Molly is a stunner in Eva's business. Of course, being a mom you know how to…I can only answer for myself, I know how to speak to kids better now than I did before I was a mom, and sometimes on a long, long day where I leave early in the morning and I come home late I don’t see the kids so I kind of miss them. I think inside though she’s also quite simple, to be honest with you. FRANKA Potente talks about fitting in and upsetting the universe of American Horror Story: Asylum and why she was initially scared about working with the likes of James Cromwell and Jessica Lange.. She also talks about what appealed to her about the show and why it has things to say about the nature of evil. ESQ: That scene where Matt Damon dyes your hair in the hotel room has become pretty iconic. I knew the show so that was a door opener, but Elwood Reid told me she’s bad, she’s very dark, she has dark secrets that only kept revealing themselves episode per episode. Otherwise, Kyle [Daniel Polo] and Dex [Jacob Houston], they were 18 or so, so they’re full-on adults. Everything’s very clear and I always encourage conversation about fears that come because I know that it can be intimidating to be a famous, successful woman to a man, and I try to be very clear and always open about it. How can we watch someone like that who is so different, and for a split second maybe admire her determination? It’s easy to join an environment like the one on The Bridge where the stakes are already high. She must really love him, I think she does and she might have a lot of hope that things will change because she needs to go and develop that relationship, so the dynamics and all that are really interesting to me. FP: On some shows, they can probably do that. I think she’s a very structured person as an inside universe that lays down the simple rules, which are basically it’s either things go as clear as Eleanor needs them or people need to be removed because they endanger the structure. I think we had maybe seven episodes in mind, and then I don’t know, it just kept growing and she kept sticking around, which is amazing. I like this kind of work where every week a stone is turned. If we translate the question into our real lives, women have to be super heroes; we have to be moms and we have to lose the baby weight in eight weeks, have to be back at our desk another week later. As we chat in a Beverly Hills hotel suite, the actress frankly concedes her reason for doing "The Bourne Supremacy", the sequel to the 2002 hit thriller which firmly established the actress to US audiences.

That’s all stuff I can act, and I really try and focus on that because, otherwise, I think you can make it also unpleasant and complicated for the audience, because then, as an actress, I’m trying to basically almost comment on what I do. It's very theatrical. Somebody's gonna get killed. How is doing 12 episodes of this character compared to working on a film or doing a one-shot guest starring role?

Interview : Franka Potente. She signed up for Che, which was originally to be directed by the elusive Terrence Malick, and is now in the hands of Soderbergh.

It’s easy though, I have to say, when you’re the new kid on the block. I need the opposite. But movie stars are doing TV. If they see it a different way than me or the writers, that’s absolutely fine, that’s the magic of why we watch things because hopefully it does jump start our mind and we put things together and we want to understand her secret.

Especially back in the day, it was normal that men went to prostitutes. He was also cutting mine, which was a little bit scary. FP: I have a couple of good guest scenes on TV shows. He cut the extensions. How is that we can watch someone so bad, so psycho and kind of enjoy it?