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He believes that the government was involved in filming fake Moon landings to hide ‘NASA’s secrets. It found that extremely hot weeks like the fourth week of December, the country’s hottest on record, were at least twice as likely now than before 1900. In short, as the country’s citizens and many visitors get a glimpse at its potentially dystopian future of worsening droughts and bushfires, its political leaders are doing everything they can to increase the fossil fuel extraction and combustion that experts conclude are exacerbating these extreme events. The report said federal and state governments should produce "downscaled" climate projections, and agree on climate trajectories and timelines. The commission's 578-page report, with 387 pages of appendices, made 80 recommendations, including for a greater harmonization of data across Australia on climate and disaster risks.

In Jones’s view, the 9/11 attacks, the ‘Boston Marathon’ massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the shooting at the ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School’ in Connecticut were all organized (or were not prevented) by some shadowy groups within the US government.

Despite all this, as record bushfires continue to rage, Liberal Party leaders have maintained their position that Australia does not need stronger climate policies. A more active tropical cyclone season is also forecast. Jones asserts that several governments and business houses have conspired to create a ‘New World Order,’ and they have achieved this by “manufactured economic crises, sophisticated surveillance tech and—above all—inside-job terror attacks that fuel exploitable hysteria." Military assets have been deployed in response to the fires at a scale not seen since World War II.

Confirming what had been widely suspected, researchers have found that human-caused climate change had an impact on Australia’s recent devastating wildfires, making the extremely high-risk conditions that led to widespread burning at least 30 percent more likely than in a world without global warming. This week, The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) announced that it has achieved net zero emissions and sourced 100% renewable electricity globally for its direct operations, reaching the target it set when it joined RE100. The wildfire season has again opened in Australia. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized for his handling of the bushfires, as well as his ties to the country’s coal industry–a major contributor to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. She graduated with a BS in journalism from Emerson College in 2016, with focuses on environmental studies and publishing.

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In fact, 2018 and 2019 were Australia’s hottest and driest years on record. In a worst-case scenario this loss could increase to 23% over the next 80 years. Here is the full explainer if it’s of interest:, And a piece from the Guardian I found helpful:, Ecologist Michael Dietze is quoted here as saying “different eucalyptus tree species live in abundance throughout the continent, some of which “are pretty much designed to blow themselves up.” Putting climate change aside for the moment, the paramount importance of this point is getting lost in an emotional and political debate, and tragically more people and property will be lost as a result. If you’d like to contribute, a number of organizations aiding in relief efforts are accepting donations, including the Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, and wildlife rescue efforts. Dr. van Oldenborgh said the study was the most complicated the group had ever conducted because wildfires are a complex phenomenon affected not only by heat and precipitation but also by wind, humidity and other factors. “Australia has always had a fire season, but what we’re seeing now is more severe with bigger fires happening more often,” says Dietze. is a science writer for The Brink.

“There are some events on the ground that have huge human and ecological impacts,” he said. A royal commission into Australia’s 2019-20 bushfires—and how the nation responds to natural disasters in general—issued its final report on Friday, presenting a dire warning of a future shaped by global warming and describing the country’s disaster outlook as “alarming”.

Temperature records confirm that 2019 was Australia’s hottest and driest year on record, as well as the planet’s second-hottest year ever, coming in second to 2016. He... John Christopher Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor, producer, and musician. Australia's bushfires show drastic effects of climate change. “And anthropogenic influences are easily detectable in terms of extreme temperatures.”.

NPR's Leila Fadel speaks with former fire commissioner Greg Mullins about the public's anger as parts of Australia … The flammability of the eucalyptus trees are now working in conjunction with a much larger fire amplifier: climate change. “Which is a scary place to be.”. Australia is the world’s leading exporter of coal and the second-largest producer and exporter of liquid natural gas, and the government recently proposed opening new coal mines and ports in what would be one of the world’s largest fossil fuel expansions. There are concerns over the long-term effects of plastic pollution along the south Wales coast as sanitary products continue to be washed ashore. All rights reserved. Panicked horses flee a bushfire near Canberra, Australia, on February 1, 2020. While a student, she interned at ThinkProgress in Washington, D.C., where she wrote over 30 stories, most of them relating to climate change, coral reefs, and women’s health. Australia Releases Report on 2020 Fires,... A royal commission into Australia’s 2019-20 bushfires—and how the nation responds to natural disasters in general—issued its final report on Friday, presenting a dire warning of a future shaped by global warming and describing the country’s disaster outlook as “alarming”. “Global warming is sort of the initial term people use because the big impact of climate change is increasing temperatures overall globally,” said Bernhardt, who is developing research and coursework in climatology and meteorology. It is often referred to as “global warming,” but this phrase is misleading. However, he describes himself as a libertarian and paleoconservative individual. The research is the latest in a growing subfield of climate science: attribution studies that look for links, or the lack of them, between climate change and specific weather-related events, often within weeks of an event.

Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud described the recommendations as pragmatic. Walter-Peterson is working with experts at... To add to the unusuality of 2020, this year also marks a historic and destructive Atlantic hurricane season.

Similarly to Australia, with climate change forest fires have gotten progressively worse. The analysis of lack of rainfall found no significant trend related to climate change. The country’s climate negotiators were accused of sabotaging the international climate agreement in Madrid in 2019, as they tried to use old “carry-over” carbon credits from the Kyoto Protocol to meet current climate goals. Alternative regional alert names were once used; in Georgia, "Levi's Call" (in memory of Levi Frady); in Hawaii, "Maile Amber Alert" (in memory of Maile Gilbert); and Arkansas, "Morgan Nick Amber Alert" (in memory of Morgan Nick) and Utah, "Rachael Alert" (in memory of Rachael Runyan). The Dunn Road fire burned in southeastern Australia in January. Public information in an AMBER Alert usually consists of the name and description of the abductee, a description of the suspected abductor, and a description and license plate number of the abductor's vehicle if available. To answer both questions, the claims of arsonists igniting the bushfires is false.