Deaton say I'm fine that this is going to happen!" He said. Liam muttered, Scott snarled at him to be quiet, making him jump and looked down at the floor. She said "I will be at Scott's for dinner." Kira asked, Scott looked up to see the coyote standing at the open door waving to Lydia to wait for her, "Well I was only for Stiles, if your kicking him out I'm out of here. Kira was only half listening at this point but nodded all the same. On Monday, he found magic. Parody fic Sterek Rated: Fiction M - English - Parody/Romance - Stiles S., Derek H. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,308 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 252 - Follows: 125 - Published: 2/22/2013 - Status: Complete - id: 9037157 "Stiles, don't rip this pack part, this is what the Nogitsune did before and look what happen well all nearly died Allison is dead because of you!" Noshiko looked at her daughter as she came flying into the house and was yelling about Stiles and the Nogitsune "Kira slow down." She said before walking out the house. The lights in the house flickered again and the mirror's and windows cracked and rattled before Derek put his hands back on Stiles shoulders. It's back it has to be!" On Friday, Derek kicked him out of the Pack. "Stiles I'm sorry but we know." She told him, he looked at her and blinked, "I could smell it on him and then I saw a fox around him." The lights in the house flickered, "I'm sorry Stiles I think it's best if you left the pack. (Unfortunately) Well at least now he has the time to think of all the reasons why he deserves to be in the pack and figure out where it all went wrong. Scott said, Stiles froze Derek looked at Scott wide eye even Kira looked at Scott with shocked eyes, Stiles looked at him blankly. The Alpha turned to the older wolf and flashed his red eyes at him to warn him, "Derek you're not part of my pack you a guest I this is the pack choice." Derek whispered into his ears, "Come on." She could be heard shouting. Stiles said as he watched her run off. When Allison is injured after Stiles got the wrong info about the big bad of the week, Scott kicks him out of the pack. "Lydia…". Stiles yelled, Scott shook his head and moved his hand to hold Kira's hand "I spoke to Deaton about it the minute I started noticing some things. Liam follows stiles out of the pack because Liam sees stiles as a father figure because his was never around. Derek see you soon. Scott asked helping to steady her on her feet. Liam frowned feeling conflicted he liked Stiles he knew he could go to him when he was having problems, Scott dealt with wolf problems and Stiles helped with everything else, homework, and personal things. She turned to look at Stiles who had his head hung low, Lydia walked over to him and warped her arms around Stiles "Stiles I didn't know he was going to do this believe me, you still my friend Dark Fox or human.

He yelled. His friends abandoned him and his father is always at work and Stiles has never felt so alone. Scott whispered as he went to sit on the bed, the fox stood in front of him unsure what to do, "If this is Nogitsune it would have started affecting Stiles by now maybe as mum said he just a Dark Fox." Derek kicks Stiles out of the pack Jackson is the only one that has a problem with this. Kira said panicking, "Kira, someone can be a dark fox without being host to the Nogitsune."

Stiles said with a broken voice. On Saturday, he realized he was alone. Derek said, from his corner of the McCall house. "Scott what's wrong?" "LIKE HELL IT IS!" He whispered, the red head could feel the hurt on Stiles voice and how much he was trying to hold self together.

"Wow this is a great pack two wolves and a fox." It seemed that Nogitsune left its powers behind in Stiles, or part of its powers, but it was enough for Stiles to be label as a Dark Fox by Kira. "What's best for the pack." He asked, the alpha looked up at Stiles flashing his red eyes that made the teen jump back a bit. Kicked out of the pack/Ignored Stiles I'm looking for fics in which Stiles winds up on the outside, where he's either kicked out of the pack, and deals with that, or where Scott doesn't really bother making effort and winds up ignoring him, or where he's taken advantage up, and walks away.