He wouldn’t have wanted us grieving over him for the rest of eternity, I had said, but not everybody listened to me. La toute derniere Clash of clans hypocrisie est devenu algun jeu d’enfant grâce it’s NOT finished but it’s still absolutely worth the read!!! That’s why the majority of my recommendations are for long stories. My fave is the J/7 series by Gina Dartt. “Bold,” Inej said. She will just turn away… and try not to feel. I swear that show and Nikki Wade in particular were my rock during my 90’s baby dyke years. But love and all the complications and benefits of it cannot be prepared for in advance and seldom foreseen. She sniffed twice and told herself to buck up, and she was just thinking about patting Puzzle on the nose and going to bed when she heard footsteps behind her. Plot: It really bums me out that there’s not more RPG femslash. She refuses to allow this to be true, and so she’ll ignore it.

Susan was standing in the doorway. Mellie feels something deep in her gut clench. No, what I did was the right thing. Thank you for excavating that. He drew a finger through a pile of crumbs, “Nina is everything you say. -Avengers. It’s fic set in last years Maleficent universe and is amazingly well written and well characterised. Mellie turns toward her and looks into the mirror behind them as Olivia pulls out a tube of lipstick. It’s called Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of with the killer tagline: “Edward Cullen tries to woo Rory. http://incandescentfire.com/index.php?showtopic=2596. It’s their first meeting, first blood, first argument, first kiss and first time. I read that so long ago I had forgotten it even existed! Seth I remember when this fic started! It’s so charming and funny.

(Also, anyone that loves Bomb Girls should definitely read this). cupped hands, rubbing them together, willing the heat to spread through your And back to the fluffy. There are two sequels that I love as well, all of it can be found at http://www.ralst.com, Out of the Game by D.S. HI I know it’s been just sort of radio silence from me for the better part of like 6 months but hey I’m here now with the smallest leah one shot ever! She’s kissing me and she’s not stopping. Deus ex Machina is a spectacular fic. There are also some canon f/f with Elsa/OC. The Earth might have been uninhabited, except for the two girls on the porch holding hands.

Limited-time offer. I’ll admit a lot of these pairings are new to me, and it makes me happy to see so much variety. Mystery, romance, science fiction, erotica, adventure, etc.

if you ever want recs for other fandoms, all you gotta do is ask!!! Maleficently was a seriously talented writer who, unfortunately, stopped writing before she could finish The Fatal Plunge trilogy, which she started after ‘Somewhere, someone’. I secretly enjoy Eponine/Cosette, so if you're interested I've got some good ones, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Leah Clearwater Femslash is, of course, Leah centric and there’s a few bella/leah.

He crossed his huge arms.

It’s CSI’s Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows, a missed pairing I’m still bitter about.

Battle and harsh weather are expected, famine and natural disasters are anticipated, bandits all too common. “And funny.” Yes, please, and may I have another. Her warmth seeps into your skin, a welcome heat your smile, a toothy grin crossing her face as she closes the gap between you I did not include real AUs (Alternate Universe stories), which I might come back to separately - although there is one Soulmate but otherwise in-universe story. No SwanQueen?

Oh god, went her brain. But Susan’s fate is very misudnerstood. I also happen to know that the author has completed the BG2 part, and is now writing the expansion part (since the BG2 parts can be found at another forum). Jenny reads them all the time – penny dreadfuls and the like – and she started lending them to Vastra and now somehow Vastra has more than Jenny does, although she keeps them hidden under her bed because she’d never hear the end of it if Jenny ever found them). The eternal quest for good fics don’t ever end does it? http://archiveofourown.org/works/2753234. It is so devastatingly well done, it really raised the bar for me with regard to expectations of fanfic. It’s as sweet and funny and sexy as the characters themselves. Yay!

I’ve been following possibilist for my Carmilla/Laura needs (which is helping tide me over until season two.) :'( dammit amazon!

Bonus 25% off Fire tablets with Amazon Trade In. Make sure you look at these before you start reading the actual fic. I always note if a fic is completed or not. rather than drive. Even if Edward is wrong about his mate bond with Bella… even if she knows this for a fact. It’s gotta be ‘Never Asked to feel your Halo’ by BattleKitten. I think xena/Gabrielle is about the only other thst rivals it for sheer feels. Tankards and Tempers - (588356 words and counting!) “Let’s serious. I’ve never read Paris/Rory but sounds like I will be in short time. 500 Miles - (457079 words) Same OC as in Not Myself, but this one is lost among realities, trying to get back home to her own. THIS FIC IS AMAZING. Her struggles with being a woman stuck in a man’s body, her fears, and being a kick ass crime fighter. A Dark Ocean by chilly_flame However, all her struggles to run to safety comes to an end when she finds herself in love. hmmm something's happening to me but I don't know what?. All their stories are incredible but this one would have to be my favourite. The whole thing is just breathlessly written and really funny too. Put simply, darkbloom’s writes exquisite, perfectly researched lesbian literature. That means a romantic relationship between two women is either the primary focus of each fic I recommend, or a at least it plays a significant role. I sendo you a message about this fics you got, could you please please please answer me? Then she stood straighter and put her arms behind her back. Oh my gosh, what a perfect pairing that is!