After 6 episodes, I'm starting to like Park Shin Hye with Yoon Gyun San too. Sure they are watching and contributing to the rating. saranghae Sin Hye unnie!! I'm rooting for Yoon Do and Hye Jung pairing so much when I know that I'll just get an impending heartbreak. Especially Park Shin Hye. Haha. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); But I have nothing to do to accept that Hye Jung and Prof Hong are meant to be.. Hayyy I love you Yoon Gyun Sang!!

Look at Lee Min Ho and Suzy, they have 8 years age difference. if both HS and JH still has same feeling its mean their love is strong, isnt it?

I am waiting for the next 3 episodes to come....DOCTORS FIGHTING!!! And Hye Jung couldn't let go of what happened to her grandma. And yours is just a little bit too much. I like the feeling of excitement. It's a character driven drama anyway. I enjoyed from beginning to end the script is great. shin hye is so pretty.

Every scene was well interpreted. raeshin couple Aug 03 2016 3:11 pm

Do you have a boyfriend? I like him as he is but not as hye jungs lover. I was merely suggesting maybe give it a try, but as always at the end of the day, it's a viewer's free choice. I would keep watching till the end of the episode. I just love this drama the plot is amazing. in one scene he was eating ice cream giggling with the student he looked flirtatious to me, which could be misleading, but at anytime in the episodes he never drew the line. If he fell for her as an adult after they met years later than it wouldn't be so distasteful. That is actually not true and I think that she has now gotten Baek Sung Hyun as her boyfriend (in this show) is because of her friendliness and her kindness, which got people to fall for her. The cast has helped enormously , Zo In Sung , Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Kwang Soo was more than enough for me to dive head first. This drama is really impresive, it gots me in awe from the first five minuteS.

I this drama is worth to be watched !!! dangz Jul 13 2016 9:45 pm I think in Korea, it's normal if the students get nosebleed when they studying hard. does anyone know how old hye jung and ji hong are? Justalovelyfan Feb 17 2018 11:50 am Started watching this drama because of Ji soo and n It's ep 17 & it seems you're no different from those who whine about this drama being boring or whatever yet they keep watching & even find time to come here & whine. The story keep getting more interesting. I'm glad to see Park Shin Hye and Baek Sung Hyun together in this drama after Stairway To Heaven.

PSY fight scene in the ER is unrealistic, unprofessional and unethical. dangz Jul 10 2016 9:57 pm Romance, Medical, Melodrama, Also Known As: Gwaenchana, Sarangiya, It’s Alright This is Love, Release Date: Jul 23, 2014 – Sep 11, 2014. She's a wonderful lady. Boring plot and easy predictable story.[1]=163544;

Pffft if only he can add up the love triangle, the drama is gonna be a nuke! too much love dovey that really annoyed in late ep. lyne Jul 12 2016 1:55 am

Doctors is Park shin hye drama comeback so I am so exited..... can't wait 20 june.

All the actors and actresses are fantastic. Everyone, has and have opinion regarding the drama they chose to watch. The plot seem repetitive but reasonable cause it's medical drama.

Team GyunSang-ShinHye sSaranghaeyo! But i hope she will accept it. I don't know how it goes it eastern countries, even though i am asian. Though i started due to park shin hye... Doctors made me learn many things from it... Love the cast, songs, story.... Love u doctors... l0stsoulz Jan 09 2017 11:55 am

says: "KRW is sweet and at the same time sexy and that makes him perfect to portray Ji Hong. same goes for the dad, if he really loves hye-joong, why only now the family register? I like your honest thought. Veteran actress Kim Young-Ae as PSH's halmoni ? narumihana Jun 30 2016 9:21 am I also like PSH & KRW..I think KRW is the best co_star for her...They are really suits together..I'm ok if both of them couple for real..Kikikiki..For me this drama also one of my best drama list for this year...Doctors, fighting......... Yayyyykss Jun 29 2016 10:29 pm DOCTORS FIGHTING!!!

They are adults then. Natalie Jun 21 2016 8:03 am Wow, i can't wait for this drama !!! Eventhough they not as a couple but i'm still happy and wish they get the chance as a couple for the next drama hopefully. @Klol, please be true you are still glued in these drama otherwise your comments will stop when you're watching stop. ohmaygaddd jisoo you make me scream >< omo my cutie cutie jisoo, my bokdong really cute Kkk~. lana Jul 18 2016 8:12 pm

Just 'coz you don't like it doesn't mean everybody else shld be put off watching it. Ji Sung and Hyeri in drama Entertainer, they have 17 years gap in real life, so what's the deal? prof Hong/ hye Jung fighting!!! Every episode teaches me about something in life and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I watch this drama because Park Shin Hye for me she is so beautiful... very kind... talented.... and her acting is powerful!

For me , this drama is a nice one , and it worths watching . Hail the real QUEEN of Kmovies & drama. Haha… Enjoyable!

KRW although older in real, here, he looks just right for PSH who is not young anymore. Feeling so thrilled now... Jim Jun 07 2016 3:24 am This drama was the best. What's with all the KRW hate? Ah....I love this drama so muchhhhhh.......everytime the episode ends....can't wait for the next one.....still 14 more episodes to go......where is ep 7 trailer? but couple shin hye must with yoon kyung sang :v. anata Mar 23 2016 8:23 am

But everyone seems to be able to accept if the actress is older than the actor????

It always give me a smile... Amy Nguyen Jul 06 2016 11:02 am I couldn't stand to watch this atrocity!

BeautifulSwan Aug 25 2016 6:17 am jessicakal Sep 09 2016 2:56 am Fighting unnie!!! @GeorgeDonahue - her name's Park Shin Hye.

I am in love with this drama

If anybody says PSH can't act, I've got to laugh. oh pls no =_=, Lily Jul 25 2016 9:22 am koreanlover Jul 10 2016 9:01 am PSH and KRW portrayals of doctors are so believable. Jim Jun 13 2016 12:02 am

Now I'm excited to watch & wait every Mondays & Wednesday's.... dramaaddict Jul 04 2016 5:21 pm I like watching medical dramas so i also watch beautiful mind but i am more hooked to Doctors .

Dani Jun 08 2016 7:31 am Fighting! That's all i have to say. @suk2014 & @Dinda: Thanks for reminding me, got some things mixed up especially between Park Bo Young and Lee Bo Young and also the profession. Ema Jun 29 2016 11:22 am the drama try to focus more on the romance side, the cheesy interactions and dialogue, which is i think ok if it is not too frequent. If you haven't watched this drama, believe me... this drama is so addicting :D. K-drama lover Jul 04 2016 9:29 pm oh my god these people. Positive and Negative comments.......who cares! @cathgaspar - good points. point of this drama only found out about decease of hye jun grandma, the climax of this drama is less challenging for me , and again for the doctors supporting characters in this drama as not animates the important role of a doctor. so I do have my complaints but nothing enough to make me not watch it. Screw the age gap and watch the drama for the acting and story!! ghie Aug 24 2016 1:20 am now that the stepdaughter is a successful doctor, she wants all the perks, discount, cut queue, vip etc. Sneha Nair Jun 23 2016 2:58 am I am certain she and her team have checked this out.