Hygrometers are widely used because they come with hard-to-beat features. How do Hygrometers Work? The original type of hygrometer, analog tools are available in both antique and modern forms. This is the easiest way to measure humidity. The difference between the two temperature readings equal the amount of relative humidity in the atmosphere. If you have this question, “How does a hygrometer work?” here is the answer. All Rights Reserved, [INFOGRAPHIC] How to Use Different Types of Cigar Cutters. Should you need to ever reset your hygrometer, you can do so by using at-home methods: Hygrometers are the go-to source for measuring humidity. This is a measure of the amount of water in the air compared to the amount of water the air can actually hold at a particular temperature. If you are experiencing chapped/dry skin, or difficulty breathing while in your home, you may need to get your humidity level checked out. However, inaccuracies and consistent re-calibration needs can be a lot of work for many cigar enthusiasts. How Does a Hygrometer Works? The ever-expanding horse hair, as the relative humidity of the humidor continues to rise, eventually moves the wound springs inside the hygrometer, thereby indicating high levels of humidity on the hygrometer’s external gauge. At times, the gauge readings can be off by up to 25 percent, a figure that can drastically affect the moisture and taste of any stored cigars. Hygrometers are available in digital and analog forms. Wet and dry bulb psychrometers are the most simple and common way of measuring humidity. Humidor Setup: How to Calibrate Your Hygrometer, Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning a Lighter, [VIDEO] How to Light a Cigar with a Butane Torch Lighter. The need for any cigar smoker to have a hygrometer is pretty clear. Because the springs are wound tightly and the entire system of hardware involves tiny moving parts, the accuracy of this hygrometer can often be affected. In keeping with the original technology when hygrometers were developed, some analog types still use horse hair inside the wound machinery to measure the air’s humidity.

Relative humidity is the percentage of humid moisture in the air. Those that fall below these levels often become too dry, and those above these indications are too wet to be enjoyable. In a room with normal, consistent temperature, place your hygrometer in a cup or container filled with salt water on a counter space. The relative humidity of a humidor is determined using a psychometric chart. Based on the reaction of the hair, the humidity level can be classified. While a hygrometer can’t actually prevent mold from growing, it can warn you to take any steps necessary before the problem occurs. Copyright © 2018, Mold Solutions & Inspection Services, Mold Testing Villanova PA, Cherry Hill NJ | Mold Removal Doylestown PA. For those cigar smokers who would prefer to maintain their own hygrometers, manufacturers have created a number of methods for measuring the accuracy of these devices. However, these analog devices have a number of drawbacks that cannot be ignored. As any cigar smoker knows, the enjoyment of a good cigar is dependent on the taste of it. A mechanical hygrometer requires a little more effort to determining humidity levels in a room. Just like other instruments used for measuring humidity, hygrometers work by relying on other quantities or measurements of temperature, mass, and pressure among others as these things absorb moisture. Both of these situations can quickly ruin any cigars smoking experience. Which Is Better: A Digital Or Analog Hygrometer? Or too muggy?