Connect with key decision makers, C-suite executives, investors, media and more during this inspirational event. Through the first four phases of the program, the City has invested $4.2 million.

The City promotes energy awareness and reduced energy use in City buildings to achieve operating efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. On October 14, 2015, the City entered into a partnership with Energy Ottawa, a subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa, who will be completing the conversion. Includes emissions from facilities, fleet, solid waste and wastewater treatment.

Telephone: 204-984-5952 Toll-free: 1-800-567-1570 Email: These fixtures account for 17% of the City’s electrical use and cost $7.2 million in annual electricity costs (2014 figures). You will not receive a reply. The declaration provides additional direction to staff for expanded work on the Climate Change Master Plan, Energy Evolution, and the future Climate Resiliency Plan. Accelerating the Low Carbon Economy Sabrina KimPress SecretaryOffice of the Minister of Environment and Climate, Lauren LatourRenewable City OrganizerEcology, Media RelationsEnvironment and Climate Change Canada819-938-3338 or 1-844-836-7799 (toll-free), Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Twitter page, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Facebook page. The LED conversion project is city-wide and by the end of the project, up to 58,000 fixtures will be converted to LED.

Want to be in the loop? 110 Laurier Ave West, 4th Floor, K1P 1J1 The new Ottawa Paramedic headquarters was the first building constructed under the policy and was the first building in Ottawa to achieve LEED certification. City of Ottawa

experts in the field of sustainability to identify actionable Be part of the change. Be part of the change.

The plan aims to take unprecedented collective action to transition Ottawa into a clean, renewable and resilient city by 2050.

Energy Ottawa will be installing LED lighting and will carry out all on-going maintenance of LED streetlights over the next four years. The Right of Way Lighting Policy was updated in 2015 and now permits the use of light emitting diode (LED) technology for all City of Ottawa streetlighting infrastructure. February 15, 2019 – Ottawa, Ontario. Executive Chairman North America,Enwave Energy Corporation, “This is the time for laying the groundwork of the Canada we want.” “I am inspired by the initiatives being undertaken by Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Ottawa has implemented the Ontario protocol for establishing a local smog-response program.

Climate change is one of the defining environmental challenges of our time. Conflux Canada is Ottawa’s largest gathering of sustainability professionals who recognize positive actions to address climate change as an opportunity for growth and prosperity.

The Climate Change Master Plan is the City’s overarching framework to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and respond to the current and future effects of climate change. It's more To meet these standards, as a part of the conversion project, the City will use a control system that further ensures proper light levels on City streets to minimize any environmental impact.

“The Real Estate Market Experience is at a tipping point.Ottawa/Gatineau stands to be the centre for High-PerformanceDigital Building design, construction and operations”Bill Macgowan  P.Eng., CEM,Cisco Systems Inc. “I am a proud participant of Canada's green economy.If you profit from or participate in the green economy,we need to do business together.”James McNeil JJ McNeil Commercial (brokerage). than just getting the best paybacks for “our partners” now, its about how we This site uses JavaScript. Corporate inventories – emissions associated with the City’s operations. The City of Ottawa is dedicated to innovation and efficient energy use. Please enable JavaScript in your Browser and reload the page to view the full site. with TGL's CEO Mr. Ariel Dela Cruz and it's only been a few talks in and

City Council has adopted short, mid, and long-term GHG reduction targets based on 2012 levels: The Climate Change Master Plan is guided by the following principles: The Climate Change Master Plan identifies eight priority actions for the next five years (2020-2025): Staff will provide an annual status update on corporate and community greenhouse gas emissions, progress towards the targets and the eight priority actions.

3 levels of government with industry leaders andexperts in the field of The Climate Action Fund supports the key objectives of Canada’s climate plan by making investments in climate solutions. Let's seize the opportunity to coordinate theefforts of all stakeholders to master plan neighbourhoods to produce meaningful and sustainable benefits for all”Dennis Fortinos

Based on Ontario’s 2011 Air Quality Report, Ottawa’s air quality compares well with other cities in southern Ontario. Community inventories – emissions associated with people who live within the city of Ottawa. A full review of the Climate Change Master Plan, Energy Evolution and the Climate Resiliency Strategy will be completed in 2025. Conflux Canada is the meeting point of green buildings, clean technologies, and the influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to shape our cities, create efficiencies and cut our carbon footprint. However, there are still good reasons to pay attention to explore how air quality can be improved as the effects of air pollution are often experienced most strongly by children and the elderly.

Published in 2019, this report is about how and why Canada’s climate has changed and what changes are projected for the future. performed for the opening of Conflux Canada.

This event promises collaboration and actionable dialogue to source opportunities that will impact our lives and future generations.

Climate change is one of the defining environmental challenges of our time.

Extensive improvements in efficiency, output, and costs of LED make the technology an attractive replacement to our existing equipment. the tipping point for Environmental Change and Sustainability. The conversion is estimated to reduce energy consumption by over 50%. Kuleana is a uniquely Hawaiian value and practice which is loosely translated to mean “responsibility.” The word kuleana refers to a reciprocal relationship between the person who is responsible and the thing which they are responsible for.

A component to this strategy’s success is to significantly reduce the electrical consumption of the City’s streetlighting network within the strategy’s timeframe. The program sets out steps to be followed to prepare for smog alerts, and actions to follow when a smog alert arises. The ICT industry is knownfor its ability to rapidly develop innovative solutions which isexactly what we need to do to scale up our sustainability solutionsto solve global problems like climate change and social inequity.”Josh HendryPrincipal Consultant Anthesis Group, “My panel talked about making Ottawa better by collaboratingand being bolder, Conflux was exactly the right venue to putthat message into hundreds of decision makers”Bruce LazenbyHead of Business DevelopmentRegional Group of Companies, “Conflux Canada provided a great outlet for the Ottawacommunity of sustainable businesses to come together andbring awareness to how we can bridge our local impacts.”Julie DamarenCommunications and SustainabilityResponsible at IKEA Group, “Never too late to make change, we need to work together to find solutions”Nuno Duarte The Plan sets targets and recommends a variety of actions. Quarterly Financial Reports Five year Departmental evaluation plan 2018 to 2023 Ecology Ottawa will receive up to $125,000 in funding through the Climate Action Fund. Vice President, Professional Services,Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (Brookfield GIS), “Given Ottawa’s climate, and the economic constraints of the real estatemarket, Zero Carbon cannot be realistically achieved at the building level.We must turn our attention to District Heating and Cooling systems as thesolution, which can be scaled to take advantage of diverse renewableenergy inputs in a more realistic economic context.”Scott DemarkPartner, Windmill Development Group, “The key to pushing sustainability issues through business isunderstanding the internal motivations of our decision makersand translating the end result into their business language;demonstrating how this work will improve the results andmeasures they personally care about the most.”Candace LabellePhilanthropy, Inclusion & DiversityManaging Director, DXC Foundation, “By combining a biomass approach with our planned modernization ofthe district energy system, we will cut GHGs by up to 90% and willsave the taxpayers over $750 million over the life of the contract” Tomasz Smetny-Sowa

Head of Business Development The City is committed to corporate green procurement to reduce the resource and environmental impact of products the City buys to operate the corporation. Includes emissions from buildings, transportation, waste and agriculture. there's already been a shift in my thinking about our current clients.I Our Green Building page offers more information about these and other City green buildings, and about additional green building activities in Ottawa. “I'm sitting here at the Conference on Sustainability Streetlight fixtures with the highest energy consumption or highest wattage will be those first converted to LED, decorative light fixtures will not be converted as a part of the project as these are low wattage and therefore do not consume significant amounts of energy. Following an investment of one million dollars in 2007, the annual savings from these initiatives will be approximately $835,000-a rate of return on investment of 20 per cent on the total investment through all phases.

The colour temperature on non residential arterial roads will be 4000 Kelvin, similar to whiter light produced by existing Metal Halide (MH) fixtures. For instance: LED streetlight technology focuses light on the roadway, which reduces light pollution including up light, back light and glare. All presentations are subject to audience size and team availability. Other recent projects now awaiting LEED designation include the Vars fire station and the Orléans Arts Centre public-private-partnership (P3) project. This funding is supporting our full-time students, youth, and not-for-profit and for-profit organizations in making a difference.

Power Play works to reduce residential electricity costs for Ontario Works recipients (Hydro Ottawa in partnership with the City and EnviroCentre), Summer Savings program gives hydro users who reduce their electrical use by 10% this summer a credit on their electricity bill, The Great Refrigerator Round Up picks up old, inefficient second fridges free of charge for disposal in an environmentally responsible fashion (Hydro Ottawa in partnership with Ontario Power Authority), The Peaksaver program permits Hydro Ottawa to remotely turn down central air conditioners when the electricity system is under strain on the hottest days of summer (a voluntary program for Hydro customers). The City developed the Air Quality & Climate Change Management Plan to guide actions at the corporate and community level to reduce air pollution, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and improve the resiliency of the community. Senior Program Director, Energy Services Acquisition Program at Public Works Government Services Canada. Focused lighting contributes to energy savings through reduced light consumption. The Climate Action Fund supports projects delivered by students, youth, Indigenous Peoples and organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and research and educational institutions.