question. © Letterboxd Limited.

This is beautifully shown in the scene where he stays in the woman's apartment because she can't sleep. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. By continuing to use TMDb, you are agreeing to this policy.

(TV Movie 1991). As the police get more and more suspicious, the ... See full summary », When a Pulitzer prize winning author of true crimes returns to his hometown in Georgia, it isn't long before he is involved in a forty year old case of a teenage girl who had been murdered.... See full summary », Abel Grey is sent to investigate the death of a boy from an exclusive local school, who is found floating in the river. Title: Nourishes the appetite for suspenseful, somewhat ham-fisted made-for-TV goodness. He never even removes his tie! Erica Dill. After having no luck from the police, she hires a ... See full summary », Three teenage girlfriends get into a fight. Director David Greene is a distinguished veteran of the format, and he nicely sidesteps the potential romantic tension…. The two remaining girls promise each other to keep silent. The main character is oddly believable as a living doormat. Login to create it. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. This becomes all the more grotesque as the guy's wardrobe seems to consist only of two ill fitting business suits which become more and more tattered and dirty as the story moves along. And he accepts the transfer. ...And Then She Was Gone

Erica Dill. The man plays a big, intelligent fellow, a former football pro and a successful businessman, but people don't hesitate a second to walk right over him. Jack Bauer, a workaholic businessman, accidentally gets involved in a case of child kidnapping when he returns a doll found in the subway. for victimizing little twerps who are not the victims visit letterboxd.com/12pt9/list/but-think-of-the-children/, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevention_Project_Dunkelfeld, Because I needed another Letterboxd list about Amazon Prime. Kate Lydon. When a business partner sets an important meeting at a date when he is supposed to go on a long promised trip with his girlfriend he cancels the trip. Isabella Hofmann. IMDb Gary Hopkins.

A nicely done, easy watchin' TV movie thriller. Tired of their mother's alcoholism and a string of her abusive boyfriends, two sisters plot to kill her.

When he wants to pass a found doll to a traffic cop who does not accept it, he takes it with him. An obsessive small town beauty queen goes to great lengths to keep the love of her life from reconciling with his ex-girlfriend. A luxury home, a handsome husband and terrific children. Can't find a movie or TV show? Carla Mckillin. I did not think this was a good movie. Gourmet shlock from the early 90s which satisfies a personal affinity for big suits, horn-rimmed glasses and BMWs. Ellen Burstyn stars as the Canadian mother of a college student who vanishes mysteriously while driving back to school in the states. Peter Harmon. Jack Bauer, a workaholic businessman, accidentally gets involved in a case of child kidnapping when he returns a doll found in the subway. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. My refusal to add films to TMDB may make logging the 40+ TV movies that Robert Urich starred in difficult, but it seems like a worthy goal for my questionable obsessions.

Film data from TMDb. The overly loud musical score is poured over it like cheap gravy and I suspect that the dramatization of this true event was anything but subtle – probably they thought they had to spice it up.And yet, there is something deeply irritating about the whole affair that made it worth the watching time invested. 1991 Amanda. Looking for something to watch? This FAQ is empty. A lot of good effort went into this, and the wholesome Robert Urich easily reminds us why he was one of the finest, most amiable stars of the medium, sorely missed. More details at Doesn't generate top-shelf suspense or emotion, but maintains interest throughout and has strong performances and technical credits. A woman causes a group of assassins to face their greatest challenge.

1 of 6 people found this review helpful. Cast Robert Urich Isabella Hofmann Brett Cullen Erica Dill Christine Dunford Vondie Curtis-Hall Dakin Matthews Alan Rosenberg Janel Moloney Maria … Christine Dunford. Vondie Curtis-Hall. Click here to login or here to sign up. Christine Dunford. A wealthy businessman is accused of murdering his wife to collect insurance money to pay gambling debts. Det.

As far as 30 year old made-for-TV thrillers go, this is a notch above most, with cinematography that looks and feels more like it was made for the big screen. Vondie Curtis-Hall. Jack Bauer, a workaholic businessman, accidentally gets involved in a case of child kidnapping when he returns a doll found in the subway. Directed by David Greene. Robert Urich Isabella Hofmann Brett Cullen Erica Dill Christine Dunford Vondie Curtis-Hall Dakin Matthews Alan Rosenberg Janel Moloney Maria O'Brien Richard Hardacre Walter Addison, ...And Then She Was Gone, And Then She Was Gone, 100 mins   But for her it cannot be in a few minutes, it has to be RIGHT NOW. Brett Cullen. Throughout the 1970's, a man with a military sense of control over his family lets his daughters know what he thinks of the lifestyles they're choosing - but how far will he go? Report this film. Surprisingly funny at times despite the dark subject matter.