Even the most successful authors in the world get bad reviews. 31.1K 1.5K 684. And if you are going to be your own editor… DON’T. She’s written for Friends of Comic Con and is a 2019 Hugo Award winner for contributing fanfic on AO3. fanfiction, deanwinchester, samwinchester. Again, if you straddle that line, you come off as exploitative. With his new horror novel, The Only Good Indians, author Stephen Graham Jones conjures one of the most effective scary images to ever hover in that... For All You Young Hockey Players Out There, Pay Attention (Pay Attention Universe, #1).

But with any luck, it’ll be the only one to ever inspire this much controversy and ire. You need to decide on whether or not you want this to be a fanfic or an original piece. Score A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it … your own Pins on Pinterest If the author had left it online as a piece of fanfiction, it may have had some level of success. Greenville, SC 29602, Geekiary Anniversary Day Five: 5 Tropes We Hope End Soon, A Star-Studded Charity Soccer Game in Vancouver, Hunter - Film Review: An Enjoyable Supernatural Thriller, SDCC – Comic-Con International: San Diego, C2E2 – Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the threats of lawsuit by her publisher against people who spoke out about the issue, Context Matters: Why 50 Shades of Grey Makes It Hard to Be a Fangirl. Editors not only catch basic spelling and grammar errors, but help make decisions about plot or characterization, which this piece could have definitely used some feedback on before publishing. This weird middle ground between original work and fanfiction is awkward and doesn’t play out well on the pages. It seemed contradictory to our core fandom values to be attacking a young author for writing a book about a thing we all hold so dear. Read Bed Time (Destiel) from the story Supernatural Fanfic. It’s Me, Empathy, ‘Destiel’ Book to be Pulled from North American Market | The Geekiary, The Mandalorian 2×2: Chapter Ten – The Passenger, Carl Pascarell Made Sure “The Right Stuff” Had the Right Stuff, Tamara Lawrance Sheds Light on the Darkness of “Kindred”. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. Daycare Dilemmas - A Destiel Fanfiction. We have a long history of campaigning for the ship, winning almost every shipping poll we’ve ever been in, gaining attention in mainstream press, and winning some pretty great awards.

), and blocking anyone who attempts to explain to her how her actions are coming off. I haven’t even bothered trying to turn my fanfiction into original works because I know I can’t separate it enough to make a viable story that stands on its own. “Journey to the Savage Planet” Gets ‘Hot Garbage’ Expansion on April 15! With a good editor and a much more experienced PR team, she could have written a 100% original work from the material she had here and could have had a fair shot at being an author with her own work. If you choose to be your own PR team, great, but make sure you have some thick skin because you will be criticized for your work. In regards to any lawsuit threats or attempts, please look up the US Fair Use factors, the Copyright Law of 1976,  the law definition of ‘libel‘ (hint: none of this is libel), and then feel free to get in touch with us.

Don’t attempt to sue critics or call the Army (or other employers) over negative reviews. I’m not the judge, jury, and executioner on the right and wrong way to publish your fanfic, but the overwhelmingly negative amount of feedback towards this piece should be an indicator that something went terribly wrong along the way. The Geekiary

If you take a piece of fanfiction and want to file the serial numbers off like EL James or Cassandra Clare have done, be sure you file them thoroughly and completely off so that your work can stand on its own two feet. Still need more Destiel? ), but I was dismayed at the outright vitriol being flung at the author via social media.

Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. So why did she feel the need to ride on the popularity of Destiel fandom? Both Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are single fathers with young daughters and absent mothers. So why did she feel the need to ride on the popularity of Destiel fandom? It follows the story from his point of view as his feelings for Sean develop. Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. As it stands, she filed the serial numbers off just enough to not get sued, but left enough obvious clues to the original context in an attempt to draw in an already enormous fanbase. -Read our policies before commenting. And make sure your piece is edited and that you have a good PR team in place. But it is my hope that instead there will be reflection about what’s happened and that this situation will be a learning experience for all involved. list created January 5th, 2016 But there are right ways and wrong ways to do it. Castiel Novak couldn't think of a worse way to spend his time in England. We Destiel fans are often controversial and a bit defensive over slights, but we also have a reputation for supporting our own and championing fan created works more than any fandom I’ve ever personally been in before.

In this case, Dean and Castiel are renamed Sean and Destiel, which is hardly a change from the original names at all and actually uses the fandom ship name in an obvious play on our fandom culture. By doing this, it gives the impression that she’s trying to exploit this fanbase and make money off of them. c/o Saga Event Event Planning LLC PO Box 1045 Unfortunately, if you want to make it an original piece, these things need to be changed even more and it has to be able to withstand scrutiny without the knowledge of the original work. Discover (and save!) I did give my review copy a read and it certainly wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read.

Fools Rush In is amazing too! No seriously, you need a second, third, perhaps a fourth set of eyes on your piece before you even consider publication. One of these creatures possesses Sean and he spends much of the story incapacitated or vulnerable in one way or another.

I could really hear Dean whenever he spoke, which is no easy task. I also haven't read Broken so idk how she's making it gen] Orpheus - Sysrae I love all of Sysrae's work. She earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. Copyright © The Geekiary.

This young author made some horrible PR decisions right out of the gate (these will be discussed later in this article), which led to the fandom predictably being put on the defensive against a perceived outsider who appeared to be either here to mock us or exploit us for their own personal gains. We need to lay out exactly what this book is, and what it is not, before we can even touch on the content – because as with all things in fandom, context matters. This is not the first piece of Destiel fanfiction to be self-published as an original work, nor will it be the last. How (Thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (Accidentally) Raised Each Other (and Sam). When they meet dropping their children off at the local daycare, they... Destiel: University. Fanworks and self-published authors are two things that I strongly support. How did something that could have rallied a fandom together in celebration end up making it incredibly angry instead? When a book called Destiel was released, I wasn’t exactly surprised that there was some passionate debate (again, we’re super passionate folks!

Are You There, Tyler Hoechlin? Destiel shippers are a very passionate bunch. Jul 5, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Dewey Carter. This is a sad tale of an author who wanted to push her writing career forward, but made a lot of mistakes along the way.

If the odds are in our favor, we’ll be back to supporting each other and encouraging each others’ creative endeavors in no time. Cross to Bear - Zafona Super long fic but her verse is amazing. When I looked into the incident, the controversy became clear to me. So I had to find out why this book, which at first glance was coming from within the community, causing so much derision across social media? Don Mazonas – SEO consultant in Hertfordshire. The piece itself is set firmly in the science fiction genre with small bits of fantasy sprinkled throughout (most notably with the antagonists), which contrasts with the urban fantasy/horror genre of the original work this is based off of. Toynk’s “Disney Princess Dinnerware Collection” Adds Moana, Pocahontas & More! The creatures seem to be straight from the author’s own mind, but they correlate enough to already existing monsters to the point that they aren’t exactly the most unique antagonist to put in a story. She identifies as queer.

You must have a goodreads account to vote. The best of Destiel (Castiel/Dean Winchester) slash fanfiction. The hints of a unique universe are there, but you have to wade through the not-so-subtle nods to Destiel fandom to see them. Or she could have bypassed publishing the piece entirely and published it on AO3 as a piece of fanfiction. It cannot be both. It's doesn't follow cannon at all but it's so good! She’s contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. As a supporter of fan-created content and as an independent publisher myself, I was happy to give it a read, but before I can adequately review the book, its context must be understood. And my all-time favorite Destiel fic: The Soul Piece (also by cloudyjenn) Go forth, dear readers, and jump aboard the flagship in my fleet of ships. AU pieces have a strong following in our fandom and I’m sure she would have gained some readers. Linkbacks are encouraged. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. by. Nerd confession: I call myself the Admiral of Fanfic Shipping, and it’s my solemn duty to make sure I rec only the best fics out there (and to ceaselessly promo my OTP).

Dec 24, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Kimberly Tucker. The bad PR moves kept piling up one after another and soon the author began to attempt some damage control by offering books to people in exchange for reviews.

Every time I get a notification that she's updated – and they're long updates, the latest one was like 26,000 words – I have to drop everything and read the entire thing." Losing the context of the fandom a work came from can often lead to incredible complications in your reading experience (see: Context Matters: Why 50 Shades of Grey Makes It Hard to Be a Fangirl by Undie Girl). Mail Correspondence Don’t use a fandom to push a piece of original work like this. Filing off the serial numbers to your fanfic to make an original piece is a difficult thing to do.

However, it floats between being a piece of fanfiction and an original work in an incredibly awkward way.

39.9K 1.9K 401. There are also strange creatures who posses people, much like demons or Leviathans do in Supernatural. The characters are very clearly Dean and Cas, and had this piece been published as an actual piece of fanfic I would have complimented how spot-on Dean’s dialogue is. A Beginner's Guide to Communing with the Dead, On the Bright Side, There Isn’t a Bright Side, It Started With a Tree (Ugly Sweater !Verse, #2), Much Argue About Nothing (As You Like It, #2), A Midterms Night's Dream (As You Like It, #1), Hark the Hapless (Frigging Festivities, #4), Roses are Dead, Scrubs are Blue (Frigging Festivities, #2), O Come All Ye Faithless (Frigging Festivities, #3), C'Mon [I'd like to Believe] (Young Volcanoes, #4), I'm Begging Of You (Young Volcanoes, #2.5), Love You Much Better (Young Volcanoes, #3), You and I [Collide] (Young Volcanoes, #1), [Sound of] Something Good (Something Good, #1), 7 Years Earlier (High School Reunion, #2), Horror, Weird Fiction, and Slasher Justice in ‘The Only Good Indians’.