platzieren. It is the third point that our new guide to Valorant is dedicated to. When advancing from B-Long & Garden onto the site, you’ll wanna check for anyone camping behind the site box and the angle to your left. The young duellist will be perfect for attacking or recapturing sites thanks to her explosive gameplay. Weitere Informationen und widersprüchliche Möglichkeiten finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Entdecke die Welt des Esports und der Videospiele.

Innovation in game development, the economics of making games profitable, and the downward, decadent spiral of former great gaming companies fuels his soul to write daily. Showers is perfect for shotgun eco rounds: It only has one entry way and you can hug the wall and play the corners with your shotty. When attacking Showers, be mindful of B-Port Exit behind you - you have less than a second to react once you hear the sound of someone teleporting and can easily get pinched between an A defender and a rotating B defender. Teammates gather up around B Lobby to support the entry frag. An Agent keeps their position obscured, and since there are no heavy footsteps, players are free to listen to other important audio cues made by the opposing team.

Während es entscheidend ist, den Teleporter auf B zu verteidigen, ist A-Port weniger wichtig, da dieser Teleporter weniger Distanz abdeckt.

Sie zeigt das gesamte Layout der Map samt Namen. Wir werden dabei viel Callout-Terminologie nutzen, also achtet auf die Spick-Bilder im Artikel.

Also: If the enemy team does teleport, don’t necessarily chase after them immediately. Since VALORANT is a new game, everyone is learning the best practices for weapons, maps, and team compositions. Dieses Mal schauen wir uns die Verteidiger zuerst an: Auf A-Site gibt Heaven den perfekten Blick auf alle Eintrittspunkte zur Site: Ramp über A-Long und Towers über A-Short. The sulfurous Mexican mercenary can heal herself thanks to orbs she collects from the corpses of her enemies. Bei aller Freude über neue Informationen muss aber immer bedacht werden, dass alle eben genannten Informationen, auch die Karte, bis zum Release jederzeit geändert werden können. Der All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. In tactical shooters like Valorant, map knowledge and strategy is everything. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. This is going to …

The complete guide to learning how to play Killjoy in Valorant. It will depend on your economy, and your style of play. In den kommenden Monaten vor und nach der Veröffentlichung des Spiels werden wahrscheinlich weitere Modi angekündigt werden. Build guides for Blitzcrank on ProGuides. Sage is one of Valorant agents — formerly known as Project A — Riot Games' new FPS. This means that Brax, Shroud, TimTheTatman, Dizzy, DrLupo, Trymacs, ONSCREEN, Summit1g, Hiko, Mendo, Skadoodle, Ninja, Ace, and many more are perfect to learn the top skills needed to become a VALORANT champ.

Phoenix’ Ulti Run It Back ist hier sehr effektiv, da es ermöglicht, einen sicheren Blick auf A-Site zu werfen und gleichzeitig vielleicht einen Kill zu sichern, sodass der Rest des Teams sicherer nachziehen kann. While contesting the teleporter on B is crucial, contesting A-Port is much less important as the teleport itself covers less distance. What are the best compositions in Valorant? These numbers are subject to change however, since the game is still in beta. Valorant Map Guide: Haven, B-Site (Quelle: Haven Map - B Site - Defenders Guide. In the closed beta, there were three playable maps.

His domination of the competitive landscape dates back to the very start of the meta, and several patches later, his pick rate shows no sign of slowing down. Nein, Riot Games haben keinen neuen Trailer veröffentlicht. While players should explore every Agent, their abilities, and the weapons available via personal experience – there is still a ton of information to be gleaned from watching top streamers and competitive players. Auf B sollte man nur eine Person haben – entweder bei Back B oder A-Link. These are but a few of the most well-known streamers, most of which were participating in the Twitch drops event regarding beta keys. Another tactic is to set one defender up inside Hookah, as attackers have to check a lot of angles when entering, which you can use to your advantage and stop them before they even get close to B-Site.

Gehen wir die Karte Haven von links nach rechts durch und beginnen Außerdem With that being said, running has its uses when no one else is around, to help allies, and a fun strategy that is by no means competitive is to designate a player as the loud runner, one who has no intention of actually fighting the opposing team. Das ermöglicht auch U-Hall einzunehmen, was den Angreifern mehr Optionen auf A-Site bietet. zu blocken. The objectives and core gameplay elements are consistent throughout, and so the bottom line here is that players who want to become their best in VALORANT must learn them inside and out.Click here to visit, with highly detailed images of each map and the names of key areas. Ähnlich wie bei CS:GO ist fast jeder Teil der Karte benannt. Likewise, the Defenders are only tasked with stopping the Spike plant by defusing it within the round time limit or by eliminating the opposition. These are the most common for closed beta users. Für einen Angriff auf B braucht man Smokes, um C-Link und A-Link zu blockieren, denn von hier werden die Verteidiger nach B rotieren.

We explain everything in this article! Reyna is the eleventh agent available in Valorant since the official release of the game. This player only serves to lot of noise while the rest of the team tries to catch the enemy off guard. Be particularly mindful of the angle to your right, Tower, when exiting the Showers-doors: It’s a prime camping spot for defenders. Wir werden sehen wie lange diese Namen bestand haben und wie die einzelnen Orte eventuell später umbenannt werden.

A lack of communication and coordination can often be the difference between having fun and just having a frustrating round. Noch schlimmer ist der Übergang von Showers auf A-Site: Ja, das Ziel ist in Sicht, aber höchstwahrscheinlich hat die Verteidigung überall auf A-Site Verteidiger aufgestellt, die die Showers Tür bereits im Visier haben. von hier aus auch auf Hookah zielen, aber Vorsicht, denn man entblößt Valorant Map Guide: Bind. Sicherer ist es daher, Valorant Map Guide: Bind, B-Site.

Because each Agent has a theme to their abilities, it’s again best to learn a few different characters and become proficient in what they have to offer a team. Both the Signature and Ultimate abilities draw the comparison to Overwatch, since that is how all characters operate in that game.

Blitz has All stats for Agents, Maps and Weapon for you. Discover the world of esports and video games. Bind is the most balanced out of the three maps. From how to solve them to why they appear, we're trying to figure it out in this article. (Quelle: Eine etwas aggressivere Taktik ist es, einen Verteidiger innerhalb von Hookah aufzustellen, da die Angreifer hier viele Winkel kontrollieren müssen, was der Verteidiger zu seinem Vorteil nutzen kann. Careful however: When you peek on Showers (that’s an odd little sentence), you’re vulnerable to an attack for A-Short unless you move to use the site boxes for cover. Valorant: First look of Haven with an interactive map by offers a first improved version of Haven based on the in-game minimap. In a sense, there are similarities or borrowed concepts, but VALORANT is ultimately a beast to learn in its own right. Why is Cypher So Popular in the Competitive Scene?

Von unterhalb wird Heaven folgendermaßen unterstützt: Hinter den Site-Boxen und/oder Truck kann man rotieren für gute Winkel auf A-Short und Showers. Weapon accuracy is also vastly improved when standing still. Hier besonders auf den Winkel zur Rechten achten - Tower - wenn man Showers verlässt: Tower ist ein erstklassiger Camping Spot für Verteidiger. At the start of each round, players will have a moment to spend their Creds (the in-game currency) to purchase weapons, armor, and abilities. Bisher gibt es nur einen Spielmodus – Bombenentschärfung. Die Spike wird auf B meist auf der Angreiferseite der Site-Box platziert, da man so alle Eingänge zur Site im Blick behält. Von hinter der Site-Box kann man also beide Zugänge zum Gelände abdecken und es den Angreifern schwer machen. Find out in our dedicated Tier List!

Diesbezüglich kursieren momentan auch Gerüchte, dass einer der kommenden Charaktere Zugang zu einem eigenen Teleport haben wird. (Image credit:

What you want to do here is have an agent that can wall off the entire entryway so that you can switch up your angle. Jede Map in Valorant hat so ihre Eigenart und Besonderheit.

Statistics. But for now, we will tell you about these three we know about. His gameplay is mainly based on the use of walls through which he can blind, inflict damage or stun his enemies. For players looking to dive into the newest tactical FPS, there is quite a bit of useful information to absorb in order to compete with the best. When planting, most people plant on the attacker-side of the site-box, as it gives you eyes on all entry points.

Dive into Valorant's in-game store to talk about damage, recoil and magazine capacity. Wenn man sich doch über A-Long probieren will, sollte man sofort Heaven vollständig mit Smokes oder Walls blockieren – oben und unten – um die Oberhand zu gewinnen und auf A-Site zu gelangen. Außerdem: Wenn das gegnerische Team teleportiert, nicht sofort hinterherjagen. Even better though is setting up right below Heaven: From here you have visibility on both Showers and A-Short without moving. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Wir empfehlen wirklich, A in einer koordinierten und größeren Gruppe anzugreifen. Let’s move through the Bind map from left to right: B has two entryways for the attackers, Hookah & B-Window as well as B-Long & Garden. You’ll also need to use your utility to smoke out the room before entering. Blitz has guides for you to learn how master them.

Dort kann man dann in Überzahl die Site einnehmen, denn sobald man auf A-Site durchgebrochen ist, hat man viele Boxen als Deckung und so einen Vorteil. RELATED: All VALORANT Twitch Streams Have Drops Now.

There are currently three maps in the closed beta: Haven, Bind, and Split. There are currently three maps in the closed beta: Haven, Bind, and Split.

Die kleine Ecke bei den Site-Boxen ist normalerweise der Standardort zum Platzieren der Spike. It has two Spike sites but differentiates itself from the others maps by having teleporters., which opens up new gameplay possibilities. Stay up to date with news, opinion, tips, tricks and reviews. Bind is one of them and it's important to know the positions and key locations on the map to be ready to compete on it. VALORANT is a free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. Bonus tip: The boxes on A are not fully bangable - the metal pieces on them do provide non-penetrable cover. Guides.

Hier ist es besser, den Platz am hintersten Ende der C-Site – hinter der Site-Box – zu nutzen, von wo aus man zwei viel bessere Winkel auf C-Long über die linke und rechte Seite hat. Ein weiterer Kartenausschnitt aus einem der Trailer. Map Awareness Is Key. This is going to get quite detailed, so get your study glasses ready.

Beim Angriff auf Showers muss man immer bedenken, dass man B-Port Exit hinter sich hat.

Often it’s better to rotate to B through your spawn. The priority on defense is to defend B-Long as it gives the enemy access to the teleporter on B-Port, which gives them a direct and immediate link to the other side of the map.