I grew up in a missionary and pastors’ home with my five siblings. This experience has proven invaluable has she has addressed school finance and worked to keep a fiscally responsible budget. Website: https://www.facebook.com/shumateforfloydcountycommissioner, Tom Lenfert, Floyd County Commissioner District #3. I continue to work with my colleagues on the Southern and Northern borders as we address this threat. iii.

Growing up in rural Idaho k-12 I/we said the pledge in every morning class. All Rights Reserved. First, if people are going to act un-Christian with their tactics, they shouldn’t act un-Christian in the name of Christ—even if their end policy objective is a righteous cause. In 2015 I printed a bill to permanently display “IN GOD WE TRUST” behind the seat of the House Speaker and Senate Pro-Tem. i. Judge Granger is the founder and Supervising Judge of the Veterans Court of Southern Indiana, a Certified Problem-Solving Court serving Floyd, Clark, and Scott counties and is also Indiana’s model Veterans Court. That is, I feel a deep obligation to be sure I’m not cherry-picking the tenets of faith that support the political objective or position I’ve pre-determined to pursue. Rapid population growth and the COVID-19 pandemic mean that more than ever Idaho needs strong, intelligent leadership on a host of issues including taxation, economic policy, education policy, and criminal justice. Students need to understand their proud heritage as Americans and recognize that they need to give back, to serve others and their country, and to appreciate the blessings God has bestowed upon the United States of America. My constituents are able to get a hold of me at almost any time, and I have gained their support and trust. I am convinced that the future holds great promise which is the reason I am running for office. I guarantee I will work hard, seek input, listen, and most importantly make a difference because that’s what Canyon County and our residents deserve. A career educator who is passionate about family, learning, and wellness, Erica Lawrence is ready to produce result for State House District 72. I felt called to serve and defend my country, and after two tours of duty in Afghanistan, my wife and I, along with our four month old son, moved back to Idaho. I worked full time, often times having to pick my girls up from daycare and even continuing work with them by my side; I would dedicate time with them each evening, then put them to bed and stay up late completing my schoolwork for my degree.

Thank you again for allowing me the time to briefly explain my knowledge and experience that qualifies me to once again be elected to the Office of Sheriff for Canyon County. Running For Representative District 10, Position A. I was a farm kid, born to Archie and Marlene Yamamoto 62 years ago and married to Leland Sasaki for 28 years and counting.