New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HighschoolDxD community. And with all the stuff Issei has been going through, we got to let him have something. Knight — Shidou Irina. They are the servants of Issei Hyoudou, following his promotion to High-class Devil And in the short story 'Rias in Wonderland' it is stated that Issei and Asia were always fated to meet. Elmenhilde appears at the very end to join Ise's group(cliffhanger).

Rook — Roygun Belphegor. And why it makes so much sense for Issei to have a harem in DxD. And Issei is meant to be the most perverted guy in this series. Grayfia also has an issue where she becomes a "troublemaker" as stated by Azazel, who was told by Sirzechs, when she becomes drunk.

Hides her identity with a Dragon mask. The Strongest Queen Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation Satan Yellow Bina Lessthan (Alias) Right now, there were two people who were standing before Rias and Yuuto.Their beloved man wearing his crimson armour — Hyoudou Issei, and a woman wearing a Dragon's mask — Bina Lessthan. …It would be a lie to say that I don’t have any regrets. The true Durandal was currently in the hands of his successor (Xenovia). She then gets persuaded by Rias to become her servant. Riser Phenex's younger sister who was a part of his peerage until his Rating Game with Rias Gremory.

With shame and excitement, the voice that he squeezed out of his mouth was mixed with regret and excitement.

And most of these spots will be filled with new girls(all female peerage) that he will go out and meet. He wanted his life to end here. Though Ise prefers to accept all challenges which makes Xenovia and Bova strongly agree with him. Pawn x3 — Bova Tannin.

Issei and Irina's child will be a hybrid so we can look forward to that. Organization

Mil-tan- I really hope no one was serious about this one. Indeed, Rias made a declaration of war against her precious sister-in-law. The shot arrow changed its trajectory in the sky as it pursued the target who tried to escape. Rias already knew her true identity. Issei and Asia fit together like two puzzle pieces while Issei is still trying to figure out how he fits together with Rias.

Bishop — Asia Argento. Kunou/Yasaka- Kunou is going to be the leader of the Youkai so she can't join Issei's peerage. This made Barakiel run in tears. What I’m about to say may be taboo for a believer of the Church. And she could bring out her potential more under Issei than she would Issei.

Vali was appointed as a Ultimate class devil. Rias didn’t retreat. I bet if Rias team fought Dulio's team then she could probably lose to. She possesses the Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing which grants her incredible healing powers. In this tournament even those who had been used 2 Evil Pieces will be treated as 1 piece unless you are a God which will automatically be counted as 2 pieces or 8 Pawn pieces.

Harisen (Occasional) The match up has been decided.

Gureifia Rukifugusu Status ), ​​People that can't or couldn't join Issei's peerage for whatever reason. Ise's Queen instead has good reviews. “Fufufu, I don’t suppose you have any idea about the number of guests I’ve already had, Princess…”, “It seems as though you declined all of those offers, Your Eminence. With Tiamat, Ishibumi might have been foreshadowing when the Familiar Master first recommended Tiamat to be his familiar. Lilith is being called Leece. When Issei first met Freed, he described him as a ​bishonen ​which translates to a beautiful boy. During the Devil Civil War she would meet him in secret.

“If I said that I could rejuvenate Your Emimence’s youth, what would you do? No. Issei Hyoudou and Ravel Phenex, the King of the peerage and his Bishop as well as his second-in-command On the farm — working in the grape field was a man around two metres tall with a sturdy body who was dressed in work clothes. Her name is Bina Lessthan. Summary [edit | edit source]. She might take an interest in Issei realizing he has a honest and kind heart.

Active Knight — Xenovia Quarta.

High School DxD Light Novel - Volume 22 High School DxD [LN/M] Ise and Yuuto flew away from the area, leaving Bina Lessthan to face Rias.

© 2019-2020 Wuxia.Blog - All rights reserved. Flight: Being a Devil, Grayfia can fly using her wings. Well Issei has already done that by dating and being engaged to Rias(he doesn't know but everyone else already has it set up) and becoming a high-class devil in less than a year.

They are part of Riser's harem and peerage. Silver

Her outfit is a black shirt with golden-caramel accents at the edges of the shirt and spread horizontally near the bottom, with two light golden trims going down the shirt; and the shirt splits slightly above her stomach, exposing her midriff.

So no Tsubasa or Bennia(why would they join Issei's peerage anyway? You can win either by defeating the opponent King or destroying more "Objects" than the other team. Has a better rating than Issei and his teammates, being the only person in Issei's team to not make a mistake in their game. Grayfia Lucifuge is the wife and Queen of Sirzechs Lucifer and the mother of Millicas Gremory. Mistresses/concubines seem way too lowly for them.

Bina Lessthan — Grayfia Lucifugus took off her dragon-like mask and revealed her face before Rias. And everyone in Issei's harem won't be in his peerage, but all the girls in his peerage will be in his harem. Have you been well lately?”.

Ingvild Leviathan Asia Argento Ravel Phenex Xenovia Quarta Rossweisse Bennia Orcus

Ophis, Lilith, and Kunou. ​Kiyome Abe(Not sure about her status as I stated above), Tsubasa Yura(Just has a crush on Issei. Bina Lessthan — no, Grayfia Lucifuge, who lay on top of the hospital room's bed, finally opened her eyes. Bishop — Roygun Belphegor. I know they don't mind, but wives seem way more appropiate for them. And she used Chaos Drive twice so her lifespan was severely cut down. That's right, Rias wanted a face-off against Bina Lessthan before the …

The Devils called him a ‘Devil’. After she finds out that the God of the Bible had died a long time ago, she decides to join the Occult Research Club as Rias' servant. So who would she be of more use to? Bishop — Rossweisse. He will go out and look for potential peerage members like most, if not all, devils. He is the fiance of her best friend after all. From next term other characters will be joining Kuou academy. Some people say it would be a slap in the high-class devils' faces. Like Le Fay, Bennia, Kunou, Tosuka, etc. He finally tells Motohama and Matsuda who became really shocked and had blood of tears from their eyes... Rias and her group arrived in the stadium. Ise meets Barakiel downstairs.

And plus she said she would go with Issei when he gets his evil pieces. She approached Ise on April to see his calibre as a King.

He hoped for it to end this way. If anyone can get the most beautiful woman in Heaven, it would be Issei.

Pawn x2 — Ravel Phoenix. Gender Pawn x2 — Elmenhilde Karnstein [Rias Gremory] Team – members registered for the tournament. She remains in Kuoh Academy as a teacher. It is located in a basement under a private cram school ten minutes away from the Hyoudou Residence; the school had been bought by Grigori who built the basement where Issei's company is and then it was transferred to Issei. He won't be able to fight against her just because he has to fight as her pawn in her Rating Games. Pawn pieces has more strict rules in order to prevent getting many God-level members in 1 team. Whatever my blade meets — without exception, it will be cut. Ravel says that number of wins doesn't necessary mean going to finals.

And plus Issei is more compatible with Asia than Rias. Only Issei and Ravel knows her true identity. Don't mistake that for feelings for Issei. And do you think Issei's servants would just sit aside like that? Sorry for the long post. Inside — there were two long swords. Ise trades his pieces with Rias for Asia and Xenovia. Grayfia has a very strict personality and she is often exasperated by her husband. So logically speaking it would take an infinite amount of evil pieces to reincarnate her. After finally hearing his true words, Rias relaxed as she whispered the temptations of a Devil to Strada. Two days later. Considering the long lifespans for devils and the difficulty of reincarnated devils rising up in rank and the odds being stacked against them, becoming a high-class devil was no cakewalk. And I did develop a lot of respect for him when he just ran at Sairaorg and didn't use the Chaos Drive. Can't remember about others (not everyone's career path was mentioned).

And also Issei can have a descendant of a legendary hero in his peerage like Sirzechs does. And another character who joined student council under Xenovia.

But if Issei does happen to get Gabriel, I will have unlimited respect for him. There are several desks inside, on top of which are documents and computers, while file cabinets stand on the side along with a fax machine and a sofa for guests. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They don't want anyone to know grafiya is issei queen in the tournament so she has to be careful.

Ise's opponent for his fourth match is decided.

Grayfia is a beautiful young woman appearing to be in her early twenties with back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and red eyes (silver in the anime).

Bishop — Rossweisse. While on her days off as a maid, Grayfia's normal outfit has few noticeable differences is that she looks younger, her eyes are red and she has a faded-pink scrunchy on her, as opposed to the blue maid outfit. As she took it out to check, what appeared was — a shocking piece of news that Akeno had sent over. Bishop — Roygun Belphegor. The workplace was originally one of Azazel's labs he had set up in Kuoh Town and is used for Issei and his peerage to do Devil jobs. Bina Lessthan (Alias) HAIR COLOR: Silver.

So she is the queen of Issei for this tournament and she is Grayfia Lucifuge that doesnt make sense how could Issei take a loss against the angels when lets not forget she can fight Sirzechs Lucifer. Light Novel spoiler.

So why would he make them his servants when they would spent all their time ogling at the girls and being jealous of Issei 24/7? She left the Realm of the Dead and became Sona's Knight, after the original candidate Sona set her eyes on couldn't become Sona's servant. The top 16 team will be going to the final rounds. Hyōdō Issei Kenzoku

Rook — Nakiri Kouchin Ouryuu. And Ishibumi has stated that DxD final story won't go past volume 30. Your Eminence, I have received some news.”.

Light Novel Volume 22 Her retiring at a young age and right after becoming Champion is ridiculous. And plus the mother/daughter thing is too awkward for Ishibumi to put in this series. People that can't be in Issei's harem Ophis/Lilith- I know people want this but Ophis is genderless and it would be kind of weird. Kuroka- I know she is powerful.

Profile Knight — Shidou Irina. And plus anything like her becoming an angelic devil or a devil/angel hybrid is out of the question. Liked it? Origin I know that it might seem far-fetched, but we got to let Issei have his dreams. Around her neck and shoulders is a long, cyan scarf made from light material that reaches her hips. In most of her appearances, she is seen wearing a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory. Equipment & Abilities

But let's be honest, this is Issei we are talking about. They can both compete.

Red Silver (Anime) […I don’t believe that this is Ise’s own intention, right?