Well, this is the place!

I have been on a panel where all the panel members ranked one candidate the highest (and I’m sure he could tell that we were really happy with his answers) but another candidate got the position due to the other weighting factors. (Bad example but you get the idea.). The something can be certificates, references, a picture of you and your cat, etc.

Is it true that with this change 9/80s are out?

I wish people would stop saying they will be ba liable 100%. I for one, participate in something called the Voluntary Leave Program (something I signed up for when I got hired). Pay periods are 21 or 22 days, depending on the month. More posts from the CAStateWorkers community.

Do your best to read the room.

Wait to be called.

This was a source of confusion for me as well. Does anyone actually think this process is good?

In addition to the numerical scores given on the interview itself (which you will never be able to see, don’t even try asking), there are likely additional scores based on your resume and weighting factors like military service and prior experience with the government entity.

Hi firstly great thank you for posting this!!!

How do I find out who is my union steward? Are you interested in knowing about what a job at the State of California is like? Look at what you're eligible for with your education level.

Are you interested in knowing about what a job at the State of California is like?

Well, this is the place! I mailed out all the paperwork on October this year. Sounds like some Dept did cancel 9/8/80 so not sure how it will be handled this go around. Step 5. Thank you for also opining. Do you work for the State of California? Do you work for the State of California?

Hopefully, you passed most, if not all, of your exams. I seriously dont remember I took any exam yet. Wait.

I'm going to be applying to the state soon, but I need to get through that rather brutal assessment first. I take a voluntary 5% salary reduction in exchange for eight extra hours of vacation a month. This helps! Most workers won’t get raises. Paging u/ridicusauce or u/xilpaxim. Whether or not those will be scheduled days, or bankable “leave days” remains to be seen. Now that you know you meet the MQ's it's time to take the exam(s)!!!! Exactly this. Do you work for the State of California? Make sure you have all the documents required. If you’re interviewing with a government entity, odds are pretty good that some version of this is what’s going to happen. Some departments want you to already be working for them, so be sure and read the bulletin.

I will be gone from February until late August.