They tap into the financial knowledge and skills learned in college to … When accidents do occur, these officers work to identify the cause and come up with policies to prevent future incidents. Equip people in crisis with the resources they need to recover. What is Assisted Living Facility Discharge Disposition Code. Tackle legal cases involving environmental damage. You can work in gyms, clinics, hospitals or as a private fitness coach. © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. Now that you've read about some of the many possibilities, start thinking about how you can develop the skills you'll need in order to take advantage of those opportunities. Employee-run committees, including Spirit, Recognition, Service, and Wellness groups, are constantly planning activities, celebrations, and fun that focus the spotlight on their most valuable assets—their own teammates, or “Accoladians.” Start making a difference today by joining the team! For instance, Massage Therapists earn between $19,720 and $741,870 annually while Registered Nurses may earn as much as $102, 990 annually. Occupational therapists feature prominently on any list of jobs which help people. Medical Doctor: Imagine a world without medical doctors- many of us wouldn’t even be alive right now. Assistants ensure that patients perform therapeutic exercises correctly, take note of patient progress, and report their observations to the occupational therapist. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, check out the careers for altruists listed below! Specialties like family law, immigration law, and property law offer many opportunities to make a real difference in people's lives. There are … Jobs for nurses are widely available across Canada and are expected to remain that way for several years. Guide students through the emotional challenges of school life. Specialize in the health and well-being of elderly. 48. 36. This option gives you a chance to balance the human aspect of the job with the business aspect, dealing with issues and helping ensure the people in your organization are successful. They also perform exercise tolerance tests and analyze pacemaker data. Provide spiritual guidance in non-religious settings. Home » Career ideas List for Young Adults ». Jobs like speech-language pathologist, nurse midwife, lawyer and pediatrician are fulfilling professions that help others.

Librarian: You can help people gain access to important information, help researchers do their jobs easily, and help students to perform better by becoming a librarian. Massage therapists use the power of touch to help people relax, de-stress, and recover. They deal with any urgent medical issue, from gunshot wounds and heart attacks to broken bones and breathing problems.