36. She states that she has executively co-produced and co-written LPs and singles for artists called Quauba, Atongo Zimba, Taiwo Sotonwa and Paapa Yankson.

7. It includes sharp practice which falls short of outright dishonesty, and also dishonesty itself - see Niru Battery at para 164. 53. It carries less weight than, for example, a letter written during past years, because it has been created solely because there is a dispute. 10. Mr Fife states that HILIFE MUSIC has worked with a number of musicians, writers, producers and artists, but does not give further details or dates except in relation to a reggae artist called Starkey Banton. - Appeal is to the High Court in England Wales and Northern Ireland and to the Court of Session in Scotland. © Copyright 2020 British Airways Ltd. All rights reserved, Your trusted source of travel inspiration.

Ms Atiemo states that she also favoured a combination of HI and LIFE because this reflects her personal outlook: ‘hello to life’. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. Ms Atiemo is from Ghana and she has produced music for individuals with clearly African names. She has also, as has her accountant, given evidence about the searches undertaken prior to registering the company names. 15. Adrian Fife is ordered to pay Hilife Music Entertainment Ltd and Hilife Music Publishing Ltd, jointly, the sum of £1350. I recall coming across “HILIFE MUSIC”, but this company showed that it had remained dormant since its incorporation in 2014 until 2016 when the searches were done, and no taxes had been filed. Ms Atiemo was joined to the proceedings as a co-respondent at Mr Fife’s request, under the provisions of section 69(3) of the Act. Senior Year is nearly done! This publication is available at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/company-names-tribunal-decision-highlife-music-publishing-ltd/decision-on-highlife-music-publishing-ltd, In the matter of application Nos. 28. Mr Koranteng has provided a witness statement, dated 26 March 2019. (2) Regard may be had, in particular, to the following-(a) whether it would have been reasonable and practicable for the party by whom the evidence was adduced to have produced the maker of the original statement as a witness;(b) whether the original statement was made contemporaneously with the occurrence or existence of the matters stated;(c) whether the evidence involves multiple hearsay;(d) whether any person involved had any motive to conceal or misrepresent matters;(e) whether the original statement was an edited account, or was made in collaboration with another or for a particular purpose;(f) whether the circumstances in which the evidence is adduced as hearsay are such as to suggest an attempt to prevent proper evaluation of its weight.

They claim that the company names were adopted in good faith. Read more online @highlifedownsliving (story link in bio) #happybirthday #celebration #highlife #townandcountry #children #education @chiselhurstkindergarten ... School captains Blake Priddle and William Green have enjoyed their time as leaders at Bell State School in 2020. We’ll still provide print editions in the BA lounges and, while these aren’t yet available on board, you can access our digital magazine for free through the .air Wi-Fi system. Mr Fife claims that HILIFE is an uncommon name and an uncommon spelling, usually spelt ‘highlife’. Read more online @highlifedownsliving (story link in bio) #happybirthday #celebration #highlife #townandcountry #children #education @chiselhurstkindergarten, School captains Blake Priddle and William Green have enjoyed their time as leaders at Bell State School in 2020. This decision was defended. High Life brings together a network of the world’s most discerning and pioneering voices in travel – sharing reliable, informative and inspiring stories, insights and tips on where we can travel now, next and in the near future. Ms Atiemo states that she has invested approximately £58,000 into the companies, but gives no details as to what was done and when. It is claimed that the word HILIFE also reflects Ms Atiemo’s joy for living: HI meaning ‘hello’, and LIFE (hello to life). 55. Read more in our story @highlifedownsliving (link in bio) #space #mission #star #universe #highlife #research #discover, There are plenty of pet friendly adventures @sqcountry so four legged friends can enjoy the holidays as much as their humans. The primary respondents state that the name was adopted in good faith, for the reasons already stated, but also as far as the choice of names is concerned. There are plenty of pet friendly adventures @sqcountry so four legged friends can enjoy the holidays as much as their humans. par Bulma But you’ll also see some exciting new developments: Every month new travel inspiration, ideas, stories and itineraries will be sent by email to five million BA customers and can be found here on bahighlife.com. Its on-trend content has seen prestigious cover stars including HRH The Prince of Wales, Sir Paul McCartney, Tracey Emin, Idris Elba and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and it was voted one of the most important magazines of the 20th century by Campaign magazine. Section 69(4)(d): that the company names were adopted in good faith. AUBiz found 1 trademark that mention this company. Highlife Publishing is on Mixcloud. The primary respondents state that they have produced singles and LPs for artists such as Quayba, Atongo Zimba, Taiwo and Paapa Yankson “(a Highlife musical legend”). We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. He states: [2.] We can’t wait to see you back in the skies. 3) All our articles are written by writers who either live in the destination they are writing about or have visited recently, so their pieces are as fresh and as relevant as possible. Ms Atiemo states that she took early steps to build the brand names by registering the corresponding domain name, www.hilifemusic.com and all the popular social media platforms with the same brand name. This is travel inspiration for the new world. It would not be difficult to arrive at the spelling HILIFE as a variant on the conventional spelling; it is common for businesses to use trading names that are misspelt in order to make them more memorable or distinctive. Ms Atiemo states that she has been operating under the company names since December 2016.

This does not show that this was the case at the relevant dates. They are all dated in 2015 and 2016, with the majority being from 2015. I named my company “HILIFE” because there is a personal connection between the word and my country of origin Ghana (West Africa), which is also the home to HILIFE MUSIC, also spelt as HIGHLIFE MUSIC, which is a very popular genre of music and a heritage, and so HILIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT [and HIGHLIFE MUSIC PUBLISHING] is my acclamation as a tribute.[2.] Highlife Publishing Pty Ltd was registered for the GST on 2013-10-31. Stars in her eyes. This sum is to be paid within twenty-one days of the period allowed for appeal or, if there is an appeal, within twenty-one days of the conclusion of the appeal proceedings (subject to any order of the appellant tribunal). This is hearsay evidence, for the reasons already explained. That said, the Act refers to reputation as well as goodwill. Mr Fife and his company could have a reputation together in HILIFE MUSIC as he commenced using the brand name prior to incorporating his company We will proceed on that basis. The parties’ names all begin with HILIFE MUSIC. This corporation was registered on 2013-10-30 and was issued with the 166521820 ACN. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today.

What about self-publishing? TRANSISTOR GALAXII / MUSIQUE … Mr Fife states that HILIFE MUSIC was involved in the sound for Lucas Arts films and for Frontier and Atari games. The word HILIFE is also my mantra, which is how I embrace my appreciation, and gratitude for life and living. Mr Fife states, at paragraph 25: The “dormancy” that the respondent relies on to justify registering the same name in December 2016, was for all intents and purposes a paperwork/procedural dormancy which arose due to non-compliance in terms of submitting late accounts. 41. The filing of a hearsay statement inherently comes with the risk that the tribunal may assess its weight at a lower level than that which the party considers it should carry (depending on the factors set out in section 4 of the Civil Evidence Act 1995).

Inspiring ideas and trusted itineraries to plan your travels in 2020 and beyond. Mr Fife represents himself. 17.

The material differences between the names are descriptive words which inform the public as to the nature of the parties’ businesses: ENTERTAINMENT and PUBLISHING. It was Ms Atiemo who signed the statements of truth in the two notices of defence and counterstatements. The good faith defence succeeds which means that the applications have failed. Let us help you avoid the publishing landmines that detail and disappoint so may authors. The second high point is the significant amount of emails from various aspiring artists, sent to Mr Fife’s company in order that they might be published and/or promoted by HILIFE MUSIC. Stream Tracks and Playlists from HIGHLIFE PUBLISHING on your desktop or mobile device. The counterstatements list a number of domain names and social media names which are registered to the primary respondents.

As many British Airways customers will know, High Life has been the home of trusted and inspiring travel journalism for more than 45 years. We know safety and security while travelling have never been more important, and that readers have greater expectations of what travel content today should offer. He states that, between 2014 and 2016, there was a great amount of activity, building and strengthening of his brand name. We will now look at what the respondents knew at the relevant dates of 5 December 2016 and 9 March 2017. Read her story online @highlifedownsliving (link in bio) #highlife #school #college #captain #headgirl #education @toowoombaanglicanschoolarts @toowoombaanglicanschoolsport, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2020 concludes tomorrow, 27 September.

The names all incorporate “hilife music”. However, we note what Mr Fife says about assigning all of the goodwill he had generated (apparently, as a sole trader) to his company. As noted earlier in this decision, some of the applicant’s evidence post-dates these two dates. Community See All. Given this discovery, it is not altogether surprising that they did not search the internet, since their assumption was that the company was not trading and never had done.