Hunters electing Deer B license/permit opportunities will have the option to purchase 2 through the Surplus List. They are comprised of 7 bull tags and 3 cow tags. + '' M4V 1M2 We intend to amend Ontario Regulation 665/98 (Hunting) and Ontario Regulation 670/98 (Open Seasons) under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to implement the proposal should it proceed. Learn about the changes made in 2020 and the changes coming 2021 as part of the moose management review.

The comments were generally supportive of the proposal. It's important to note that being on this list or obtaining a license from this list has no effect on your existing preference points. Resident and nonresident hunters will be able to sign up for the new Surplus License List, with some sign-ups starting next week. Ontario has approved many of the proposed changes to moose management that are intended to make moose tag allocation fairer and more consistent for provincially licensed moose hunters, while helping to support the sustainability of moose populations. Contact us. // not by the browser. One of our guys was able to get a surplus cow tag in our area!! Payment of the license fee is not required to sign up on the Surplus License List. to September 26, 2019. However, additional opportunities up to your maximum of 3 may be made available through over the counter or damage hunt sales. Visit . I haven’t moose hunted in a few years, but always had success in getting a surplus tag. + '> ' Question - Required - Why did so many Ontario moose hunters hit a wall when trying to purchase a surplus tag on Monday, August 18?The OFAH has fielded a large volume of calls and emails from OFAH members who are very upset with the process, so we contacted the MNRF to get some answers. var ts = new Date().getTime(); The bulls will shed their antlers every winter, and they will regrow a new set in the early spring. After the first day, you pretty much have to own your own float plane to access the hunting area -- WMU 01A, 01C, ......"You know the areas where the last human to step foot there were wearing animal skins!

For Elk and Elk B licenses a hunter may hold a maximum of 3 each year. Peterborough, Are your kids ready to hunt out West yet?

This results Canada. Lucky that we got a surplus tag but begs the question if they had surplus than why didn't I get one? Nonresident hunters can add their names to the Alternate’s List through MyFWP. Hunters electing Antelope license opportunities will have the option to purchase one through the Surplus License List. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. No additional opportunity for comments will be provided. Same scenario exactly. If you do not hold a general Elk license, you could obtain up to 3 Elk B licenses. What caused the technical difficulties experienced by the phone … Donate Licenses to Veterans & Armed Forces, Types of Licenses & Permits with Costs Home, Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program Home, Landowner's Guide to Montana FWP Landowner Programs, Development, Improvements, and Enhancements, Fishing & Waterbody Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings, Recreational Shooting Species< } The moose tag draw is being replaced by a points-based tag allocation process in 2021. Tag transfer rules would be further restricted to address hunter concerns about “ghost” hunters (hunters who do not hunt moose but whose credentials are used by moose hunters to increase their chances of acquiring a tag), particularly with an application fee approach. Let us know if you have feedback or questions about the registry. The total number of Deer B licenses/permits a hunter may hold each year (through a combination of licenses acquired through drawings, purchased over the counter (OTC) and through surplus sales is a total 7). // Maintain the current one-week gun hunting season that is consistent across southern Ontario, Create separate tag quotas for bow and gun seasons, Allow a hunter to apply to the moose tag allocation process with a modest application fee. function audio_challenge_2979_1480_2_1385 () { New this year is the Surplus License List, which will allow FWP to equitably issue these licenses and permits and reduce the likelihood of stress and demand causing system failure as we have seen in past years.

Surplus licenses are leftover licenses from the special license and permit drawings FWP conducts each year. Tag Archives: surplus tags 2020 Moose Hunt Preparation. 300 Water Street I phoned this morning for an hour and a half straight until I finally got through only to find out the ten adult tags in our area were all gone. It was a long shot given the slim pickings available. Knowing that we have 1 bull tag to fill this fall, we are going to give you a glimpse into how we prepare for our 3-week long expedition.