This dude was seriously weird. According to her husband in the Christmas-special, what happened there actually wasn't the first time that Nancy had turned her husband into a vampire--in fact, according to Santa, Nancy had apparently turned him into a vampire at least five or six other times before (as the most recent time was the sixth or seventh occurrence). Growing up, Billy became a lacrosse player and dreamed of going to Yale University. Leo's eyes widened before he chuckled softly. My feathers are clean.". Vampire sind unsterblich und erreichen dabei leicht ein Alter von mehreren hundert Jahren. He stated and caught Chris before he could fall. The Winchesters drove Billy out into the woods where the crying Billy was decapitated by Dean with a machete. FANDOM. By the year 2006, vampires had been hunted so intensively and become so rare that John Winchester had thought they were extinct. "Oh you are just the sweetest little guy ever!

"I'm sorry. Pluck Balthazar's feathers if you want them." Margaret Compton - Mother (deceased) † Had you been anything less than a Magical Mortal your head would have exploded. When Bill willfully offers himself to the vampires who are about to be sentenced to death by meeting the sun the process depletes him to near death. Super Strength- As a vampire, Billy possessed greater strength than a normal human. After he drank the blood of Lilith, Bill temporarily attained her unique abilities during his incarnation as her prophet: Like Lilith, Bill's blood acted as an intoxicant to other vampires when consumed, causing euphoria. "Continue your search for your sister Billie. Portrayed by Caroline Bellefleur - 2x-Great-granddaughter-in-law She recalled Sunday School lessons about the Choirs of Angels.

History. The Garrison is being called in for a meeting." Infact the more he spoke with a monotone the more Billie wanted to hit him. Games Movies TV Video. She knew about Whitelighters, Paige was half and so were Chris and Wyatt after all, and she knew about the Elders but she had been raised in a Christian Household.

He murmured and waggled his eyebrows. He leered at her as if he didn't have a small child in his arms. Dean told Billy that his father was a vampire and explained how he figured he was turned.

Deceased (killed by Dean Winchester) Billy Whitman "I know. "Don't worry so much darling you'll be grey by thirty that way. Wyatt was playing with his cars and barely noticed his Mother and Father depart.

Alive "He poof up the toy? "Well he was a bit taller than you but shorter than me, with bright gold eyes and slick back hair that looked like it had way too much product in it to be honest." She just wanted to find her sister and finally have peace. Christopher is my Nephew however the matters concerning his birth and why this is so are complicated and not for your knowledge unless you are Piper." Directed by (59) Writing credits (53) Cast (2,507) Produced by (85) Music by (6) Cinematography by (3) Film Editing by (10) Casting By (7) Production Design by (5) Art Direction by (6) Set Decoration by (2) Costume Design by (4) Makeup Department (100) "Honestly does no one in this house know how to use the stairs?"

Become One Of Us." Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Charmed. He pointed at the man. He knelt and picked up Chris. She sneered and the man smirked at her and tapped his nose before he went back to playing with the kids. Phoebe shrugged and danced around her. [Source] ("Life Matters") After consuming the blood of the Faerie-vampire Warlow, Bill acquired the indefinite ability to daywalk. Balthazar said but his grin turned vicious.

He sniffed and then tickled Chris. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is the only vampire known to be able to voice imitate, (as seen in the Season 3 finale, when he imitates Eric Northman). He stated with strange firmness in his voice and Chris pouted. Billie's hackles raised.

Background information Billy was one of the victims of Abaddon and Sister Agnes' soul harvesting plan in Milton, Illinois.

The tiny brunette blinked his big green eyes at him and apparently stuck something in his mouth. He has done some dark, terrible things in his past, but now he just wants to live a normal life like everybody else. She'll get another chapter where she has to deal with the fall out from very angry Archangels and Warrior Angels. His version would claim he walked in daylight, something which might be taken as impossible thus letting his statements appear as a tall tale. Title/Alias D&D Beyond I can't. Nancy Claus is a vampire, the wife of Santa Claus, and, three-hundred years prior the events of Billy and Mandy Save Christmas, Nancy was appointed the Head-Head Vampire over all …

Caroline Compton - Wife (deceased) † "Don't worry kid." Piper narrowed her eyes accusingly at her. Super Agility- Vampires possess amazing agility. She asked honestly confused. Kurt Oslund. And he took vanished with a fluttery noise.

That night, Billy argued with his parents about the game which they were still worried about even after everything. Get away from him and get the hell out!". He seems reluctant at first but after drinking some of Lilith's blood and "seeing" her, becomes fully convinced. She would never do anything to hurt the Halliwells. Diese müssen allerdings von den Vampiren am Leben erhalten werden, solange sie als Nahrungsquelle dienen, da ansonsten das Blut für die Vampire eine eher toxische Wirkung bekommt. I'm currently thinking up how Balthazar and Phoebe meet (His name is just one big gaping wound that is still healing for her) and for how Piper meets most of the Angels. Elizabeth Harris - Granddaughter (deceased) † At that moment, the Winchesters arrived, having tracked Tory's abductor through security footage of the Whitman's car at the crime scene and Henry sent his son upstairs, the Winchesters believing that Billy's father was the vampire.