Mai 2020 ebenda) war eine amerikanische Porträtfotografin.

Courtesy of the artist. (She does, but her suggestion was for the family to look into more affordable digital reproduction of their original.

Inquiries about Elsa's photographic work may be emailed to her special assistant, Margot Kempers, at “It amazed me how many men were the organizing person in their family, how many boys (35-year olds, I call them. She worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was known for her use of a large-format instant Polaroid camera.

Visitors would idly pick up the prints and look at them, and that encouraged her to take more.

While the photographer has been flirting with quasi-retirement, she tells me that she’s not quite ready to quit. Elsa Dorfman, Marimekko, 2007.

Dorfman would take Ginsberg’s picture constantly over the ensuing decades: barechested playing a piano, in some cases, or relaxing in the countryside. In The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, Errol Morris explores the life of a gifted analog photographer facing a digital present.

staff training elementary school teachers in new ways to teach science to children. Elsa Dorfman (geboren am 26. Personal inquiries may be sent to Elsa's husband, Harvey Silverglate, at

“I thought, oh my god, that’s the camera, Her career shifted once she started experimenting with Polaroid’s instant photography. How much? No, I can’t do that date, I have soccer practice.…By then we’re really friends over the telephone!” Families would arrive at Dorfman’s studio—sometimes with props, sometimes with dogs. Courtesy of the artist. Elsa Dorfman, photographer whose distinctive portraits illuminated her subjects and herself, dies at 83 - The Boston Globe Elsa Dorfman, whose large-format Polaroid color portraits made her famous in the world of photography… It was a Hasselblad, and I didn’t even know that was a good camera. Dorfman, with whimsical charm and wit, gives her longtime friend a tour of her backyard garage-turned-archive. “Their children were maybe five and seven.

“I’m amazed by how young we were,” she says to Morris in, In the film, we see one of Dorfman’s most literally revealing portraits of Ginsberg: a life-size print, taken with Polaroid’s even rarer 40X48 model camera, in which the late poet is completely nude.

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April 1937 in Cambridge, Massachusetts; gestorben am 30.

Elsa Dorfman, Me and my camera, 1986. “People came in because they loved their family, and something special was happening,” Dorfman told me.

What they wanted to do was have a family portrait taken, and, The father died some six months after the session; Dorfman attended the funeral, but fell out of touch with the family until recently.

“Hello, I’m Scott, and it’s my parents’ 50th anniversary. “It’d look, The artist seems unfazed; mortality and nostalgia are at the heart of her decades-long archive.