Understanding the issues means we can focus our efforts in the places where we can make the biggest difference,” Ms Robertson said. No doubt this will happen in the future, and how fast would other Countries follow? For one, the wider public seem to know – and care – a lot about the environment. “The social housing waiting list is not going down,” Hutson said. Use the filter tool below to sort by event type (environment, food, animal, health, and safety) and event organizer, where applicable.

New rules on South Pacific bottom fishing will significantly improve management of deep water fisheries and reduce the impact on the marine environment. MFAT leads New Zealand's effort for eliminating energy subsidies that encourage the consumption of green house gas-producing fossil fuels. “But you can’t expect that in one year they’ll be able to show that a whole lot of things have gotten better.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. “What we do notice on the frontline is that there’s been a huge effort to make Work and Income much more user friendly,” said Ian Hutson, the Army’s social policy director, referring to the country’s social welfare agency. The $1 billion threshold will make sure about 90 per cent of assets under management in New Zealand are included within the disclosure system.

New Zealand brings to the table unique interests and perspectives on how to approach these challenges. Required fields are marked *. The changes build on the huge progress this Government has made to tackle the climate crisis. MFAT administers permits for Antarctic activities. If you’re having trouble using the form, click here. New Zealand will be the first country in the world to require the financial sector to report on climate risks, the Minister for Climate Change James Shaw announced today. “A lot of good work is being done to protect and restore our environment, on our farms, in businesses, homes and across central and local government, and more is needed.

Students rally at a Climate Change School Strike in Blenheim. Latest Environment news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice He added that the government “needs to significantly invest in housing at the bottom end”. “The choices we have to make to respond to the issues raised are not always straightforward. The way we fish is affecting the health of our ocean environment. New Zealand engages constructively in the key international organisations that work to protect and improve the environment. Historic, scenic, natural and wild characteristics, Appendix B: Outstanding values and characteristics, Appendix C: Restrictions or prohibitions sought, Clarification Freshwater implementation requirements, What should be included on LIM for former horticultural land – legal advice, Environmental Guideline Value (EGV) database, PFAS and PFOA, Documents released under OIA, Decisions on applications for the fast-track consenting process, Streamlined planning process for councils, Submitting planning documents under Schedule 1, Applying for an extension of the two-year time limit for issuing decisions of a planning process, Hauauru ma raki - Waikato wind farm proposal, Transpower's North Island Grid Upgrade Project, North Otago Water Harvesting and Irrigation Company Ltd, National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities, About the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities 2016, Developing the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities, First set of national planning standards and supporting information, Research informing development of first set, Resource Management (Exemption) Regulations 2017, Before the NMS - the RMA Survey of Local Authorities, Compliance, monitoring and enforcement by local authorities, Environment Canterbury review Cabinet papers and Ministry advice, Resources for businesses and organisations wanting to participate in the Feels good to refill campaign. If approved by Parliament, financial entities could be required to make disclosures in 2023 at the earliest. Intensive dairy production has increased the nitrogen levels in surface water, ground water and soil. At the start, many children were uncertain and fearful about the impacts of climate change, she said. As the politicians hit the campaign trail, we are asking Guardian readers what issues they care about as polling day nears? Available for everyone, funded by readers. Humans have a big impact on every environment, New Zealand included. All rights reserved.

These challenges, particularly to the atmosphere and oceans, require the creation and implementation of sensible international rules and frameworks to both protect the environment and support economic growth. We are seeking views on what the new set of global biodiversity targets should be. "Young people have shown us how important this topic is for them, and there's been a lot of interest in the development of this resource.