Send Me to the Clouds tells the story of Sheng Nan’s quest to have a “mind-blowing” sexual experience before she undergoes surgery to cure ovarian cancer. The Last Sunrise defines its own sub-category, one that capitalizes on gentle, subtler moments to highlight the dynamics between its two protagonists. Chinese title: ‎春江水暖 | Director: Gu Xiaogang | Starring: Youfa Qian, Fengjuan Wang, Zhangjian Sun, Renliang Zhang, Guoying Zhang, Zhangwei Sun, Hongjun Du, Luqi Peng, Yi Zhuang, Zikang Sun, Zhenyang Dong | Genre: Drama, Family.

Interested in learning more? His life in shambles, Zhang hopes to redeem himself in one last rally competition. Our second best Chinese movie of 2019 is the sci-fi movie The Wandering Earth. Gu Xiaogang’s debut as a director couldn’t really have gone much better: the former fashion industry worker’s first feature film Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains was screened at Cannes and critics raved about it. Authorities yanked Better Days from the Berlinale in Febuary, and the film’s producers cancelled a planned summer wide theatrical debut.

Check out our full review! Amateur scientist Sun Yang teams up with his neighbor Chen Mu to try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Ranging from comedies to animations, and action movies to deep dramas, these best Chinese movies have not only won the hearts and minds of the Chinese people, but also many viewers around the world. In his first feature film, director Wen Ren deftly utilizes every ounce of resource to deliver an extremely thoughtful and touching narrative about two people trying to survive the end of the world.

Apparently, this plan wasn’t very good, because Earth falls into the gravity well of Jupiter on its way out, and a group of (predominantly Chinese) technicians and scientists band together to save the day.

© 2014-2020 Cinema Escapist, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. His upright parents attempt to keep Ne Zha from causing too much chaos, but largely fail in keeping Ne Zha from terrorizing local villagers.

Better Days was worth the wait though. The Wandering Earth; The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang; Nezha - The Birth of the Magic Boy; Jade Dynasty; Line Walker 2; The Bravest; Chasing the Dragon 2; P Storm; Shanghai Fortress; Triple Threat

The story of Ne Zha is based on an eponymous deity from Chinese folk religion. To learn more about So Long, My Son, read our full review.

Tracing the lives of two families from the 1980’s to the present day, the film offers a humanistic perspective on China’s “Reform and Opening.”.

While the pursuit of “mind-blowing” sex is the basis of the film’s plot, the majority of the film concerns itself with gendered social expectations—male and female alike.

haven’t exactly been on the best of terms in 2019, clandestine violations of other nations’ sovereignty, asking party cadres to “channel [their] inner Ne Zha.”, cancelled a planned summer wide theatrical debut, The Difference Between Chinese and American Romance Movies.

Diao Yinan’s follow up to his breakthrough feature Black Coal, Thin Ice is set in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

In 2019, to Hollywood’s chagrin, Chinese moviegoers largely forwent American blockbusters for local productions. All rights reserved.

Chinese authorities delayed Better Days‘ release multiple times in 2019. Chinese title: ‎哪吒 | Director: Yu Yang | Voices: Lü Yanting, Cao Yalong, Wang Zheng, Chen Hao, Zeng Hongru, Yang Wei, Zhang Jiaming | Genre: Comedy, Animation, Action, Drama. Check out our review of the movie! After a chance encounter, the two form an unlikely bond as Xiao Bei helps protect Chen Nian from her bullies, and Chen Nian begins to give Xiao Bei a reason to live.

!Subscribe \u0026 More Videos:, #moviesechinese Instead of letting the story drive the film, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains more resembles a Chinese landscape painting. There’s not much tension or drama to the plot. Not only was The Wandering Earth visually breathtaking, but also the screenwriting and acting were superb. Beyond an exceptional cinematic experience featuring stunning landscapes of rural China, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains highlights a number of social issues in contemporary China ranging from parental marital pressure to materialism. Chinese title: ‎流浪地球 | Director: Frant Gwo | Starring: Wu Jing, Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Mike Sui | Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Action. To learn more about The Wild Goose Lake, read our full-length review! The Wild Goose Lake features an all-star cast and blends complex interpersonal relationships to deliver a gripping melodrama.

At the center of Pegasus’ redemption narrative is Zhang Chi (Shen Teng of Goodbye Mr. Loser), a former rally car racing champion who just emerged from a five year driving ban for illegal street racing. Life events happen to the characters of the movie, rather than the movie’s protagonists acting in progression of the plot. By focusing on making a great movie first and foremost, while only hinting at Chinese greatness, Frant Gwo can ensure that international audiences will actually appreciate the film and might leave with a more positive view of China afterwards.

The Last Sunrise also grapples with some tough moral decisions for the pair, artfully depicting the cruel reality of survival without passing judgement on the duo.