“Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds is playing.]. Follow me online to see what I am currently reading at OutsideOfTheTrack on AO3 and FanFiction(.net) I will go down with my ship. starsaregay But who recorded it?? 18+/ NC-17/NSFW. If you ask anyone else, they’ll burst into tears. Source: www.tumblr.com. They will do this whether they mean to or not, whether they know better or not, stumble over each other and disagree and say things they don’t mean.

A blog dedicated to collecting and organizing Destiel fic rec lists. I’d recommend looking at or asking the people who run @yoi-fic-recs, A Blog for Canon Universe Yuri!!! Heartbreaker by deathbycoldopen report. Posted by 2 years ago. Love it. Yuuri worries that Viktor is doing too much. Spoilers for 4.22. And my all time favorite destiel fic. If anyone knows something like this, please let us know :D. I don’t know this piece of art, but I have not come across a fic with this topic. Dean/Cas Fanfic Recs: Named by mclachlan (R) deancasficrecs: Title: Named, R Author: mclachlan Word Count: 95,000 Warnings: Blasphemy. I'm listing this in both Destiel and Sabriel categories, but this is my favourite Sabriel EVER. I imagine this scenario would take place over several episodes if it was actually canon, with Sam bringing up their relationship several episodes before what happens. (COMPLETE) (5,000-10,000) This is a great future fic about canon Levi, Eren, and company after they … does that mean that somebody has broken victor’s heart???? on Ice Fics |. Destiel. The adventures of Yuuri “Heartbreaker” Katsuki, or: how Yuuri became known as a cold player full of himself who doesn’t care about anyone. | T | Yuuri/Victor | 3k, “I have to pee.” Cringing a little at just how direct that had been, Yuuri peaked over at Viktor. Fandoms (0) Works (0) Bookmarked Items (76) Random Items; People; Tags; Destiel Canon Verse Fics. | G | Phichit & Yuuri, Phichit & Yuuri & Celestino | Detroit Days Series by IllyasJames

Viktor’s voice breaks Yuuri out of his trance and he focuses on Viktor, waiting for the words to come out.

But you can try looking through destiel fanfic s season 12 tag. Archived. Affiliate links: destielfanfic // destielfanworks destielficlets // deancashaven tracking the tag destielreclists *all nsfw content will be tagged with wfsn « » | G-T | Phichit & Yuuri |

), Accidentally Seductive by braveten | T | Yuuri/Victor | 7k. dean used to turn tricks. Destiel canon verse fics dashboard. …Y'know, if he were to graph the amount of hugs in his life so far, this recent increase would look pretty ridiculous. Summary: Jesus Christ is dead.

Somehow, that isn’t the worst part of Dean’s week. Supernatural Canon Compliant Fanfiction Recs.

The mostly accidental courtship of dean winchester my eyes are an ocean all things shining. There are two (2) reasons why Celestino’s glorious mane of hair can now be pulled back into a sleek ponytail. Close. He looks like he has more he wants to say, but doesn’t. In the weird, dizzy clarity of sleep deprivation, Yuuri gets it. ), Darling, Please Don’t Ask Me by HisRedEmpress | N/R | Yuuri/Victor | 1k. vitYASS victor,,,, honey,,,, i lvoe you so much,,,, but WHY are you like this. My collection of Fan Fictions. hide.

frank gardner house plans →. I was browsing my archive because I was in the mood to redraw old art and stumbled across old wank. Viktor can be brave for Yuuri, he can be so many things, he can be anything, and all Yuuri wants him to be is himself, what does that even mean. home message [ Canon Universe Yuri on Ice Fic recs ] archive theme. 13. share.

7k (2 Works), No Summary, but I promise its worth a read :), (i’m) the boy you’d die for by jenmishe

“Oh thank god.” At his obviously incredulous expression, Viktor expounded, “I’ve had to pee for forever, but didn’t want you to think I was gross if I asked you to wait while I went behind a tree.”. thanks for liking the blog! Makkachin??? Viktor expects to see Yuuri lying in bed awake, maybe even on his phone, but he’s actually sitting at his desk, his torso twisted to look in Viktor’s direction. Yuuri is stopped by Minami for one last request after the regionals. They’re allowed to do this, Yuuri tells himself. ... Destiel PG-13 Multi-Chaptered Updated - 3-27-12 Summary: When a human child is born, their soul is shattered into bright gleaming pieces that scatter to the winds. Thanks! Yuuri claims to have a “dark past.” Part of that dark past is Phichit successfully convincing Yuuri to join the school pageant, and him actually winning it. 13k (9 Works), No Summary, but honestly the title speaks for itself - mod, Return to Sender by IllyasJames

(Or: some days, it’s all Yuuri can do to manage his own anxiety. Archived. A kind of dean cas admitting of deeper feelings set around episodes 3 7 of season 11 of supernatural. I’d like to know if anyone else has problems accessing the links, or if it’s just one of them that doesn’t work, And I don’t have any reverse!fics since that’s too AU for me, so I’m sorry about that. But sometimes, only sometimes, there’s just no words needed. If you ask Yuuri, he’ll say that he’s never been on a date, or even been asked on one. Any rating is acceptable.

I do my own drabbles, and I love your suggestions/ recommendations for fics.