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NRAR is an independent regulator established under the Natural Resources Access Regulator Act 2017. Finding new water resources, including Royalties for Regions-funded programs and other drilling programs to explore resources across the state. Click here for more information about your garden bore, licence exemptions and being ‘bore water-wise’ in your garden. To stay up-to-date read the latest Water news and media releases or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter.

Find out about how water is managed, water legislation and policies, and fees and charges. Find out about the NSW Government's metering framework.

Information and reports collected from the department's extensive State-wide monitoring network, which are provided free for water management, state development and research purposes. The Water Directorate was established in 1999 as a technical resource for member councils. Information, advice and management of flood plans based on flood behaviour research and floodplain mapping for the state's major rivers. We ensure the equitable sharing of surface and groundwater resources and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable. Protecting and managing public drinking water source areas including policies relating to public drinking water source areas, water source protection plans, water quality strategies and management and review processes. About Us ပါချန်မြစ်ကမ်းပြိုကာကွယ်ရေးလုပ်ငန်း(mm-782548)ကွန်ကရစ်ပိုင်အခြေပြု ကျောက်စီမြေထိန်းနံရံ အလျား(၁၁၅၀) ပေ Integrated water and land use planning based on the principles of total water cycle management. Metering and measuring the water you take helps you understand your water usage to make the most of your entitlements and reduce your overall costs. The Menindee Lakes are richly culturally significant areas, with many significant sites located throughout these areas. We ensure the equitable sharing of surface and groundwater resources and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable. We provide: an independent source of advice to councils on water and sewerage operations; direction on technical issues; networking opportunities for water and sewerage engineers to share knowledge and improve communication within the industry Our department is responsible for surface and groundwater management including ensuring water security for NSW.

Information on the department’s role in relation to the shale and tight gas industry. Click here to apply for rebates and grants for farmers, pastoralists and rural communities to improve local water supplies and for information about assistance to help farmers access water during dry seasons. Planning and managing water to enable growing, liveable water smart towns and cities. Click here for information about sprinkler restrictions in Western Australia for scheme water and garden bore users. What you need to know about licences, approvals, compliance and landholder rights. Current legislation for which the Department of Water assists the Minister for Water. As the central advisory and advocacy body within Queensland’s urban water industry, the Queensland Water Directorate (qldwater) works with water and sewerage service providers, government and industry to provide safe, secure and sustainable water to Queensland communities.