Well, that's not very nice. Today was - grr-eat! Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Band Member Oh, but that's right! : Narrator Grinch | What's this? We did mean things, AND we did them in style. | Official Sites His performance of Easy Street reminds us of how he made his name on Broadway. Technical Specs, [trying to sneak into Whoville; in a strained whisper], [Max is giving him puppy eyes, hoping to gain sympathy], [to Fred and Max, showing them a wrapped present], [to the Grinch, after accidentally running over him with her inner tube]. Mmm, no. It's go time! Grinch The next entry in the list also has a wildlife theme. : : RELATED: Why Tim Curry Was Replaced By Mark Hamill As Joker. He has even been recognized for his bravery with a knighthood from the queen! Excuse me! Max, did you teach him puppy eyes? Not you, too! : [looks at Fred]  Grinch Grinch Look at yourselves! The highlight of this role is probably the pitch-perfect evil smile of Curry’s fading into that of the animated Grinch. :

C'mon, Max. It's more like a wish. Grinch : Oh, no, no! [Fred tries to grab the cookie with his mouth, but the Grinch takes it away]. Narrator Sir Nigel Archibald Thornberry is the patriarch of The Wild Thornberry family and has devoted his life to his love of animals and wildlife.

He is the host of Nigel Thornberry’s Wild World, and, although he can appear quite insane at times, Nigel is quite the hero, saving his family from numerous deadly situations with his piloting skills and survival know-how.

: Because he’s Tim Curry, that’s why!

Might it be your list of demands to Santa? Let's get out of here. Grinch That's my little girl. : Skedaddle! In Ridley Scott’s fantasy epic Legend, Curry is virtually unrecognizable under the layers of prosthetics and make-up, so it’s an absolute testament to his skills that his performance still manages to shine through despite all that. Being a versatile actor of both stage and screen, Tim Curry has a place in the heart of multiple generations thanks to his number of iconic roles throughout the years. (1957). And the Grinch raised his glass, and led the Whos in a toast.

Max, I'm promoting you. : Tim Curry is quite the versatile actor with a ton of roles, but we've managed to narrow his performances down to the 10 best. Scram! Let me guess. The studio’s originally wanted John Cleese to play the butler, after Director Jonathan Lynn's original choice of Leonard Rossiter and Rowan Atkinson were rejected for being unknown to American audiences (Atkinson would later go on to find success stateside as Mr. Bean), but, thankfully, Lynn went out of his way to ask teenage friend Curry to play the role of Wadsworth instead. : YOU will guide my sleigh tonight! [waves to Max]  : I don't believe this. Grinch

Stealing the show of nearly everything he has appeared in, Curry is probably best known for playing villainous parts, and his face should be rightfully carved next to Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, and Christoph Waltz in the Mount Rushmore of baddie performers.

Your daughter's kindness changed my life. And what I'm wishing for is really, really important. By the way, the character's name is actually Mr. Hector, even though it's not mentioned at any point during the film. Grinch :

Strange goat. :

[growls in frustration]  | Co-star Tony Dakota had remarked "Tim, you're scaring me" to which Curry resonded "Gee, I'm sorry, but that's what I'm supposed to be doing. : Christmas already? Mrs. Hannigan’s brother doesn’t even make his entrance into Annie until well into the movie, but when he does he steals the show.