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In case you need an extension, say to get your reports, please write to us. The doctor's response was quick and since he requested tests to further check on my health status, I consider that a good sign. © 2012-2020 - DoctorSpring. It airs after a new 8 p.m. episode of “Dancing with the Stars.”.

1. Clarify, ask further questions for free in private conversation. DoctorSpring and for that matter, any online medical service shouldn't be used when it is an emergency when your symptoms are out of the ordinary and would require immediate attention. I can't possibly thank you enough. Add images, scans, reports, if any, now or later. I didn't use all my questions but I feel I received a bargain. It is something I can take to a doctor and feel confident in expressing concern for the need for certain tests. We have partnerships with Hospitals, Clinics, Telemedicine Providers, Pharmacies and many Top Doctors/Specialists in over 150 countries available 24/7. Thank you Doctor. Seek clarifications, ask further questions, share more reports, change in condition in an ongoing private conversation. Our friendly, non-judgmental Triage Team truly cares about your health and finding the best solution for you. 20MB size. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, Shaun uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the skepticism of his colleagues. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. We help you get personalised, actionable and helpful info from specialists rather than relying on misleading and general info on Google, WebMD. By connecting with our experienced Ask The Doctor Triage Team using facebook messenger or telegram, you get directed to the appropriate care you require immediately. In most cases, Doctors wouldn't be able to prescribe due to local laws and due to restrictions on prescriptions without a physical checkup. Gave me antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. This was such a fair price for inquiring to a specialist. I heard about this site so I thought, why not give it a shot?

How much time does it take for Doctors to reply?

So whenever you are confused/worried about your symptoms, waiting for a specialist appointment, considering going to an ER, want second opinions, want to understand your reports, scans or want factual medical info - consulting our Doctors would help. Dr. Kumar did. Comprehensive. Available 24/7, nights and weekends. DrSpring services is an excellent service for people like us who want a second opinion. Update: Consult Infectious Disease MDs about Coronavirus (COVID-19), ADD REPORTS/IMAGES (5 max, 20MB max each, Can be added/emailed later). You'll hear back from one of our experienced Triage Team members in minutes. All our Doctors are Board certified and credentialed Specialists or Family Physicians in their respective country/state. Joseph Rejent may be reached at You would be intimated by email for the same. We need your support. Responsive. You can then ask follow-up queries for any clarifications, add details, etc. Along with qualifying degrees - experience, research and track-record of practice are taken into account before a doctor is credentialed with DoctorSpring and is given privileges to answer paid queries.

This was a really good experience. My son was recently treated for Primary Generalized Epilepsy (Idiopathic). Want to consult with a doctor online? We value your privacy and security. One month is a general guide, and your satisfaction is paramount. We haven't solved the problem by achieving a diagnosis due to the complex nature of the case but I am extremely thankful to Dr Saptharishi for the professional guidance he provided me on my way to continue seeking answers with local physicians.

3. There are sites that offer a doctor and you come away feeling you went to a discount store to ask someone who is thinking of going to medical school what he or she thinks. Choose specialty. What is the process? Typically consultations for GPs are answered in 4 hours and consulting a specialist takes 8 hours. Thanks for your help. We take pride in the fact that all our specialists are experienced Doctors with busy private practices –their experience and expertise puts them in a position to help you best. There are several ways to watch with a live stream. Dr. Pathak, as well as DoctorSpring was very helpful in providing sensible information about given situation health situations. Dr. Ravi Kumar Paluri MD Hemato-Oncologist, Internal Medicine Specialist Brief Bio. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. According to the official ABC website: Freddie Highmore plays Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, who relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital’s surgical unit. Get password reset instructions by email. You could go back and forth like that till all your queries are answered. 65 Alaknanda Society, Honey Park Road, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat India - 395009. +91 9819657194 Inquiry Our Doctors help hundreds of thousands of patients every year in making informed medical decisions regarding their symptoms, reports, diagnosis and treatment options. Very pleased with the experience. We would review the consult - in most cases seeking clarifications assures that your queries are answered. Our Triage Team members are Healthcare Practitioners with years of experience. Dr. Rajiv Goel has been very patient with all my queries and he responded very promptly giving me all possible information. DoctorSpring’s consultation services help you when you are unsure about an emergency, reports, scans, diagnosis or treatment. By connecting with our experienced Ask The Doctor Triage Team using. 22 Doctors, Live Chat. Practicing experts, and NOT quacks, anonymous GPs. I know I can't be examined this way, but Dr. Pandy was very clear in what he was saying and why. This totally solved my issue without me having to spend hundreds of dollars and waiting weeks to go to a doctor in person. All rights reserved. Our mission is to help patients in crisis achieve better health outcomes via timely & informed advice. Thanks. Detailed, timely replies for 1 month.Without travel or waiting rooms. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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