I take the author’s list in stride. Price Foundation.

Each blood type has certain exercises that are recommended for maximum results.

The idea of this work, that your blood type determines what you should eat and how you should exercise, is compelling, so I borrowed it from a friend.

The nutrient-dense Wise Traditions diet can provide important protection against illness and can support recovery and healing.

Fascinating theory that blood types determine body chemistry and therefore what types of foods agree with our systems and those that essentially act like poisons to us. This made sense so I read the rest of the book and gave up milk. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. AB type obviously has a mix.

I thought maybe this diet would help with that.

Anytime science is used to help with weight loss the results have the chance to be great. by G. P. Putnam's Sons.

I would like to correct, with sincere apologies, my previous comment, in that I missed a typographical error and failed to credit the correct author of this enlightening review.

It contains something that is a pain killer and I forget at the moment what it is but it also causes arthritis as in Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm not 100% sure it's all correct, but I followed it for a few months and felt great! EIN: 22-2306795, Blonz Guide to Nutrition, Food Science and Health, Do Children Get Too Many Immunizations? It all sounds very scientific, doesn't it, in a nerd-glasses-and-lab-coat kind of way? Most people are familiar with this particular immune system scenario. That so many people have done well on Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet theory suggests that there is at least a drop of truth in it. Everyone does not have millions of dollars to do scientific research but I see the results in how my body feels and my blood test results at my yearly checkups.

Why don't doctors pay attention to these things? Great book and very interesting. After this time I had to stop due to feeling sick. The people must explore and find out what works for them. Type B’s (10 % of the population) emerged as humans migrated toward colder, harsher climates. Refresh and try again. It doesn’t take an IV league degree to know that this is an unworkable solution. What it has done is showed me what foods causes me to gain and what foods causes my body to become inflamed and irritated. Why are people so short of HCl? Detoxification programs, candida cleanses and parasite purge programs are often advisable as well. D’Adamo bases his theories on the assumption that early man had Type O blood, and that the A, B, and AB bloodtypes came long after.

This was a good review for what one can use immediately in the way of diet changes to follow his/her blood type diet.

Backs it up with stated research.

I find it interesting that many naturopaths subscribe to this way of eating, especially where bio-individuality is at the forefront of nutrition, but I must say the section about my blood type seemed applicable to my situation. Not entirely convinced of this theory however most of the type O's I know who eat cheese end up with kidney stones!