0000020899 00000 n The plan includes three potential reopening scenarios.

The goal is to reach an agreed-upon reopening of school plan by June 26.

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You have permission to edit this article. <]/Prev 800789/XRefStm 2198>> At the heart of the FCPS in-person option is a careful balance between a commitment to health safety for students and staff and a belief that in-person instruction is able to support students academic, social-emotional, mental health, and behavioral development in ways that cannot be replicated through online-only interactions.

Differences Between Parent and Student Accounts: Schoology, Parent and Guardian Communication Tools: Schoology, Welcome FCPS Parents and Guardians to Schoology, Digital Citizenship: Shared Responsibility, G Suite Information for Students and Parents, Student Information System (SIS) for FCPS, SIS Parent Account - Weekly Progress Report Emails, Student Information System (SIS) - ParentVUE Mobile App, Student Information System (SIS) - StudentVUE Mobile App, Student Information System (SIS) – StudentVUE, Student Information System - SIS Parent Account Overview, Office of Auditor General - Audit Reports, Essential Standards for School Year 2020-21, Secondary English Language Arts Essential Standards, Secondary Mathematics Essential Standards, Secondary Social Studies Essential Standards, Distance Learning Plan Supports for English Learners (ELs), Frequently Asked Questions for Transportation Employees, In-Person Instruction Update for Small Groups, Reopening Schools Plan - Complete Information, In-School Learning with Health and Social Distancing, Return to School - Frequently Asked Questions for Staff, Return to School FAQs - Special Education, Student Health and Safety Guidance Document, Return to Reopening Schools Plan - Complete Information. h�bbd``b`�$6�X3A� �tH0ۃ�} BD0�K����@�UHpE no �d�d !�H0J �e@"�%#S �6Fʉ��� :DS 0000013003 00000 n FCPS Reopening Schools Plan is intended to communicate specific components of the division's plans and preparations for reopening schools in fall 2020 and beyond. FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA — Fairfax County Public Schools is looking at three options for reopening schools after the pandemic prompted closures in March.

With these decisions, instruction for all students is delayed two weeks, and students whose families selected in-person instruction will begin the year at the most restrictive level of the delivery continuum. This is a substantial shift from prior plans to begin with two days per week of in-person services for all students, a substantially less restrictive level of the continuum .

The plan complies with the guidance set forth by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the safe reopening of schools using health and social distancing protocols.