If you’re looking for a company to help you plan tours in China then look no further. Generally, we do not ship tickets outside of China. Questions & Answers on China Train Schedule and Tickets Booking.

If you need international shipment, please contact us for a special delivery service and extra cost is needed.

Generally, the China mainland trains open for sale 30 days before the earliest. Ivy is super kind always replying my emails.

But its ticket price is 20%-40% higher than that of a second class seat. Booking with China Highlights is recommended. It was really a friendly and easy-to-use website for foreigners. Here are clear samples and explanations teaching passengers how to read the information on a ticket, including the station names and departure time.

Our journey time was about 4hrs 10mins, hot airline style tray meal plus copious additional snacks and soup included in ticket price, pretty nice and, The service received was simply amazing and was beyond my expectation levels.

China Railway has taken effective measures to protect passengers from the novel coronavirus.

However, picking the tickets up at the station was traumatic: I queued for almost an hour, so allow for that possibility when you travel. I'm a regular passengers and I did my booked 2 days in advance, I mistakenly input my passport number but Ms. Ivy found it and changed it for me. It is very bad': China's new pattern causes an outbreak of pessimism.

That being said, the railway system is not necessarily friendly to foreigners. See. Easy to book and pay and now there is no need for tickets. We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal online. Clean and safe. Some rail lines have reduced the number of trains in operation. Arrive at the right station an hour before departure, enter with your passport via manual channel, go through security check, find your waiting room and check-in gate, and then wait for the check-in. It's unnecessary to have a paper ticket. What does it mean 2 on ticket next to the arrival time. We send e-ticket by email and do not send paper ticket to hotel. Based our experiences, 95% of paid booking have been able to get the tickets successfully. Or, please add our Wechat account, it is travelchinaguide1998. Please contact us as soon as possible and we can tell you the procedure to reissue the tickets at train station. That being said, the railway system is not necessarily friendly to foreigners. Recommended tours and precautions we take, 100% of our guests get the refund during Covid-19, Which type of train and which class to choose.

TravelChinaGuide is sooo good and considerate. Especially if you can't speak Chinese, the best way to go!

Or does it take 2 days to get there from Shenzhen to Shenyang? The Travel China part was great. Consider alternative transport while we rectify the delay.

Can I make changes to the departure times once I purchase them? Not possible to choose this possibility. You need to provide your name in full which exactly match your passport.

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What information should I provide to book a train ticket? Due to the coronavirus outbreak, trains to Wuhan, and other cities in Hubei Province have been canceled. Copyright © 2020 China Ticket Online. Is it possible to have all tickets in the same cabin?

; Major Delays - significantly longer journey time expected with trains delayed by over 15 minutes. Link – https://goo-gl.ru.com/3EQ, Everyone can earn as much as he wants now.

The 35,000 km's (21,750 mi) high speed rail enables more than 2,300 pairs of daily bullet trains in operation, connecting almost every large city and top tourist destinations. Railway tickets can be refunded or changed both before and after issuing.

Losing the ticket, you can still take the train with your passport.

Actually, it is quite easy, fun, and even more convenient than taking a plane. The Qing government was uninterested and had the line dismantled. For customers who does not have credit card or PayPal.

Just use your passport used for the booking to access ... Definitely the easiest way to book train tickets in China for non-Chinese speakers. Very efficient company. The service fee varies depending on different ticket price. All passengers will be measured temperature when check in at any train station. Could you please email us your booking details and we can reply you? Thank you Travel China Guide for all your help and making it all so easy for us!!! The first railway to be built in China was a 600-metre narrow gauge demonstration line that a British merchant assembled in Beijing in 1865 to demonstrate rail technology. For e-tickets,  the seats are assigned by computer and no human intervene is allowed. You can see the fee during the booking process.

I was going to go to all the amazing towers in Shanghai. How to choose different train types & seat classes? Thanks. Just use your passport used for the booking to access stations and trains. Will use again!

we accept bank transfer. The reopening time of these trains has not yet been decided. I rescheduled flights and changed my itinerary several times, and TCG were very helpful in making this a smooth process. I had no problems with getting my ticket or on the train! My experience in interacting with the professionals over the chat and service rendered by the experts from travel china guide is purely awesome.

Punctuate and Reliable The e-ticket is booked under your full name and passport number. Thanks to the internet technology, our customers grows rapidly.

20 kg (44 pounds) per adult and 10 kg (22 pounds) per child, with the total length of each item within 130cm (51 in).

How many days in advance can I book my ticket?

This was 'compensation' for having missed out on the bullet train trip Zhumadian-Shenzhen which we would otherwise have taken over the Lunar New Year.

Train from Luzhai North to Beihai return. Booked train tickets to go from China to Vietnam - service was clear, quick and efficient, at a reasonable price. Business Class compartment is quite small at front of carriage, with about 8 seats in all - 2 rows of 3 seats, one row at the front with two seats only, one on either side of the aisle (this is where we were sitting).

From booking train/plane tickets to suggesting tours and visits, then TCG is a great choice. Daniel :). but I can not go over the payment process I would like to pay with wechat. Hi, I am trying to book tickets from Beijing to Tianjin August 20-23rd.

How can I collect tickets at train station?

Besides the ticket fare, we charge the service fee and transaction fee. China train system boasts over 139,000 km (86,370 mi) long railway, including the world's largest high speed train network connecting more than 500 cities across the country, and the highest speed can reach 350 km/h (217 mph). Everything worked well. I have been purchasing train tickets through Travel China Guide for 3 years now.

I submitted the online booking and paid for the tickets with my credit card.

Link – https://goo-gl.ru.com/3EQ, Find out about the easiest way of money earning. Made use of the full flat-bed electric recline on our seats for part of the journey, quite comfortable. We booked the train tickets online and you collected the paper tickets at train station with the ticket pickup number and my passports. Travel China Guide were so quick to respond, and very helpful. We took the fastest train. It is so easy and customer service is great! Here are a few steps to follow when getting on or off a train in China.

The tickets were booked quickly and without fuss, making it unnecessary to muddle through the China Rail website (in Chinese). Start to search the realtime timetable and book your China railway tickets now!

Quick responses from the team at Travel China Guide plus great tour suggestions. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. Highly recommended. We booked the train tickets from Beijing to Shanghai through the TravelChinaGuide.com app. We accept online booking at least 3 days in advance.

The departure time can be changed before departure. I could even check every booking status online and upload the ticket collection information. The international trains are still stopped at the moment due to the virus. China high speed train runs from 200km/hr to 350km/hr at reasonable price. After the tickets were released to the public, we got the tickets on our preferred train. Use a journey planner for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Provides official China train schedule, fares and ticket availability search plus train station guide and rail travel information for overseas visitors. Watch this video guide to see what a train trip in China is like.

Very amazing Travel agency & the staff are amazing. You are advised to book the tickets as early as you can.

+1 means the next day. For urgent cancellation, please call us. Can’t wait to hit top speed. From booking train/plane tickets to suggesting tours and visits, then TCG is a great choice. Once we have received your payment, we will proceed to purchase the tickets as soon as the train opens for sale.

Unfortunately I couldn't travel because China closed the borders so far but as soon as they open, I'll try to go as soon as possible. It is very convenient. People are traveling under real-name policy. This was also built by the British, without approval from the Qing government, which ha… China train system boasts over 139,000 km (86,370 mi) long railway, including the world's largest high speed train network connecting more than 500 cities across the country, and the highest speed can reach 350 km/h (217 mph).

You can also contact us with questions and feedback. Payment was easy through Paypal. No, sorry. Buying train tickets to/from Hong Kong is different from buying train tickets in Mainland China. Our booking was made at short notice as we should have been flying about 10 days later to Beijing and on to Europe, but advanced our trip back because of the then just-commencing covd19 crisis. Highly recommended. Wi-fi pretty good, certainly good enough to upload items including photos to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc using already-installed VPN on our smart-phones quite easily and rapidly, also of course made use of seat phone-charging facilities. It takes only 4.5 hours by the fastest train from Beijing to Shanghai for the 1318 km journey. Go through the process through the video to prepare yourself for a smooth train trip. I never had an issue and traveled more than a dozen times on China bullet trains. Can I choose lower berth or upper berth? It is absolutely fantastic the way I could chat and ask for assistance while am traveling with limited access to Internet or WiFi zones. Jessica booked tickets exactly as we had requested online and she provided very detailed instruction for how to get the paper tickets. Trip was very smooth and the attendant was pleasant and polite.