1 0 obj %���� &����}�I� ��F�bi�DEuOb���GA��+Z�4�M�:��1�� �^���f���Z���"�G�vR/�b���A{�S����D?&�a(B$ �BrS��w�H���IN������ix�� 8 0 obj <> The legality of the 2019/20 budget-making process in Kenya may come to haunt the National Treasury after it emerged that it failed to comply with a High Court ruling of 2018. endobj 6 0 obj

endobj Ksh 2.9 billion for Doctors/Clinical Officers/Nurses internship programme 4. 7 0 obj I have allocated Ksh 7.9billionfrom the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund to fund the universal health care initiatives 3. endobj However, when National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr Henry Rotich presented the Sh2.81trillion budget estimates in April this year, there was no Finance Bill.


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STATEMENTS 40 YEARS OF PRIDE 1977 Kenya Airways is established in January following the breakup of the East African Community and subsequent disbanding of the jointly-owned East African Airways. endobj endobj Ksh 9.2 billion for Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital 6. endobj ��������5~m���T�L���X�����g�r\ �뵶����9��m�ޗy�@^y{?�ۼ���!�O��S��|���B����9�P��Q��ρ�f�6یf��oϠ������ �\��o�3謼L禭��3��m;�:bY�@���ܾ�ޞA�V>�\]lw�-v���uu���C��9��ߏ�e?1�du�C��]�tB�#�yF�/�o~JW��"|;[o��8,�hqt���ɂ�D�i�B;�v��,�"�շ�,���AVy��g�7�O�h�$�. The ruling had a great impact on the Value Added Tax and other sin taxes that have previously come into effect on the midnight of the day the budget highlights are presented by the Treasury CS. Ksh 47.8 billion to activities and programmes geared towards universal health coverage 2.

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endobj • Review and approve submission of expenditure returns, IPPD, pending bills and A-I-A returns for KNH Summary statement of Kenya budget for fiscal year 2020/2021 and full pdf report/Photo Kenya Budget 2020/2021 The Kenya Budget for the fiscal year 2020/21 was was read on Thursday 11 th June 2020 at 3:00 pm by National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani. The collection of revenue by the taxman was based on the fact that different sections and schedules of the Finance Act come into force on diverse dates - from July1, the start of every financial year and beyond.

On Thursday, Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu admitted that the budget-making process failed to comply with the court ruling. Ksh 2.3 billion for Kenya Medical Research Institute 7.

<> Kenya Pipeline Company Annual Report and Financial Statements For the year ended June 30th, 2018 (Kshs) Annual Report & Finacial Statements 2018 1 Prepared in accordance with the Accrual Basis of Accounting Method under Unpacking of the 2019 Budget Policy Statement 7. to 5.6 percent in 2019 and the medium term. Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for Finance Henry Rotich with his briefcase outside the Parliament Buildings on June 13, 2019 before going to read the 2019/2020 Budget. Below are allocations for health sector; 1. The argument by the court in the petition filed by activist Okiya Omtatah was that the government ‘cannot budget for what it does not have or has not collected’. stream

Justice Okwany ruling made it mandatory for Treasury to present both the budget estimates and Finance Bill to Parliament. The estimates would later be varied by the National Assembly Committee on Budget and Appropriations to Sh3.02 trillion. Interestingly, the Treasury never appealed, meaning the ruling is now part of the law. <>>>/BBox[ 0 0 359.98 324.46] /Matrix[ 0.20001 0 0 0.22191 0 0] /Filter/FlateDecode/Length 25203>> <> stream

The Budget Statement for the FY 2019/20 was read on 13 June 2019 by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Hon. <> Justice Okwany ruled that the Finance Bill, which gives the government the legal force to collect taxes to finance its budget, must be enacted before the budget highlights and the revenue collection measures presented to the National Assembly. 4 0 obj Though there was ample time for the Treasury to propose amendments to the PFM Act to comply with the court ruling, it failed to do so. x���mKA����eN�qg��@�`j5��I��b��Rk)���MrmN��U86��o�v�?���3��۝��&���a4è��v (@u��(�'��� x�Q�d������~O�]|����(�@��ߛ Henry Rotich (the CS). 2 0 obj The Public Finance Management(PFM) Act, which guides the current budget-making regime, provides that the estimates must be presented at least two months before the end of every financial year. In fiscal years, this translates to a growth of 5.5 percent growth for financial year 2019/20 and 5.6 percent in 2020/21 and the medium term.

Ksh 14.4 billion for Kenyatta National Hospital 5. 5 0 obj “Any other parts or provisions thereof, including taxation, cannot be implemented before the Finance Bill becomes an Act,” Justice Okwany said of the Provisional Collection of Taxes and Duties Law. As an effect of the ruling, the court nullified the Provisional Collection of Taxes and Duties Act of 2018,which the government through Kenya Revenue Authority, had been using to collect revenue pending the passing of the Finance Bill. x��}K�$9��D����� � v��Eآg}�Q���QYQQ�&�����# �������7��ח���x���cyo���8��,oG}�����[���֡�})oGy�����f���[]�{yێ����Z�Z�۶�/������b�o�{i��3�*� o���e}{ye_���o���q�����i~kSy����r��{-���#5զ�}� j+�b 6 Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2017 • Review and recommend reallocation of expenditures. Ksh 7.4 billion f…


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