"To defund completely without looking at how we're going to deliver services, I don't think is the right approach.

While these protests have propelled police racism and brutality into the media, and politicians have scrambled to say the right things, we still have a significant hill to climb. RCMP officers in Fort McMurray recently carried out a violent beating of Athabasca Chipewyan chief Allan Adam. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have killed yet another First Nations man. "It's a balkanized system and it makes for inefficient and I think costly policing.". The seven other men charged were either acquitted or convicted of lesser offences.

(BIPOC) communities to defund and abolish Canadian municipal police

The RCMP are doing a phenomenal job lowering crime and initiating the #EndGangLife campaign. When Canada’s army was in Somalia in the 1990s, members of the Airnborne section beat and killed a Somali teenager, ripping aside the mask of racism. Email Trudeau and his Cabinet to call for the firing of the RCMP commissioner. In fact, police officers are frequently the perpetrators of sexualized violence against Indigenous women and girls. "There should be one police service for the whole of the province of Ontario, or the whole of the province of Alberta, or the whole of the province of British Columbia. peoples, reforms to a police force that was built to oppress us won’t

It comforts white people and makes them — us — feel protected. More and more people are seeing that the only way to prevent these Defund Congress. Canada to recognize the systemic discrimination and racism that pervades Every Indigenous and Black resistance movement has brought us to this point in time. Indigenous people have been calling on the government of During testimony in front of a House of Commons meeting earlier this week — and against a backdrop of recent allegations of racism and excessive force levelled against RCMP officers — Commissioner Brenda Lucki was questioned about calls to rid the force of its contract policing duties.

We, the undersigned, thank you for launching an investigation into and halting U.S. funding of the pro-abortion World Health Organization on the basis of their alleged role in helping to cover-up the Chinese Communist Party's campaign of misinformation regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Photo by Miles Howe/Halifax Media Co-op. Similar accounts are common across the country, but we still do not have access to police discipline files to understand the full extent of the problem. All content ©1963–2020 Canadian Dimension   |   Top of page, grounded in racism and violence against Indigenous peoples since its inception, hasn’t posted any reports on its website since 2017, ‘They won’t even give him Tylenol’: An interview with the spouse of a COVID-positive prisoner in Manitoba’s Headingley jail, Trump or Biden—whoever wins, the world loses, Why we need to resurrect the ‘syndicalism’ of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, Resurgence or revelation? Ross Canup. While many Canadians are outraged by the reports, photos and videos of RCMP brutality against Indigenous peoples, and are calling for change, the RCMP simply cannot bring itself to admit that there is a problem. We are kept in the dark about problems within the RCMP, not unlike the special investigatory or oversight bodies for other police forces where few, if any, are ever convicted of crimes. Instead, said Samuels-Wortley, the RCMP should focus on its federal policing priorities, freeing up government funding for social services.

We need to start somewhere: defund, disarm and disband the RCMP. The perpetrator was known to police, suspected of holding illegal weapons and had a history of aggressive anti-social behaviour. There have also been numerous recommendations from the United Nations human rights treaty bodies for both standardized race and sex-based disaggregated data collection and access to information from police and governments generally. This institution was created without the input of peoples and other marginalized communities. US zip codes to cities powered by SimpleMaps.com. Indigenous peoples. organization, using a Indigenous worldview in the provision of services The RCMP’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) participates in a training exercise in Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The recent RCMP killings of Indigenous people in New Brunswick are set to be reviewed by Quebec’s police oversight. own justice institutions need to be recognized insofar as they need to Mandating the use of body cameras is a joke considering RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s baffling inability to answer a straightforward question about systemic racism in the force. and equality. and programs to Vancouver’ Indigenous youth. — the largest RCMP contract municipality – is looking at creating its own police force. Click here to learn more or change your cookie settings. They are literally showing the world why so many of us have called for defunding of the police. Peaceful, people-power protests brought down some of the most oppressive regimes in recorded history, and optimists at home and abroad spoke of a peace dividend: With the Cold War over, reductions in military spending would free up public money for education and health care. She is a longtime CD columnist, and has been a practicing lawyer for 20 years. When confronted with weeks of protests, bad publicity and a video of RCMP officers beating an unarmed Chief Allan Adam, RCMP Deputy Commissioner and Commanding Officer for Alberta Curtis Zablocki’s first response was to deny there is racism in policing in Canada or Alberta. Indigneous peoples and other marginalized communities, the very same

Please check out my organizations and She ended by saying that the RCMP will not tolerate those whose actions are not in line with the RCMP’s core values–but that is exactly the problem. Urban Native Youth Association, a front-line community-based The emergency alert wasn’t activated; the public wasn’t warned. This would have destroyed the very beach it was meant to serve. A 2013 Human Rights Watch report on the RCMP in northern British Columbia documented many reports of physical and sexual assaults by RCMP officers against Indigenous women and girls. Taylor C. Noakes is an independent journalist and historian from Montreal. They plan on giving 2.5 million of that to the RCMP. But even if it was functioning properly, The Hill Times revealed that the CRCC hasn’t posted any reports on its website since 2017 and the vast majority of complaints against the RCMP are never made public. As calls to 'defund' police grow, some say it's time for the RCMP to do less. Whether or not the RCMP is to exist in the future, we have to do the important work of holding it to account for all of its abuses to date, which requires declassifying its files. They also commit these same acts of racialized violence against our Black brothers and sisters. Standoff between protesters and the RCMP during an attempt to stop SWN Resources Canada from conducting seismic testing along highway 126, Kent County, New Brunswick. The Wrech Beach preservation Society started a petition, without benefit of internet or social media and were still able to collect 12,144 Signatures against the road in less than 44 days. Why are we outraged by the symptoms, yet incredulous as to the cause? Will you do the same? Share the campaign with your friends to triple your impact! Thousands of families have been forever impacted by the over-incarceration of Black and Indigenous mothers, fathers and children.

If you do, enabling JavaScript should get around the problems. The inquiry revealed widespread problems in the unit and throughout the Canadian Forces.

the line in their calls for change. To: After the murder of two Somali men by members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 1993, the federal government disbanded the unit. the police. My name is Matthew Norris and I am Nehithaw-Cree from Treaty 6 Instead of being reactive, be more proactive about what it is that we can do to build a healthier community.". senseless violence of the RCMP and imagine a new way towards justice already led to some real changes in city police departments, and I hold Video footage revealed racist tirades, blackface and Black recruits smeared with feces in the form of the letters “KKK.” Of the two men who faced the most serious charges, one spent five years behind bars, while the other was deemed unfit to stand trial as a consequence of brain damage suffered as a result of a highly suspicious suicide attempt. No one has time for “important first steps” or “best efforts” anymore. The police are also under investigation in New Brunswick for having shot and killed two Indigenous people in the span of a week—one of which was by the RCMP. ... Defund the Metropolitan Police Department!

"I would say that this is an opportunity, yes, for the police to just deal federally because I understand that they do contribute to national security," she said. Prime minister Justin Trudeau

With crime rates in steady decline nationwide, is the national police force now to become an army for the oil and gas industry? based on the model of Britain’s colonial police in Ireland, police killing of another First Nations woman, Despite its record, polls show high trust in the RCMP. The wave of revolutions that swept the globe from mid-1989 through the end of 1991 brought about the end of international communism, the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. I am also the Vice President of the history. In any other country, it would be rightly accused of being the arm of state violence. Both Zablocki and Lucki tried to walk back their statements, only after calls were made for their resignations.

We do not control or endorse the conduct of users and make no representations of any kind about them. from the RCMP to a municipal police department. ', Dog Pretends She Has No Idea Who Destroyed Mom’s Flip-Flops, BTS’ Suga Shares Update With ARMY Following ‘Successful’ Shoulder Surgery: ‘I’ll Be Back Soon’, 9 Very-Clever Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Oven, Truck driver sentenced in Alberta school bus crash that killed girl, 15, Trump administration advances $10 billion defense sale to UAE - source, Kelowna neighbourhood could see new multi-storey housing unit for seniors, Red Sox-Cora reunion the smart move despite the controversy that follows, Matthew McConaughey Shares Adorable Video Of His Kids’ ‘Alarm Clock’ Birthday Song, Dog Who Was Missing For 6 Years Finally Finds His Family Again, Rebel Wilson Shares A Look At The Scrapes And Bruises She Endured While Taking ‘Hot Photos’ On The Beaches Of Mexico.

A man with anger issues and a suspected cache of firearms spent his downtime cosplaying as an officer and this didn’t set off any alarm bells? Sign This Petition. Why are we expected to tolerate so much more state-sanctioned inhumanity today than in the mid-1990s? The inquiry’s final report indicated neither men had posed any threat to the soldiers and fled the moment they felt spotted. pushing Indigenous people off the land and onto reserves, Indigenous children to residential schools. Perhaps as many as 80 soldiers were close enough to the bunker to hear his anguished cries and did nothing. It was nonetheless a move in the right direction. That means we need to open the books on RCMP police discipline files, complaint files and investigations, photos, videos, and evidence, as well as all statistical data and information about all civilian and internal lawsuits settled by the RCMP (with associated privacy protections for victims).