(Sure, Alastair is the demon who torture Dean in Hell; but would he have done the same for Uriel? He needs Cas to always be on call, always have his back. Disclaimer: The part about the satiny panties is no longer a view I hold. It's unlikely, at least until the seventh season, that Cas would be that selfish, which is why this meme of him as an evil mastermind is so funny.

Castiel worries about Dean. NEXT: Supernatural: 10 Dean Winchester Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words. While there are dozens of nods, lots of funny allusions during conventions and gag reels and even people who work on the show saying they ship it in private, we have yet to have them become a fully-fledged couple. A one-stop shop for all things video games. I just wanna ask you one question. I almost did a few times.

And I fuckin hope the writers finally come to their senses and make it canon. Once Sam had his brother and Dean's would-be boyfriend's attention, he would demand the two work out their feelings for one another and find eternal happiness somehow.

(source: http://castielsmitesyou.tumblr.com/post/5774816437/you-know-all-those-people-that-say-castiel-stares-at). Only in this instance we have Dean in lieu of April. #23 “They expect a lot from you”

The episodes “The Man Who Would Be King” (season 6, episode 20), “Let It Bleed” (season 6, episode 21) and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (season 6, episode 22) have the best examples of Destiel. Maybe it’s the only number he knew by heart, maybe it’s because of his “profound bond” (“The Third Man”, season 6, episode 3) with Dean, huh? Fans have more than enough evidence to support a Destiel 'ship on Supernatural, and these funny Castiel and Dean Winchester memes are proof. And he’s human! This post shows a lot of little moments that prove that Castiel loves and is in love with Dean: http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/9653498144/castielsmitesyou-jesusfoodsex. When he’s HUMAN and slightly drunk. - they didn’t have to make Sam clear his throat and excuse himself like an awkward third-wheel. My friend, @olympiahell also brought this scene to my attention and we were discussing it only moments ago. If he was completely straight, there’d be no look, no “forced laugh” as this transcript says. #3 “They don’t refer to you as a friend”

And his love for her was not “You’re the closest I have to family.” It was “I want to marry you.”. “The Man Who Would Be King” right after this: Castiel: Superman going to the dark side. RELATED: Supernatural: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst) Let that sink in I think that says a lot about how brilliant Cas and Dean’s relationship is, how well it’s written and acted by Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. Sam Wesson, like Sam Winchester, shrugs off being mistaken for gay, because he is comfortable with his sexuality and is sure of his heterosexuality. When it comes to Castiel, everything used to have to be totally literal to make sense to the angel. They all had good reason to be worried about shout out his name. Sometimes he’s fine, sometimes he isn’t. We kind of liked it. Like Dean Winchester, he denies his attraction to men.

I doubt it.). Now listen, I know that what’s canon is them being best friends, as Bobby said in “Hello, Cruel World” (season 7, episode 2). Lose your humanity, and join me!” And we know that sometimes the fandom calls Dean humanity after that one time Metatron said “Castiel is in love… with humanity.” And I’ve always had the theory that Amara knew about the feeling between Castiel and Dean, that’s why she kept Cas inside of the vessel with Lucifer while she was torturing him. Michael (Looks at Sam waiting outside): Yeah, I bet. Think of all the possibilities now! All I ask is this one thing. The alcohol is just more aid for him to become less emotionally stilted and open up. Longer title: Destiel: why I ship them, why they’re clearly a couple and why Dean is bisexual. Yet the first essay I write about fictional characters is for Supernatural, not Buffy. The widows. #4 “They touch you in certain places” Your problems always come first. So Dean is bisexual, with a preference for women. RELATED: Supernatural: 10 Hilarious Castiel Memes Only True Fans Will Understand.

Dean: I guess we can put away the Kryptonite, right? When Castiel First Arrives. They didn’t have to make Dean pat Cas’s shoulder and say “not every hookup’s perfect” then grin like he’s thinking some very dirty thoughts (imagining Cas and April/him and Cas maybe?) All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Whether or not he'd hug one of them and claim them "too precious for this world" remains to be seen. Excuse us.

“Slash Fiction” (season 7, episode 6): http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/13706346684/hellosweetease-the-look-on-deans-face. It's nothing anyone can prove, insists Cas, which means that he's going to yet again take matters into his own hands for selfish reasons--in this case, to obtain Dean Winchester for himself. Then you’ve got the episode “Sex and Violence" (season 4, episode 14) where the siren appears as a man to Dean and all the instances where Sam and Dean are mistaken for a gay couple, like "Bugs” (season 1, episode 8), “Something Wicked” (season 1, episode 18) and "Playthings" (season 2, episode 11). Warning: this essay could contain spoilers from season 1 to season 7, episode 10 (Death’s Door). He rebels against Heaven, kills his own brothers, drops everything he’s doing whenever Dean needs help. I’m still just Castiel. All the fucking time. Hell yeah. I always come when you call. I’m talking about this quote: Dean: So, what – I’m Thelma and you’re Louise, and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?

Jensen Ackles himself personally said that “Destiel isn’t real," only for fans to take the headcanon even more seriously. Funny that. (Do I even need to comment on the title of the episode this happens in?). Not only is Cas admitting that he will be Dean's husband eventually, but that Dean will find love before that happens and somehow that relationship will be no more. Most of the time, if there’s a scene with Sam, Dean and another male character (excluding Bobby and blood relatives), Dean is the one who’ll connect with the guy.

Find something to help Sam.Castiel: Of course. You’re fine. Isn’t it also funny how Castiel doesn’t do it with Sam, Bobby or anybody else besides Dean? This is SO Castiel that even if Dean declares his feelings, we're going to fully expect him to respond like this and have Dean really spell it out for him, which is what we all want anyway.

Do I even need to make a comment about this? We don’t know yet), his trenchcoat floats to the side of the lake and Dean fishes it out, folds it up and keeps it in the trunk of his car. Where were you when I needed to hear it? I linked to the posts where I found them.

So I showed a friend some Destiel videos (she doesn't watch spn...), canon proof that not only is dean a conspiracy theorist, and u just know that he's brought this up 50 times in the last hr, i mean look how tired sam looks in the 4th gif kkjdhfkjhkgjg. Huh? After Castiel’s apparent death (no one stays dead, plus Misha Collins will be back in episode 17; sure, he might not be playing Castiel, but he could be. He’s always the one mistaken for gay, remember? (Dean can’t keep his eyes off of Cas: http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/12500495823/river-song-stole-the-impala-eastcollins.). ***** Also, Dean says “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” Now who has he referred to as a baby in the past? It’s the foundation of my writing career (I’m working on my second novel right now) and it has inspired me in so many ways. So what if it were all Cas's plan all along? Cas doesn't have girl problems. #13 “Their body language says it” He first appears at the end of Season 3, but it's not until the beginning of … A humanoid creature holding one of RANGER RICK’s arms falls to the ground. But I’m still not done. Dean almost seems to expect more from Cas than he does from Sam, his own brother. This is a huge one. Misha’s even joked about the constant"eye-fucking,“ as he likes to call it. From episode 22 (the souls from Purgatory are all inside Castiel; he’s basically a ticking bomb): Dean: Listen to me. But also Castiel. In “Bugs”, though, Dean goes along with it. That's why this meme is so funny--not just because it's laughable that Sam would be able to tie either Cas or Dean up without assistance (with his soul intact, at least), but because this is exactly how it would go down if he could.

I’d have died for you. Castiel has done some rather selfish acts for an angel over the years, often making us wonder if he's on the side of right or wrong.

It would be sad if it weren't hilarious, especially given the puppy dog look Sam is capable of giving.

I ship Destiel because their love is so tragic and epic and I cared enough to write this essay. Thank you so much, Anon, for bringing this up!

Because we all knew there was something holding Dean back from Amara, and I’m pretty sure it was his love for Castiel. Friend: Okay, do they really look at each other like that in the show, I mean really? Ding: everyone but SAM and DEAN gets out. Poor Sam. This is so awesome! You could say he “fell from grace.” And he did it for Dean. They were pink. ), he doesn’t know how to express this kind of love. See the smile when Rick says “Call me Rick. And he’s drunk!

Flirty moments: http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/13445939076 and http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/12472153150, Dean cares about Castiel: http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/13249642706/libraryghost-do-you-see-how-immediate-deans, More little moments where Cas clearly cares about and loves Dean: http://destiel-destiny.tumblr.com/post/12942131770/castielsmitesyou-i-was-never-really-insane, An awesome essay that nearly brought me to tears (beautifully written and so, so accurate): http://putmedownpunk.tumblr.com/post/13206080907/confessions-of-a-post-war-destiel-shipper-pt-1. SAM: Oh come on, I’m not either. well… I’m going down with it. Far from it. - What the fuck?

It’s still there in “The Mentalists” (season 7, episode 7), at the end.

Cas actually flirts with Dean when he's human. Destiel supernatural castiel deanwinchester dean sabriel samwinchester spn winchester cas sam gabriel deancas castielnovak fluff michifer casdean fanfiction destielau lucifer 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot But then, in the elevator with Sam Wesson, he says he’s not into guys. Another meme that suggests Cas has been watching Dean for much longer than he's been on the show, this hilarious meme not only highlights Castiel's membership in Team Free Will, but depicts him defying God, Michael and Heaven in general as he takes off after his one true love. I’m not done though. But I’m leaving this essay as is. “Folsom Prison Blues” (season 2, episode 19) where Dean connects with Tiny, one of the inmates.

And Dean says Castiel is like family to him in “The Man Who Would Be King” (season 6, episode 20), but as this person said in their essay (http://saucery.livejournal.com/14078.html) the only love Dean knows and understands completely is familial love.

You are bloody on point, my beautiful anonymous child!

I can only imagine this is what Dean is thinking during this scene “hot damn! Well Dean Smith is metrosexual–he cares about his appearance, wears clean and neat clothes (the stereotype of gay men is that they dress really well), and talks about Project Runway, a show about fashion design (I just had to go on Wikipedia to find that out) with a male colleague of his.