Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments. Some may tap trees to make syrup or chemicals. Wages typically start from $32,580 and go up to $63,200. Most workers receive training on the job. Despite heightened international demand for U.S. timber and wood pellets that will continue to demand forest and conservation workers, improved technology will also lessen the need for workers to perform certain tasks. Agricultural workers maintain crops and tend to livestock. RaiseMe partners with universities to offer students scholarships for their achievements during high school and community college. Find out how much a Forest or Conservation Worker get paid in your area. How to Become One: Forest and conservation workers typically need a high school diploma before they begin working. Salaries have increased by an average of 34.42 percent nationwide in that time. They also sometimes respond to forest emergencies. 53 % below national average Updated in 2019. The largest employers of forest and conservation workers are as follows: Forest and conservation workers work mainly in the western and southeastern areas of the United States, where there are many national and state forests, and on private forests and parks. New technologies, such as remote sensing, allow fewer workers to perform certain tasks, such as tree counts and tree identifications. Forest and conservation workers must make quick, intelligent decisions, especially when they face dangerous conditions. For example, workers help count how many trees will be affected by a fire. Are you an aspiring forest or conservation worker?

Some vocational and technical schools and community colleges offer courses leading to a 2-year technical degree in forestry. Just like any other job, the salary of a Forest and Conservation Worker will increase as they become more experienced. use nets, fishing rods, traps, or other equipment to catch and gather fish or other aquatic animals from rivers, lakes, or oceans, for human consumption or other uses. Forest and conservation workers measure and improve the quality of forests. They also must be able to walk long distances through densely wooded areas and carry heavy equipment with them. Related Careers: Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of forest and conservation workers with similar occupations. They use digging and planting tools to plant seedlings and power saws to cut down diseased trees. There is likely to be an increase in wildfires caused by unpredictable climate conditions and overgrown vegetation on forest lands. $63.2k Top 20%.

Forest and conservation workers earn an average yearly salary of $45,470.

Forest and conservation workers perform basic tasks to maintain and improve the quality of the forest. Referral Terms. Forest and conservation workers earn an average yearly salary of $30,158.

Following is everything you need to know about a career as a forest and conservation worker with lots of details. Get the education you need: Clear away brush and debris from trails, roadsides, and camping areas, Count and measure trees during tree-measuring efforts, Select or cut trees according to markings, sizes, types, or grades, Spray trees with insecticides and fungicides to kill insects and fungi and to protect the trees from disease, Identify and remove diseased or undesirable trees, Inject vegetation with insecticides and herbicides, Check equipment to ensure that it is operating properly.

On average, they make less than biotechnicians but more than | For information about forestry careers and about schools offering education in forestry, visit, For information about careers in forestry, particularly conservation forestry and land management, visit, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.