But if you recently sign and want out, don't wait and cancel now.

Not sure, I’m guessing they are going to argue that the terms were disclosed to you at agreement signing.

If not, the contract is void, the same with the confirmation call they need to call to reaffirm the deal after 10 days the homeowner sign the contract at the door. You will be back paying the current market price with your local utility. Re: Enercare Protection Plan - Cancelled plan on sale & they charge me the annual bal Assuming since they took the money that they did it from a pre auth payment at the bank. I say probably because I'm not sure about Summit Energy's contract. If you’re are 65 years old or older and sign a gas and electricity contract from a gas marketer or an electricity retailer from your door. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Hi there- I own my place and will be renting it out while I move back with my family. And when can I do this? How does that work and does being on EI (in Ontario) or Parental Leave (like Maternity Leave) count as welfare (question mark). } In a couple of months I will be moving in with my mother ( she is elderly and needs me there) Her Gas account is in her name and is paid automatically out of her account. And it was Active Energy and Submitt Energy? That's a new one. $(".entry").each(function(i, entry) { Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can probably get out without paying anything, 30 days after you receive your first bill with them.


What to do on this? What are the options left for me? They say when the house sells to send them a bill of sale to waive cancellation fee. Taxi Fares in Bangkok to Increase? Even if it is a situation of he said/she said, the customer may still have a good case, especially against some alternative gas and electricity providers with bad reputations. One person said he was making a note to send to his higher manager about this problem. He said he was affiliated with Ontario Energy Board and wanted to verify if I was paying HydroOne’s “new price” or “old price”. Why are people knocking my door asking to see my energy bills?

Summit might say you will have to pay a $500 to cancel or something. The agent pull out a blue small paper which my father signed. However, others have not had the same success in a similar situation. Or, sign up for Auto Pay and never miss a payment again. These fees can be unpredictable but … They claimed that they work for Eversource company which is my current electric provider. If you’re a senior citizen or live on government housing or on welfare. If they say they can't, then you will have a case to get the fee waived. What they are doing by hiring sales agents that go door-to-door is often unethical, but unfortunately not illegal. Yes you may file a complaint and ask for reimbursement. If they send you to collection and you don't pay them, you get bad credit. I must be in the clear! Agent claimed affiliation with government, your local gas and electricity provider. In march 2011 a guy who had an Enbridge (gas provider) badge ID with logo and name came and told us he was from Enbridge and thei were offering duct cleaning service which was included free of charge on our bill, that's how he got my father's utility number.The agent never said anything about a contract with Summit Energy nor Active Energy. They want you to sign up for fixed rate contracts. I called the company several times. Things changed once Global News got involved.

With in 2 hours I had an email back stating that my file was now closed, that the collection agency file is closed, and that my credit rating will not be affected by this. My question is how do I get out of the contract without paying so much in fees? I intend to not renew and am wondering what my options are and how I should go about informing JustEnergy and getting back on with my local hydro provider(Toronto Hydro). Is there a law or some documentation addressing this fact in Ontario, Canada? I cant blame justenergy because they did put in the cancellation.. Its ontario Hydro i have to fight now… However i still dont recommend justenergy, because you will pay more for hydro.. Bottom line… Thanks for listening.. Canadian residents: You may cancel within the first 10 days of signing or up-to 30 days after you receive the first bill under the new provider. I also have a contract with them for my own home. He is a high profile Tory who held cabinet positions under Harris and undoubtedly will again if the Progressive Conservatives make it in this time. In this video, brought to us by Emerson Climate Technologies, we will learn how to operate their 1F80 thermostat. The owner of Universal Energy Alternatives underwrote one fifth of his entire campaign with a donation of $34K. I asked for signed contracts for the original as well as each of the renewals (6 times now). Guys it's going to be a big battle!!!!

What if you pass the cancellation period? Keyframe5 is not responsible for comments or reviews provided by external users for the accuracy, authenticity or reliability of the content. Basically, I want summit out of my billing life, I do not want to pay the cancellation fee, and I do not want to pass this on to my new tenants. Pay your bill the way you want: online, in person, by phone, or through the mail. If the alternative gas and electric provider sends you to collections or sends you a letter asking for a cancellation fee, then contact the company and tell them you moved to a place where you don’t pay for utilities or tell them you moved to a location where they don’t provide service. However, that doesn’t mean that they will not take any sort of installments at all. } There was two salesperson lies that they work for Enbridge. Unfortunately, some rental companies attempt to charge customers additional cancellation fees that they never warned you about, and you never agreed to. It's not like I am signing a lease with my mother.. Once you moved and have your address change on your driver license. I just found this, check it out. Your contract is void. I signed up for a gas contract and found out that they lied.

So i did the over the phone (using his own iphone) agreement, the audio was terrible and couldnt make out a thing, the agent kept whispering the answers (yes) mostly as if he would be the one who was able to hear the audio 100%. It is my job to pay bill, maintain house till sold (multiple hries). $(entry).slideDown(); Please help what can i do! I'm just trying to put this together. If he comes to your door, tell him to get lost and call the police. You need to be the homeowner. Can my father cancel the contract and file a complaint. I am a resident of Ontario, Canada. I called power stream, they mentioned about Global adjustment and then I asked what power rate is now? So you should get your money back since 2001 as the contract is void. The envelope is postmarked May 29th, 2015. Cancel credit account due to poor customer service letter : Letter example to cancel appointment for purchase of car : Cancel an order due to disagreement sample letter : Cancel an order on account of poor service letter sample : Cancel membership due to transfer of business address letter : Cancel membership with a DVD club sample letter Should you and the traditional bank can be capable to work something out, the foreclosure process may cease. I just bought a new house through Tribute. 1) Yes, they need proof that you moved. Summitt Energy is a scumbag company and Carlo Cavaliere (rep no OK 1364) is a DISHONEST, MISLEADING, LYING jerk. From what you said, you didn’t authorized the renewal and they need a record of your voice confirmation in 2001 to sign you up as well as your signature. [ Just enough to prove that you did moved and you're not responsible for paying your gas and/or electricity bills. In fact many people believe that fixed rate energy deals like this are some kind of illegal scam. Once you have canceled, make sure you file a complaint to your local government regulator about your situation here. Dead Keyframe5, There were 2 door-to-door sale people came to my apartment on Friday. For other provinces and states file your complaint here. Thanks for your help on this folks. The credit history? And in the contract it states that we will have a hot water tank rental. I got their cancellation letter which totals $700+. I tried to cancel and they refused. If you can get it done in a single call, that’s great. Read this.

I didn’t know that they work for Major Energy company at that time and I allowed them to use my phone to call Major Energy company to set-up an application, they looked at my bill to collect my electric account number. Regular gas prices back in place.

For $300? That guy told me they are buying the electricity in advance from the government or so at cheap price and they give to me with a rate slightly higher than off peak for the whole 5 years. limit:3,

Their online reputation is horrible and I have no interest in paying money to a company that has reviews like this. I am recently married – would signing up with Toronto Hydro under his name help? $('#back2Top').fadeOut(); This page have not been updated for serveral years and the information on this site may not be up-to-date or accurate. I would fight this my opion.

They probably ask for a proof like your driver license. Your email address will not be published. Can’t Read or Speak English, Disability, Ignorance, Illiteracy. Let me know if you need help with this. You don't need to send them every single page. My father is very setup with the high gas bill compare to a few years ago. How to file a complaint? I should have requested refund from them, but anyway I am fine with the ending.

She threated me, if I don’t pay, they’ll send my file to collection agency. Did you received your first bill with Canada Energy? When I got involved, it stopped collections and confirmed his credit rating was not affected. If you called the company and they still want you to pay. You are responsible for the utilities, since the utilities need to be under your name too. They are in fact so nice that they are willing to promise an HST rebate on your hydro and gas bill just to show how much they care about your ability to pay for your needed utilities. They will probably let you hold the line, they might tell you the manager is not available. This is an exorbitant amount while still required to pay the 251% premium for the next 10 months. I stated that I wasn’t comfortable making decisions at my door and said I needed to find my original contract and get back to them. After I moved to my new house, they sent me a letter cancelation charge for $679.64 plus tax. Actually I made my calculation and found there is a minor saving at beginning and more for the upcoming years.

I am really concerned they will charge me. They know that…. I'm not too worried about the credit rating, but have you ever heard of some one being taken to court on this? Usually semco and these to suppliers are even but when compared to the other major utilities in Michigan these to companies beat them on average between 11-16%.

And please one more question,What about the credit history??? { They may make a sales pitch about their company’s cheap gas and electricity rates or what some call a. Both of these companies have beet the utilities in Michigan with the exception of semco. !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) Hi Beverly, when did you received the renew package? Thus they can save you money while turning a profit. Congratz on ur efforts to help the people who fell for this scam. Companies claim that they buy gas and hydro from the spot market in bulk, at times that its cheapest, natural gas in the summer for instance. It disgust me to see people who doesn't speak any English and many other have to deal with such thing. Beware of alternative gas and electricity retailers/marketers going door-to-door.