This is a list of canon compliant destial fics. Any rating is acceptable. briellasophia liked this . • COFFEE-SHOP AU → You’re My Muse (26 221 words) Dean Winchester is a struggling author. Slash & Fluff.

From the Ashes—The 100 Season 4 Trailer. Deanna’s character in this fic is still recognizably Dean, all snarky and self-sacrificing, and willing to do anything for family, and the sibling dynamic with Sam was still essentially kept the same. Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Update 26 april 2015. Age rating: Explicit. destiel, destiel fanfics, destiel fanfiction, destiel fics, destiel fic recs, fanfiction, infidelity, morninqtides liked this . I m looking for fics where cas is rich and dean is poor and they come together despite social status. Sam's soulless. Au mod list mini. tagged supernatural destiel word count: 50000-100000 rating: pg-13 outside characters: sam outside characters: bobby outside ... [ Have a fic you really love?

Reply. I do my own drabbles and i love your suggestions recommendations for fics. 13. teamhero: here some first time for cas smuty fics/ some with lot of plot. Greetings, shippers. Dean's miserable. I would like help to find a fanfic that I read once, I think it was a wingfic where Dean and Castiel were leaving purgatory, Castiel wanted to stay but Dean didn't let go, and Castiel saw that the portal would close so he used his wings to push them out, the rest of the fanfic is Dean taking care of Castiel in a motel probably blaming himself. ... Cas is actually a millionaire heir and his real name is Emmanuel.

Summary: Castiel Novak is a poor kid from a bad neighbourhood. The Hellatus is upon us, friends, and to ease the burden of no new episodes, I’ve put together a little fanfiction care package for you, a part three to my Destiel … I'm Emma, and you have found the hotspot for all fics Destiel! You also won’t find any non-con between pairings.

Basically a list of all the fics I've read. ... Destiel Fanfiction / Podfic - Cas Tie El - Duration: 17:55. Hallowed Pine 761 views. And my all time favorite destiel fic. I’m a stickler for characterisation, so you won’t find anymuch OOC-ness under my personal favourites. No mpreg, no alpha/beta/omega dynamic. MY FIC REC LIST DRARRY: Stop All the Clocks by Firethesound. Pairing name: Destiel. Destiel fic recs? Anyone know any good Destiel fics that are over 20k words? Castiel Dean Winchester deancas destiel destiel fanfic fanfic rec Fanfiction fic rec rec list the collectress.

report. The majority of the fic is them getting used to each other and Dean falling in love with Cas and vice versa. The best fics I have found are all denoted by a ★, and are listed first. Thanks! Destiel fangirls started this project, because we wanted a place to bookmark all of the quality fic we have here on Wattpad. DESTIEL FIC REC. Thank you Santa! The mostly accidental courtship of dean winchester my eyes are an ocean all things shining. Destiel canon verse fics dashboard. Destiel fic recs Clara Unleashed. Post navigation. The rescue part only takes one chapter and is really brief and goes right back to the fluffy parts, so don’t worry about angst! Fanfic Recs / Supernatural ... Pairings: hints of A/C, Destiel, and Sabriel, but easy to ignore; Summary: Set 20 years post-GO and after 5.22 of SPN. 15 comments. hide. Enjoy! ... And that I’m in school and can’t be reading destiel fics 24/7, however much I may want to, And also sometimes I like to reread fics or just read specific parts of certain fics. Archived. And Aziraphale is dead.

Destiel. Judicious Application of Free Will; -destiel-nsfw-fic rec-blowjob-police officer!cas. Since this is a comprehensive list, not every fic that is rec… Dean Winchester is a rich jock who maybe cares a bit more about Cas than he’s willing to admit. We're an account dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organizing destiel fanfiction. 3. REC IT! ] Destiel fic recs? Source: But if there’s one thing Harry learned from the war, it’s that... drarry-fanfics. Anonymous whispered: If you're into fic recs a smutty one of destiel first times/cas's first time would be awesome ^_^ I love your blog by the way! I really love this. Ranging from drarry johnlock destiel wolfstar etc. Summary: Living with Draco was difficult; living without him is unbearable. Dean and Sam kidnaps Cas but destiel happens and there’s sexual tension … It must be Christmas because lookey what what’s under the tree!

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18+/ NC-17/NSFW. Fanfic Wednesday: Destiel Rec List Vol. Yellow → Favorite fics. Loading... Unsubscribe from Clara Unleashed? Welcome to Destiel Fic Recs! 17:55. Word Count: 28253. Posted by 2 years ago. There’s no angst!

destiel-fic-rec. Destiel Rec Lists Destiel Fanart Supernatural Destiel Destiel from 9 Comments Liz Bowen (@lizredbow) on December 21, 2016 at 10:37 am . Oh, All the Destiel.

luciferedits liked this . Holiday Movie Bingo. It’s super domestic and fluffy and have so much sexual tension it’s amazing. Drarry Fan Fics. Crowley is starting to hate his position.

tagged word count: wip rating: r genre: au supernatural destiel . Warnings: Alcohol abuse, Bad parenting, Biphobia, Prostitution, Recreational drug use, Suicidal thoughts, Verbal abuse, Violence, Underage drinking. Fanfiction by The Collective Blog December 21, 2016 December 20, 2016 . A rec list!! 8 years ago on 24 March 2012 @ 9:16pm 10 notes. My collection of Fan Fictions. Close. Ranging from #Drarry, #Johnlock, #Destiel, Wolfstar, etc. Destiel. Castiel is beginning to fight a war he cannot win.